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Keira Knightley @ 'Atonement' Screening

Keira Knightley @ 'Atonement' Screening

Keira Knightley (in Chanel) attends the screening of her upcoming film Atonement hosted by The Cinema Society & Chanel Beaute at NYC’s IFC Center on Monday. Earlier in the day, the 22-year-old British actress was seen walking hand-in-hand with actor boyfriend Rupert Friend.

Also pictured: Director Joe Wright and costar James McAvoy. “Miss Fred” ankle boots by Christian Louboutin.

Atonement opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, Dec. 7. Here’s what Entertainment Weekly had to say about the film: “Knightley and McAvoy don’t have much chemistry between them, but they do share handsome, planed features, they speak a richly clipped, 1930s-movie-style English-from-England, and they look positively Abercrombie & Fitchalicious together.”

On Live with Regis & Kelly! earlier this morning, Keira expressed her distaste for technology.

“I hate [computers],” she said. “Mobile phones – don’t like those. BlackBerrys – hate BlackBerrys. My Blackberry ended up in the ocean [while I was filming Pirates of the Caribbean]. I don’t like the fact people can always be in touch with you, you can never be on your own, you’re constantly having to email people. I just got really angry with it and then felt really bad because I thought a fish was going to eat it and die or something. It’s somewhere in the Bahamas.”

20+ pictures inside of Keira Knightley @ the Atonement screening…

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keira knightley atonement screening 01
keira knightley atonement screening 02
keira knightley atonement screening 03
keira knightley atonement screening 04
keira knightley atonement screening 05
keira knightley atonement screening 06
keira knightley atonement screening 07
keira knightley atonement screening 08
keira knightley atonement screening 09
keira knightley atonement screening 10
keira knightley atonement screening 11
keira knightley atonement screening 12
keira knightley atonement screening 13
keira knightley atonement screening 14
keira knightley atonement screening 15
keira knightley atonement screening 16
keira knightley atonement screening 17
keira knightley atonement screening 18
keira knightley atonement screening 19
keira knightley atonement screening 20

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Chanel Beaute
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  • Zanessa rules


  • Zanessa rules

    Yeah ! I want Zanessa Photos JJ

  • Brittany

    She looks Beautiful and I love James Mcavoy!!

  • Kay

    they look bored..and kiera thinks she was born in the 1900s or something.. what’s with the sleeves? ps. ZANESSA!!

  • Zac Fan

    Yay! I’m excited to see this movie soon. :-) The book was pretty good.

  • vivien

    Wow. Could she not look more thrilled to be there?

    Seriously, lately she just seem so dour about everything.

  • The Narcissist

    Not a fan of her make-up here, especially that colored eye shadow with the heavy blue-red lipstick. Makes her look ghastly.

  • NJS06

    They said KK didnt have chemistry with Orlando Bloom either. I think she comes off as a very stiff or rigid person on screen.

  • guest

    She is pretty and everything, but seriously, POSTURE. In the full length picture, she looks like she is about to fall over forward.

  • shes pretty but her style isnt!

  • Daisy

    My god, James Mcavoy is BEAUTIFUL!

  • http://d ee

    she looks like a ghost! get a tan.

  • Santa

    Halloween is over.

  • xena

    I really DONT think she is pretty in most of her real life pictures. And is amazing to me how in the movies she is always very very beautiful. Maybe the magic of the movies.

  • Kourtney

    she looks dead. whats with the way shes standing in the first picture?

  • thatgirlxo

    I love keira knightley!!!!

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    this is the best i’ve ever seen her look. =\

  • Daniela

    I like Keira :)
    Thanks for the Pics Jared


  • yuckyyy

    gross she is dressed like a little boy i think she is anorexic

  • null

    I liked her in Pride and Prejudice. She doesn’t look too good in these pics, though. Very glum.

  • ashley

    Keira’s pretty. she just needs to gain just a bit of weight. like she looked awesome in Pirates 1.

    and you people who want Zac photos, he started filming 17, today. so don’t expect them for a while.

  • lily

    unhealthy. no great actress either.

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She looks like Winona Ryder in those pics.

