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Barbara Walters Presents Katherine Heigl

Barbara Walters Presents Katherine Heigl

Barbara Walters will be highlighting The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 this Thursday, Dec. 6 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC

Here’s the line-up so far: sexy Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, her soccer superstar husband, David Beckham, pop singer Justin Timberlake, Emmy Award winner Katherine Heigl, Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, former President William Jefferson Clinton, and MySpace media moguls Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe.

The Number One Most Fascinating Person of 2007 (not any of the previous ones listed) will be announced on the program, along with two big surprise guests.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Number One?????

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72 Responses to “Barbara Walters Presents Katherine Heigl”

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  1. 1
    pete Says:


  2. 2
    Natalie Says:

    I think the Beckhams will be the most interesting. Im not really a fan of them but I am interested to see what they say

  3. 3
    LADY T Says:

    I don’t know whose #1 but I am disappointed already with Katherine Heigl being on the list already. Another snooze fest. I refuse to watch so I will get recaps from the websites tomorrow…

  4. 4
    j Says:

    Britney will either be a guest (if she shows up) or number one.

  5. 5
    katherine Says:

    Ugh! There is nothing vaguely facsinating about Heigl, she is dumb as a post and has done nothing.

    Clinton isn’t fascinating in 07 either, maybe years ago.

    Justin Timberlake??? Also, nothing to say, never “fascinating” enough for a journalistic interview.

    What is Babs thinking?!!!

    Try, Obama, Britney, Angelina, etc. People who MADE news for good or for bad.

  6. 6
    n.o.l.a Says:

    HATE HER!!

  7. 7
    katherine Says:

    As for Beckhams, she is english white trash, famous for nothing but wearing designer clothes every day, not even stylish. She is dumb and does nothing newsworthy.

  8. 8

    Maybe it’s a joke?. There must be another list.

  9. 9
    sofia Says:

    I guess Heigl’s fascinating because she always puts her foot in her mouth.

  10. 10
    none Says:

    Katherine Heigel? Are they serious? Any credibility that show had is out the window. I guess ABC insisted on a network star or Katherine has a great publicist.

  11. 11
    [~Famous~] - The God. Says:

    how the fcuk did katherine heigl get on this list?! huh?! out of all the people in the world, wtf.. the bish wasn’t even the most fascinating person in ‘knocked up’! all she does is – bish, and complain. baby suri, kingston, shiloh, apple, organe, fcuking banana, and whoever else is more fascinating than her.

    babara’s days are numbered! she cant even get through a sentence without fcuking up somebody’s name or forgetting words.

  12. 12
    g Says:

    Heigl is annoying she just comes off as rude and bitchy ………justin timberalke and bill clinton look like the only good ones clinton does great work in africa and this year he raised a lot of money and awarness so props to him and justin had a great year bringing sexy back(not that it ever left or anything)

  13. 13
    lw Says:

    yawn. have never watched, never will. justin timberlake, really??

  14. 14
    eli Says:

    i just hope that number 1 is not Britney. please don’t make it her! anyone but her! and please no more Paris Hilton too!

  15. 15
    lilo Says:

    the jolie-pitt are N°1!!!

  16. 16
    simon Says:

    it will definetly be david beckham!!
    he’s the most interesting man on the planet : the best soccer player he’s a fashion icon he’s got everything to be number one.he’s the best english player england has ever had!! go beckham!!
    It can also be posh she’s the best spice girl and she’s absolutely phenomenal!!
    it will be becks or posh!! one of the beckhams! there the best couple in the world!!

  17. 17
    Lee Says:

    #1 should be Rosie = that would be brilliant!

  18. 18
    Belinda Says:

    Rumor FTW!!!

  19. 19
    Helena Says:

    I guess Heigl’s fascinating because she always puts her foot in her mouth.

    Replace ciggie with foot. She’s always smoking in front of the cameras and I don’t know why. Does she think she’s cool?

  20. 20
    Regina Says:

    I remember when my friend once talked to Tom from Myspace and he replied saying “I don’t know how I attracted fágs to my site.” :l

  21. 21
    SERA Says:

    Fascinating to WHO???????? Beckhams are so false it is unbelievable, Heigle is so dumg she stil smokes, Justin is a worm with no backbone, Bill Clinton is safe, Jennifer Hudson is old news. Why is it that Brad and Angie neer make these lists. No Interview!!!!! They do not want to talke to BW. SHe is not a very nice person.

  22. 22
    hello Says:

    oh i looove Heigl she makes me laugh! er no way should the beckhams be there, what the hell are they intersting for, they have no personality!!!

  23. 23
    hello Says:

    who cares if she smokes, get over it!!!

  24. 24
    [~Famous~] - The God. Says:

    #1cruise, pitt, jolie, shitney, maybe a politician.

    with barb’s alzheimer’s, who knows.

  25. 25
    Jenni H-K Says:

    Every year it seems BAWA WAWA picks some obscure person as #1. Whom we all go ???????
    The list is bogus !!!! Izzy my **** !!!!

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