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Barbara Walters Presents Katherine Heigl

Barbara Walters Presents Katherine Heigl

Barbara Walters will be highlighting The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 this Thursday, Dec. 6 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC

Here’s the line-up so far: sexy Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, her soccer superstar husband, David Beckham, pop singer Justin Timberlake, Emmy Award winner Katherine Heigl, Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, former President William Jefferson Clinton, and MySpace media moguls Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe.

The Number One Most Fascinating Person of 2007 (not any of the previous ones listed) will be announced on the program, along with two big surprise guests.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Number One?????

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  • CELEBREXviagara

    Forgetting that Heigl smokes, She is DUMB as rocks and thinks that people owe her something! I can’t stand her and her ugly boyfriend!

    Why dio I get this eerie feeling that she is with him because he makes her flabby ass look better.
    And I don’t think she is that pretty.

    I can’t stand this dope!

  • CELEBREXviagara

    Forgetting that Heigl smokes, She is DUMB as rocks and thinks that people owe her something! I can’t stand her and her ugly boyfriend!

    Why dio I get this eerie feeling that she is with him because he makes her flabby ass look better.
    And I don’t think she is that pretty.

    I can’t stand this dope!

  • Guest star

    Since it clearly states that the number 1 selection is not from the list above, I’ll talk about someone not mentioned.
    I think Number 1 will be either Brad or Angelina (or maybe combined as Brangelina).

  • Zephi

    Why do these ‘fascinating’ people always have to be celebrities? Is that part of the deal?

    I would like to see more normal people who have actually earned and worked for their success or whatnot. And not people who happen to get lucky or are currently living in their 15minutes of fame.

  • Oscar

    #1 must be Britney , we talked about her all the fucking year

  • lils

    A lot of these people (not all) commenting on here sound so stupid. The shit that people say…as if they know these celebrities. People are so illogical. How do they come up w/these presumptions? Anyways, I do agree w/some comments…I do agree that Barbara seems to be losing her credibility because I watch her on The View a lot and she seems a bit overrated. Haven’t heard anything ‘powerful or moving’ from her; she just dances around subjects. I do like the Beckham’s from the videos I’ve seen of them (they’re down to earth and funny, not like people think after looking at just their pictures alone). However, I don’t think these people are that ‘fascinating.’ Fascinating to me would be some of the people nominated for CNN Heroes.

  • Catherine

    yes, Babawawa should of retired years ago, she has not been current in over a decade, she brings nothing new or interesting and as a journalist, she is pathetic. Her lists over years have been mediocre at best, she is worst than a trashy magazine. Her interviews are so lame, she should retire ASAP.

  • Tracy

    Past number 1′s have been Newt Gingrich, the founder of Google, and Nancy Pelosi. In other words, it’s not going to be frickin’ Britney.

  • Jan

    #1 should be Angelina Jolie and guests should be Brad Pitt and Hillary Clinton.

  • Cam

    Katherine Heigl is NOT FASCINATING! Barbara is sooooooooo wrong for that one!

  • kfag

    Umm…None of them are fascinating. Just plain annoying.

  • fresh

    terrible list. i could care less about everyone on this list

  • Ha!

    I don’t find her annoying – she actually seems to be intelligent, articulate and sure of herself which seems to bug people – but I agree she’s not one of the most fascinating people of 2007.

  • me too

    Angie Jolie.
    She makes you think about IMPORTANT stuff. She keeps
    going living her life and doing good, no matter what.
    I am totally fascinated by her, and no other “star” matters…just a bunch of shallow morons.
    She already accomplished a lot in everything she does, and has done a lot of good since 2001(it’s almost 2008!) when she was only 25. She established herself as a great human being. Fascinating.
    Don’t respect her Pitt though. Stupitt allowed certain morons to crucify her (by never saying the truth about his f-ed up merger and that HE was the one who actually dumped the ex tv-sitcom h_ag,and some blockheads needed to hear it loud and clear!)
    Let’s say that he became a humanitarian in his 40s!
    But, if still with Maniston, he wouldn’t. Now he’s literally flying! and has what he said he always wanted. This is why I’ll never be able to respect him.

  • simon

    The beckhams will win. posh and becks forever!! There the best

  • Mojo

    The person of the year deserves to be Jo Rowling!

  • Mojo

    I bet I will be right with my guess of J.K. Rowling because Barbara said it would be someone who has done positive things this year and I think she also said it was not an American. (So, I don’t think Brit will make the list thank god!) I don’t understand Heigel or Timberfake being on there though.

  • steve

    benezir bhutto will the the #1 guest


    I am the most fascinating person of 2007!!


    Okay, theres nothing wrong with Katherine Heigl.

    So to all that continue to diss her, get a f***ing life!

  • duhhh!!!

    There’s a lot of thing wrong with that Hagle b…ch I agree with somebody here that said that BW chosing her as one of her most”Fascinating” list is an early sign of Alzheimer” desease. She should reiterate in her show why she chosed her. Is it because of the foot that was permanently stuck in her mouth? Because that in itself is fascinating and we can understand that.
    Though her fans is right about one thing. She’s Fascinating. A fascinatingly hypocrite person. After she dissed her KU movie she she never realized she posed in a man jerk off magazine. Which is a sign of a desperate actress selling hersels as a sex symbol.
    and now she’s singing a new tune?

  • heiglfan

    damn is that all you have time to do is bash people? shut up and dont be jealous.

    katherine heigl deserves every reason to be on there. so what if she smokes, its her life not yrs. she’ll be sorry later. she is amazingly talented and gorgeous and all you haters can go screw yourselves.