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Nikki Blonsky @ Movies Rock 2007

Nikki Blonsky @ Movies Rock 2007

Nikki Blonsky and her younger brother, Joey, walk the green carpet at Movies Rock: A Celebration Of Music In Film held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

Movies Rock will be broadcast this Friday, Dec. 7 @ 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

Nikki, 19, has laid out plays for a musical show she hopes to take on the road next year.

“I’m putting my own choral show together to do with the Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas, Texas, on Dec. 16 at the Texas Philharmonic,” she says. “It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten the chance to put my own show together, and I hope it goes well. The theme of my show is ‘Anything can happen, follow your dreams.’ I’m just going to be singing a lot of fun songs that mean something to me and hopefully will mean something to my audience. Then, hopefully, by the time I’m ready to take the show on the road fully, I’ll have my album out and have worked in songs from the album.”

10+ pictures inside of Nikki Blonsky @ Movies Rock 2007

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Rachel


  • Monica

    Omg… Omg .. What’s wrong with that girl??? And her brother’s the same..EWW..

  • woo

    looks like she’s lost some weight

  • Kelsei

    aww they look well cute :)
    i hate it when people show so much disrespect for nikki
    she is beautiful :D
    gooooo nikki
    and her brother :P

  • Werča

    5th ? lol

  • Kourtney

    Nikki is so awesome. Atleast she seems thats way..

  • lotte

    Wrong rollemodel!!

  • lotte

    Wrong rolle model

  • Monica

    yea she’s beautiful , but soooo soooo sooo faaat. GOSH .. Her poor shoes.. they’ve got soo much weight to carry one. It’s weird they haven’t broke yet.

  • Romina

    shè’s very nice, but they have a big problem…’cose the very fat!!!!

    good luck nikki!!!!!!

  • Lady Gossip

    I cant believe people are actually commentating saying that nikki is too fat, too fat for what exactly ? because she is an amazing performer ! good luck to nikki :)

  • Kayla

    YAYAYAYA! Thanks Jared for posting Nikki! She and her brother are adorable! Go her she looks beautiful! I can’t wait until her album comes out, she is amazing!

  • Kayla

    YAYAYAYA! Thanks Jared for posting Nikki! She and her brother are adorable! Go her she looks beautiful! I can’t wait until her album comes out, she is amazing!

  • lucy

    as always, looking absolutely stunning Ms Blonsky :D

    I just love her hair… haha

    I have so much respect for this girl it’s insane — it’s like, “what the hell?? a not-skinny talented singer and actress ACTUALLY made it in Hollywood?!?!?”

    you go girl!! can’t wait for her album, if that ever comes through :D


  • missrooney

    Nikki looks stunning…as ever!!!

  • go sox

    She looks so cute! I wish her the very best!

  • mikaela


  • erica

    I think that it sounds like a great idea, not to mention a fun one, hopefully we get some more news later on about this preformence, if I lived in the US I would most likelly try to see it if I had the chance.

  • Angiie



  • ashley

    yay. I love Nikki. she looks so pretty. :D

  • ashley

    and she’s wearing Christian Louboutins. I’m jealous. I want those shoes. haha.

  • Carrie

    Yay! Thanks for posting this, Jared. Nikki looks so gorgeous, as always. I can’t wait for her album! Oh, and to all the people commenting on her weight: Grow the hell up and stop being so hateful. What does her weight have to do with anything? She’s beautiful, funny, smart, and talented. Are you people really so insecure that you feel the need to go around bashing people for no good reason? Jesus. So immature.

  • Stopthehate

    Everyone here who is insulting her and her brother are immature and disrespectful, learn some manners for crying out loud, just because your jealous doesn’t mean you have to be rude.

    Nikki is a wonderful actress/singer/dancer, she will make it far in Hollywood!

  • Stopthehate

    Everyone here who is insulting her and her brother are immature and disrespectful, learn some manners for crying out loud, just because your jealous doesn’t mean you have to be rude.

    Nikki is a wonderful actress/singer/dancer, she will make it far in Hollywood!

  • thats_right

    you people are so ignorant I think they are both really cute

  • ashley

    and you know what. people who ahte on her looks are shallow. is that all you can comment on. because looks aren’t everything. eventually when people get older, everyone’s looks go. I think she’s pretty.

    and it’s not like you’re saying she has an awful personality. or is a bad person. so you’re picking on her for shallow reasons.

    she has said she doesn’t care what anybody says about her. she only cares what her family and friends think, so whatever.