  • Ali

    fabulous makeup – kudos to the artist. and keira is also an artist, very sensitive and real. hope the film knocks it out of the park.

  • sharyllee

    KK is so ugly , too much chin.. James is so good looking.

  • he;;o


    or just zac photos

    or just vanessa photos !

    cant wait to see them !!!

  • kelli

    Jeez, what is up with this chick? She chucked her blackberry because she doesn’t want to be in touch with people? Then why the f**ck did you buy one in the first place?

    Lovin James though! He looks really cute in these pics.

  • ray

    keira hates red carpets; thats prolly why she looks miserable. personally i think she looks great all the, shes a bit of a dark horse and has a unique style of her own which is very refreshing becuz she avoids trends. most of all i like her because she seems like a real person, vulnerable and beautiful, but always true to herself!! love you keira!!

  • http://n/a Brittney

    I love Keira Knightley she is a great actress and I cant wait to see her new movie!! Pirates 3 out on dvd dec.4 in the US! :)

  • sizz

    Keira is beautiful and a fantastic actress! She was brilliant in Atonement

    James is gorgeous and fantastic in Atonement and a great actor!

    they have fantastic chemistry in Atonement! that EW article is crap!

    love her comment about killing the fish lol

  • zack

    theres more photos at beautiful girl

  • WickedWench

    She looks lovely, though the lipstick is just a shade or two too dark. It seems she’s channeling an androgenous Regency England style and I must confess, I want her outfit.

  • zoe

    stop with the zanessa photos…you’re all being such losers!

    keira’s a great actress but she seriosusly needs a better stylist, posture and face expression- stop pouting!

  • kylie


  • ♦luella♦

    Everything is wrong.
    She’s the only ho* who can wear Chanel like this.
    Her hair are awful and the make-up is hideous.
    Can’t she smile a lil’ bit??? what a moron.
    Where is her boyfriend Ruppert the ugly douchebag?
    Don’t tell me that they are having se% she seems so frigid.

  • PAT

    Keira “the trout” is ugly and cruel. I hope that she’s going to eat my blacburry with her trout mouth and die.

  • Jenny

    She is way to skinny. Sometimes she looks great but mostly she looks to guant.

  • factory_girl

    Atonement was fantastic! I don’t even like Keira and can admit that she was good.

    Anyway James McAvoy was absolutely brilliant!

  • mimi

    I saw the movie, and keira was awful, she’s just so overrated I can’t stand her. On the other hand James McAvoy and Romola Garai were brilliant. The little Saoirse Ronan was better than Keiiiiiiiirrrra Knightley, she can teach her how to act properly and she’s just 13 years old. HA!!!

  • sienna won angelina!!!

    Fishes dont eat blackberries honey!!

  • lol

    # 41 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and ha.
    so funny, Keira is so stupid. I wish she could just go away, she’s ugly and each time I see her fug face she looks grumpy.

  • enoughforforever

    she looks really tired
    not liking the make up too much. she’s actually dressed rather plain. most of the time she’s top notch with wat she wears. but her hair is really nice.
    but she’s a hard working actress, not a celebrity, hence why she doesn’t like papss or blackberrys. she just wants privacy. besides alot of times british ppl look stuck up to americans, when they’re not. so uh, lighten up ppl! hate doesn’t really affect the fact that she’s a well paid actress.

  • Eva

    Beautiful eyes and nose. Lips filled with collagen. The rest is bad bone structure….especially her legs…

  • YAY!


  • Joss

    Keira is so over-rated I’m glad that she’s not on the best paid actresses list it would have been a sin.
    She sucks, and what’s wrong with her face?
    If she wants privacy she can work at my local supermarket.
    #43 you’re so ignorant.

  • enoughforforever

    eva, her lips are naturally like that, since she was small

  • drainbreath

    Or she could have given it to a charity for them to sell.

  • kim

    She has a bad bone structure because she’s anorexic, she really needs to eat something (not a blackberry) and her lips are fake.

  • jay and athy

    check out the newest web for ashley tisdale fans :
    i’m sure u’ll love it leave comments pleez !!:d
    athy and jay !:D