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Christina Aguilera's Furniture Shopping Spree

Christina Aguilera's Furniture Shopping Spree

Christina Aguilera and her interior decorator stop to do a bit of furniture shopping in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday. Afterwards, the hungry mommy-to-be headed to In-n-Out for some grub!

The 26-year-old pregnant pop star wore tight-fitting maternity jeans, red flats and a bikini top over her two shirts. You can only imagine how difficult those jeans must be to take on and off!

DO YOU THINK Christina Aguilera is the best model for maternity wear?

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Photos: CAM/Fame Pictures
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  • Bre



    she looks cute

  • movie madness

    she looks cute, but i’ve always wondered about her eyebrows, are they airbrushed?

  • um

    does she KNOW that she’s pregnant? she shouldn’t be wearing
    tight as.s clothing, but rather maternity clothing. blondes..

  • stephanie

    #? lol

  • Ana

    She needs to lay off the heavy make-up. She is going to look worn out and old by the time she is 30

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    she would be a great model for the oompa loompa pregnancy line.

    slogan: “orange you in love w/ maternity wear?”

  • kelc

    i think christina looks better now than she has ever before. she is very pretty and is carrying herself great now. her jeans may be maternity jeans and they may be loose around the waist. however, we can’t see that, so no assumptions. :]

  • kelc

    famous- the god:

    orange you jealous enough?

  • eyecandy

    she’s gorgeous!

  • Kourtney

    I don’t think she really looks that orange,, and maybe she could do without some of the heavy makeup but other than that she looks like a very beautiful mom to be!

  • tom

    Boy, she’s really gained alot around her thighs and buttocks. I know she’s pregnant but there are women who gain only around their waist. Her make-up looks cakey too. Too much.

  • menna

    Why does Christina always cake all that make-up on her??? Pregnant women are suppposed to have a glow to them but you can’t tell with her. Drag queens look better than her right about now!!!

  • stephanie

    i think she needs to let her natural glow out and stop hiding it under pounds and pounds of makeup
    wheres her makeup artist??

  • Natalie

    DAMN.. how does her baby breathe !? How does Christina breathe!? lol. She is a beautiful woman, always has been, but WHY all the make up? She doesn’t need it. I know Christina is constantly changing her look, and i’m just hoping her next look is all natural.

  • xxxxxx

    she look like a drag queen! too much make up wil effect the baby

  • sylv

    It might be just me, but isn’t that the leather jacket she wore on her recent naked magazine cover? looks prettttttttty similar…

  • GONX

    looksss pretty …cuteee

  • someonespecial

    i’m sorry, but with this make-up on she looks like a hooker

  • V

    skinny jeans when ur pregnant?wow

  • marek

    Zajebiście wygląda!!!!!!!!!

  • iva

    She alvays looks so vulgar and trashy like a porn-star. Too much make up and and terrible clothes…. pity, she is a pretty woman.

  • Raichill

    I think that Christina, like Gwen Stefani, looks a lot prettier without heavy make-up.

  • Jenny

    She looks nice all the time.

  • Jenny

    She looks nice all the time.

  • Kristi

    I think she looks terrible. That outfit is ridiculous. I think she should take some pointers from Nicole Richie, she looks great pregnant.

  • Helena

    She has two different coloured shoes? Oo

  • Lena

    I really don’t get her style. What is this golden thing around her boobs and why doesn’t she buy clothes which are her size. Her make- up looks so digusting. I’ver never been a fan of hers and I never thought she was pretty. In her latest videos she imitated the 50s style why doesn’t/ didn’t she continue during pregnancy?

  • Lord

    pretty! :D

  • jay and athy

    woow how cute is she !!
    hey… check this new web for ashley tisdale fans and i’m ure u’ll love it !:D

    check it out and leave comments pleez !!:D

    with love atheer and jayanah

  • Marta

    that make-up
    that clothes
    she looks trashy.

  • Spirit ™

    Awww.. cutie mama to be! :-)

  • danessa

    Once a ho always a ho.

  • Rose

    She really needs to step away from the bronzer. No one is that orange.

  • *luna*

    too much make-up like usual….

  • groundhogday

    Terrible clothes!

  • Not Impressed

    I think the bikini top is a bit much, but yeah, I think she’s wearing too much makeup. But, pregnant women tend to have bad acne, and she may need every pound of makeup that’s on her face. I never cared before about wearing makeup, but since getting pregnant, I won’t be seen without it. The acne can get pretty bad!

  • the_original_nika

    just a question, whats up with that brown mini coat?

  • dew

    I love her music and think she’s very pretty, but I agree, she looks like a hooker or a drag queen with all the frickin makeup!! And WTF is that thing around her boobs, an outside the shirt bra or what?? She definitely needs to take a turn for the more natural.

  • luca

    Eeeeewwww, those must be the fugliest bow-legs in Hollywood.

  • pigy

    she looks like jordan when she was pregnant

  • gypsy marie

    she’s a cute girl. outfits “ok”, but why does she wear soooo much make-up?!

  • dh

    She is!! The best looking momma-to-be!!
    I love the way she’s dressing lately ;)

  • JJ

    She’s turning into Miss Piggy!

  • ginny

    she doesn’t have 2 different colored shoes on its just the way the picture is. Plus I definitley agree her outfit is terrible wuz up w/ the gold bra thing and who wears skinny jeans when pregnant. They make baby doll tops for a reason? hello?

  • melly

    who cares if she likes wearing make-up, and you dont know if she wears alot, she might have a really good complection and it makes her look like she cakes her make-up on,,, get a life god people need to stop being so jealous