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Lauren Conrad - "Shape" Magazine January 2008

Lauren Conrad -

Lauren Conrad shows off her bikini body in one hecka hot purplelicious number on the January 2008 cover of Shape Magazine.

What does the regimen of the The Hills star look like? Twice-a-week weight training, running and kickboxing, along with a fish-and-veggie-friendly diet.

“I used to love fast food,” Lauren, 21, admits. “Now I eat six small meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies.”

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  • danny

    i love lauren [:

  • Jessica

    She is lovely. I love her.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.


  • Chanel

    And she is famous for… I think that they should put people who deserve to be there. Just because she is a “fashion designer”, she can appear in alomost every magazine. Not even the most prosperous fashion designers get to appear in such magazines.

  • Jenna

    I have a hard time believing she eats very much :-/

  • melissa

    Lauren is hot! I love her!

  • melissa

    Lauren is hot! I adore her.

  • it

    she looks good, but it looks really photoshopped

  • KC

    GOD WHEN IS HER 15 MINUTES GOING TO BE UP? Is she related to Jay Leno with that chin?

  • zanessa

    Man that is a photoshopped azz body. Beefy is fat around the gut and has stubby heavy thighs. Plus she has black unibrows. Will always be fug-& below average, and a back stabbing person who is no ones friend- unless you bend down to what she wants….blah!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baylee.

    DUR DUR DUR, the hills, laguna beach?
    she is FAMOUSSS.

  • Jack

    If you squint real hard you can see the imprint of the beef curtains LOL

  • gee

    No friend of anyones,she is a nut. I see her for a fake.That pic is not her shape.ME me me me LC.

  • Alt

    All hail PHOTOSHOP! You can be a fat, wart-covered pooch and photoshop will fix all…. like in these pics of Conrad. So very fake.

  • old jerky

    yuck she is an old looking 21. i thought she was at the most 35. bet she farts alot eating those beans. gross. whose body did they stick her big head on?

  • ashley

    I’ve always thought Lauren was pretty but she looks really good.

    the thing is, that picture looks totally photoshopped.

  • Dieter

    I love her beaver and poon !!!! wonderful !!!!

  • Jeff.

    Can you say Airbrushed? Photoshopped? Bulemic? One of these are the perfect word to describe her.

  • Jenny

    Can we say skelethin!?!?!?!?!?! More like just, ‘I used to eat, but now i dont!’ lmfao! Disgusting. And what is she famous for again?? Oh yeah, thats right. Friggn nothing…sad.

  • she wishes

    that aint her. even her fug face has been fotoshoped. can’t stand this hoe, she is fake got that right.

  • heather

    OMG, she looks great, she looks natural though, good for her.

  • chris

    Aww, Jared, thanks for posting, love her.

  • Oscar

    Jennifer Lopez Hold it dont drop it official music video

  • Mary

    That photo is def. photoshopped

  • ah

    She always looks dirty.

  • rae

    I think she’s pretty but her face looks off here and she looks really airbrushed. Her hip bones look freaky. This is reminding me why this skinny is not sexy.

  • un natural

    looks natural heheeehahhaaaaaaaaaaa..LMAO thats classic, stop lying. with a friend like beef curtains you don’t need enemies.did she pay em’ to air brush her to an inch of her life? what a loser beef is..heeee.

  • Chizaa




  • jeremy

    Epitome of natural beauty, thanks for posting Jared, you rock.

  • micheal

    She looks hot and natural. I dont think this pic is that photoshopped … this is her body. She looks amazing this is a gorgeous girl.

  • jay

    fug and thats it, fug and a undercover jealous

  • chris

    i hate this whore. she is famous for nothing and when you have nothing to do all day of course you can work out and eat 6 meals a day of fish and veggies…..this is so photoshopped and she has a weird body..
    jesus christ. whoever spawned this thing should be shot…

  • jay and athy

    check out the newest web for ashley tisdale fans :
    i’m sure u’ll love it leave comments pleez !!:d
    athy and jay !:D

  • ryan

    She’s hot!!

  • jasmine

    When is her 15 mintues over. her clothing line is overpriced and not even cute.

    her show is fake.

    she is annoying.

    go AWAAYYY BEEF CURTAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ew

    puleesse, she cant even show her own flabby shape/stomach, she has to use the power of editing. i suspect this poser is starving to be thin. tacky lc.

  • ME


  • bunny

    Wow, there are so many haters. Her body is VERY fit, and you would know that if you’ve seen the paparazzi pictures of her on the beach. OF COURSE the picture is photoshopped… all magazine pictures are photoshopped, dumba$ses. Unless you’re five years old, or sheltered, you should know that all magazine pictures are photoshopped. Seriously, people try to write such negative comments because they’re bitter with their own lives, yet they just come off as uneducated.

  • fan

    eww at those bones..she looked better before!!

  • feefee

    Wow lot of jealousy flowing in here…

    She is a pretty girl get over it!!!



  • caitt

    i lovee herr like times a million,
    however you can tell her stomach is arbrushed espicially because of the fact that her tatoo of the L on her lower abdomen is gone.

  • Kristin

    Newsflash…..ALL magazine covers are airbrushed. She looks the same as her beach candid shots this summer. So all you jealous people need to get over it. She’s hot!!


    Wow lauren looks amazing in this mag. Congrads Lauren!

  • Cynthia

    How do you spell “airbrushed’!

  • jealous of what? large beef

    Wow b*tches no one is jealous of this fug.
    I for one think she is ugly and I’m saying so, got it. SHE IS FUG. You teeny boppers try a new line, the ‘youre so jealous’, is stale and so is beefyyyyyyyy!!

  • Tarryn

    I don’t think that she looks good at all. She is too skinny!! Her hip bones are sticking out and her body seems totally dis-proportioned. Not a nice photo at all. Bikini is hot though! :)

  • brooklyn

    It is not Lauren’s fault MTV asked her to do the “Hills” or “Laguna Beach”! This just shows how much people enjoy watching her and can relate to her. She didn’t ASK to be famous. Popularity comes with the package. I don’t see camera’s following around the other girls from “Laguna Beach”. If you don’t want to see her then why click on the post that says “Lauren Conrad on the cover of ….”
    Thanks JJ! I think she is beautiful and oh, by the way…Do u think ANY OTHER person allows their body to be in mags and not be TOUCHED UP? Hell 2 the NO! Even the so called “Famous” celebs don’t go without a touch up. Get over it people!


    yeah she is amazing. if only i could meet her…

  • veve

    I bought the magazine. She looks really good and I doubt they airbrushed her that much.