  • to #11

    Lady Gossip, it’s not healthy to be fat, that’s why she is TOO fat. She really needs to loose some weight, and actually, it really doesn’t look good either..

  • Sasha

    yep, all the people that are commenting about her weight is too hot, right? I said TOO HOT and not only bones.

    Society considers beautiful to be the “anorexic” look, geez!!!! c’mon…

    #14 Lucy, that’s the way to comment.

  • Lady Gossip

    I can understand why you say that, but her weight doesnt affect her acting/singing career what so ever. People are saying that she is too fat to be in hollywood that just ridicolous

  • ashley

    Nikki will lose weight if she wants to lose weight. we can’t make her.

    also she has said that if there were roles she really wanted, she would lose the weight for them. but she’s happy and comfortable in who she is.

  • patti p

    GORGEOUS. i love her shoes. thanks for posting on her! she’s amazing.

  • Helena

    looks like she’s lost some weight

    Well, isn’t that a good thing?

  • irish

    Rock on Jared!

    Red looks good on Nikki. LMAO at how much taller Joey is than her.

    Anything can happen, follow your dreams…well she’s living proof of that ;)

    Keep up the good work,

  • Regina

    Yes, we’ve all established that’s she’s overweight…but she definitely looks like she’s lost it. But it’s her life, but if something was to happen (touch wood), it would be such a waste of talent. She seems like a nice girl. :)

  • The Queen

    GO NIKKI!!! Rock the red, girl!!! You are beautiful and a great role model!! Looks like Hollywood is improving their choices in actresses.

    Oh and I soooo love the shoes, as well!!

    Carrie, rock on!! It’s true! It’s true! Insecure people feel the need to put amazing people down just to feel a bit better. Go figure!! Remember what Nikki herself said! If it helps them, let them make fun of her. It doesn’t hurt Nikki in the least. She’s talented, funny, beautiful, and just simply amazing. No amount of bashing will EVER take that away from her.

  • Sarah

    nikki is so not fat!! She is beautiful!! love her shoes !! Can’t wait for her CD!!

  • irish

    *Shallow moment*

    OMG..Louboutins..with the red…her shoes are always rockin’ her good self.

    As for the rest Nikki just IS. Some people have a hard time dealing with that ;)

  • be

    Hot dang it’s not in the genes is it? That ain’t healthy I’m sorry. No need to sugar coat it. They both need to run, run, run, yup hit the treadmill!!! Whatever they’ve gotta do, they are young and that’s not a good start into adulthood.

  • ashley

    be well both her parents are fat too.

    but whatever. I still love Nikki, even though she’s not a size 4 or anything

    and Irish I agree shoes are love. :D

  • ashley

    and I can’t wait for her album I’d TOTALY buy it.

    and Elijah Kelley’s too. he’s so hot and his voice is amazing.

  • swedish

    fat , fat ,fat, ugly

  • ashley

    I love Nikki when she wears her down it looks better than when it’s up in my opinion.

  • samantha

    awww!!! how pretty is she!?!?! i loved her in hairspray, such a good singer!

  • irish

    I’ve just thought what the red reminds me of..Satine in Moulin Rouge ;)

    I concur..she has gorgeous hair which I totally don’t covet or anything like her shoes, voice, career etc etc ;)

  • genie

    Thanks for posting…As Nikki herself once said, “if it makes you people feel better about yourselves to bash her, go ahead”
    She’s talented, beautiful, mature, and poised…something we all strive to be. And for those who see just the surface of people are probably missing some amazing folks in their lives.
    I for one think she has just started on the journey and will go far…inspite of the hatred.
    Guess you people didn’t get the message of HS?

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    disgusting, i never understood how parents can allow their children to get like that.

  • lipscious

    looks like somebody needs to hit the gym.

  • christy

    That girl is gorgeous! It’s wonderful to hear that she’s got so many projects in the works.

    And I LOVE the Louboutin heels, very glamorous :)

  • Carrie

    Wow, swedish, what an incisive and well-thought out comment! Truly, it is impressive to see the intellect behind your hateful comments! I was wrong, Nikki is ugly and terrible! Now I see. *rolls eyes* Seriously, if that’s the best you can do, you might as well just give up. God.

    Irish, I know, right? I flove her hair. Gorgeous. And she has caused me to develop a shoe fetish! She always has the most awesome shoes. I’m jealous. I don’t deny it. :D

  • alex

    She has MADE IT in an industry where female bodies should be reminiscent of a skeletal system. It is refreshing to see someone like Nikki (beautiful, talented & with some extra meat on her bones) walking the red carpet of Hollywood events like these.