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Watch the First 5 Minutes of 'The Golden Compass'

Watch the First 5 Minutes of 'The Golden Compass'

Get the first look at the opening scenes of the fantasy epic starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman!

Eva Green looks fabulous as Serafina Pekkala, the Queen of the Witches of Lake Enara. What attracted her to the role? Eva has said, “First of all the books are just really amazing and very rich. I had to read them because they gave me the script and it’s quite difficult in script to understand what’s going on. And it’s a trilogy and I read the books. I discovered a masterpiece. It’s really clever. Very spiritual, philosophical, extremely moving and quite dark for a fantasy adventure.”

Watch the first 5 minutes of The Golden Compass at Yahoo! Movies (available in HD).

15+ screencaps inside from The Golden Compass

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golden compass first 5 minutes 01
golden compass first 5 minutes 02
golden compass first 5 minutes 03
golden compass first 5 minutes 04
golden compass first 5 minutes 05
golden compass first 5 minutes 06
golden compass first 5 minutes 07
golden compass first 5 minutes 08
golden compass first 5 minutes 09
golden compass first 5 minutes 10
golden compass first 5 minutes 11
golden compass first 5 minutes 12
golden compass first 5 minutes 13
golden compass first 5 minutes 14
golden compass first 5 minutes 15

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  • Tina


  • golden or not?

    heard studio is worried this movie will bomb.thats why they had hundreds of sneakpeaks last week&releasing such a long clip to yahoo.

  • ocelia

    It seems like a good movie.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    golden garbage.

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    this movie sucks

  • Helene

    Eva Green is gorgeous Can we have pictures of her.
    #4 I hope you have seen the movie otherwise you’re an idiot.

  • Helena

    Clearly you don’t know #4, he always talks rubbish about people.

  • santa

    IT IS GOING TO BE SUPERB !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas !

  • j

    Read the books. Book 3 really sucks!
    This movie promotes atheism. Sorry…will NOT watch it! It is NOTHING like the Lord of the Rings trilogy when its advertising like it is.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    I’m sure this ish will flop.

  • Dancer

    Well, maybe I’m a minority on this thread, but I think it looks great and am looking forward to it! I’ve heard some good buzz about it!

  • blink

    I saw this movie this past Saturday since I got tickets for the sneak peek, and all I have to say is that is an awesome movie full of great special effects, mind blowing action scenes, and great acting. Nicole Kidman plays a great villain, she acts so good you really get to hate her in the movie. Go watch this movie when comes out on Friday!

  • I’ll pass

    No thankyou.

  • lara

    can’t wait to see it!and i’m sure the film will be great!

  • Melis

    Anti God, who cares! I’m not seeing it coz marionette face Nicole Kidman scares me……… Man has she really messed up her face, she wasn’t that pretty to start with. She really gives vampires a band name.

  • betty

    i saw it too!i can say only this: it’s amazing!of course it isn’t perfect, but LOFR wasn’t specialy Nicole Kidman who was great.i love Eva but didn’t like a lot her performance.Dakota suprised me positivly, Daniel really good too and Ian Mckelen’s voice perfect!!!!

  • golden girl

    my favorite books ever!of course i will see it, and i don’t loose a Nicole Kidman film!

  • Potter fan

    well with or without botox, Nicole performance is getting many praises.i think is incredible having botox and give all the time wonderful performances. she is really GREAT!

  • candy boy

    i think this film will be good, not spectacular as the books, but no film is ever better then the book it self.I’m reading many praisesto Kidman’s performance, i’m curious.

  • jenix

    i will see it sarurday!i’m very excited!!!!see Craig and Nicole togther is a dream!

  • carlos

    love all books (altough Potter to me is better) and i will see the~film.Can’t wait to see Nicole as Mrs Couter, i’m sure she will stole the film!it will be perfect!!!

  • george

    i will see it this weekend.very excited about mrs coulter who is done by Nicole.she was perfectly chosed!

  • callie

    altough i was not a fan of Nicole, after see this film and after see Margot at the Weeding, i’m surend to her talent.she is amazing.As Mrs Coulter, she was icy,glamorous, evil but sweet and tender at the same time….only a great actress could give such a wonderful performances.I don’t care if she did something to her face. i care with her talent as an actress, and she is an HIT as that!

  • Kae

    I love the books so I can’t wait to see if the movie does it justice.

  • SPie

    I can’t wait to see this film!

    As for all the atheism talk… absolute rubbish. It’s fiction people. Get over it. If “faith” is vulnerable to fiction, then it isn’t worth much anyway!

  • paula

    please dont watch this movie is against God and the Christianity religion

  • paula

    please dont watch this movie is against God and the Christianity religion

  • Can’t wait to see it!

    Paula, Not everyone is Christian!!! Why is it okay to have a movie that pushes God, but not to have one that Pushes Athiesim? Freedom of Religion anyone?? Oh wait that only applies if you are chistian!

  • Irma

    this is disgusting. his books are about killing God and promoting atheism. people like this sicken me.

  • cricket

    % minutes of a movie with Kidman in it is % minutes too long.Hope this one flops as bad as The Invasion

  • m

    in the last movie the charachters kill GOD. i highly recommend everyone to not support this kind of movie. the director is an athiest.

  • Who cares

    #29? Why? Because they don’t believe as you do?? People have the right to believe what they want, and if they want to express that belief then what is the problem? There are hundreds of movies that are about God and christianity, Anyone who is not a Christian should be disgusted by that then?, then one comes that promotes Atheisim and it is an issue? Forgive me but that just seems a tiny bit hipocritical! Does freedom of religion only apply if you are Christian?

  • Who cares

    “31? So…. Maybe thoses who are not chirstian should not support any movie that is directed by or supports Christianity!

  • JJ

    Who cares about the movie – I want to see Daniel C – he’s HOT!!

  • bataglio

    just saw him in Infamous last nite. i never cry at movies, but it almost got me. he’s fantastic.

  • mary78

    i highly recommend no one see this movie.

  • Anonymous

    This movie will be amazing! The books are fantastic. I read them without knowing anything about the author or that it had some kind of anti-church message. In fact I mistakenly thought it was more anti-centralized government than organized religion. I still love the books and hope to enjoy the movies just as much. It’s great that I have the capacity to think for myself and form my own opinions. I’m a proud Christian. Enjoying these books and movie doesn’t make me any less a Christian. I’m more bothered by the “Christians” that go see vulgar and/or sexually explicit movies, but choose to boycott this epic fantasy. Talk about hypocrites.