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Megan Fox @ 'Juno' Premiere

Megan Fox @ 'Juno' Premiere

Megan Fox rocks out at the premiere of Juno at the Village Theater on Monday in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old Transformers hottie came out to support writer pal Diablo Cody but wore her support for heavy metal band Mötley Crüe on her t-shirt. Megan also wore a WONDER WOMAN belt. Is that a hint?


10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox @ the Los Angeles premiere of Juno

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  • Nikki

    1ST !!! YAYY…

    BTW she’s reallyy pretty =D

  • Britt

    she’s gorgeous.

  • Melis

    god i hope not she would be a crapy WW, to thin and looks like “working girl”!
    We all know WW was a big curv-ey girl so no thanks to this hurry up and fast forward her 15 minute clock girl!

  • Paty


  • Paula

    LOL…nice shirt xD!

  • Kourtney

    I dont get the comparisons between her and Angelina Jolie, she is far more beautiful than Angelina Jolie. And maybe if she put on a little weight she would make a good wonder woman, I do agree that she is too skinny.

  • ari

    totally gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • wateva

    # 6 Kourtney @ 12/04/2007 at 1:51 pm I dont get the comparisons between her and Angelina Jolie, she is far more beautiful than Angelina Jolie. And maybe if she put on a little weight she would make a good wonder woman, I do agree that she is too skinny.

    A**hole, do you know anyone who goes around trying to be like someone they dont think is more accomplished than they are?

    The whole world knows that this Fox chick is an Angie wannabe. It is no secret that she wants a career and life trajectory like Angie’s (perhaps without having to go through the painful journey of self-discovery that Angie went thru.) But guess what……without her pain Angie wouldnt have the wonderful life she has now.

    Megan is gonna have to find her own path.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    wow, she looks different. fcuking hot, hotter!

    now, wonder women..? nah, to skinny. sophia bush!
    (hard 8==========D on) would be perfect.

  • Giulia

    She really looks like Hunter Tylo!

  • carrie

    I give it five minutes before all the Ang fanatics come here to start insulting Megan.

  • Kat

    She’s trying so hard to be like young Angelina Jolie. She’s pretty but fake!

  • carrie

    sigh…waaaay less then five minutes.

  • Shar

    She just doesn’t have an orginal look to me, like she is using someone elses identity, i know i would hate to be compared to someone else.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    she is hottie, damn right, but what happend to her boobs!!!! in transformers she had boobs here she is flat! im a guy , ladies explain please!

  • **dreamgirl**

    she’s got a beautiful face and a hot body.

  • Ravi-Oli

    i only comment on megan fox pix haha

    but she is the most beautiful female i ever seen

    jared, hook me up mann!!

  • Danielle

    She reminds me of how angelina jolie looked when she dated billy bob!

  • paola

    she has an amazing face and i would kill for that body.

  • lily

    she’s pretty but what has she done? can she act?

  • Johnny and vanessa

    # 10
    Giulia @ 12/04/2007 at 2:08 pm

    She really looks like Hunter Tylo!

    ahh yes that’s who she looks like. she’s pretty.

  • mike

    she’s just starting out….be patient

  • t

    Wow she’s gorgeous.

  • LoveLee


  • gypsy marie

    she’s pretty, but WAY too much make-up

  • ravi-oli

    i love the haters on her….shes naturally pretty, how can u not see that, gee wiz!!

    and who the Fucc said shes trying to be like jolie?? those words prob never came out of her mouth

    idiots ;P

  • simone

    JJ, she must read your blog. No skanky clothes, pancake makeup gone and actually tackled the acne…. Yep, she’s been readin’ the posts left here. LOL.

  • Helena

    Now, that’s the beautiful Megan Fox I remember first seeing! I hated when she started using bucketloads of makeup and the makeup was so terrible that she looked like she filled her lips with collagen!

  • Natalia

    She looks really good here=)) Love her make-up.

  • Claire

    People may say she’s trying to look like Jolie, but the resemblance is uncanny. If she had bigger lips, she’d definitely look like her sister. She looks better without the makeup!

  • lola

    She looks different here than she did when she was promoting transformers. Her makeup is a lot softer and her lips aren’t so puffy. I much prefer her this way. She looks so pretty. She definitely reminds of Hunter Tylo. She should keep this look up. Much better!

  • G

    she is beautiful!

  • K.D.

    hello angelina.

  • Kelly

    Whoa , She looks alot like Hilary Duff in some of the close up face pics, anyone else see that, Hilary had a similar hair cut a while back?

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She is beautiful, but I think she has too many tattoos to play Wonder Woman.


    She actually looks pretty and somewhat fresh, somebody must of toned down her eyebrows and makeup.

  • Hypocrite

    This chick tries too hard… She will never be Angie.

  • Natalie

    She looks dirty.. the kind of dirty that can never get clean, you know? lol. I think she is way too young to look that used up.

    She definitely has a good body and everything tho, she just needs to TONE IT DOWN a few notches.. go natural girlfriend!

  • Carol

    sometimes she seen very ugly! but in these pictures she is very pretty! but…one thing is always!!!!! a BAD ACTRESS! in Transformers made me think she is worst actress ever!

  • http://- keeley

    she looks better with bangs! beautiful!

  • Jolie-Pitt

    OMG!! She’s such an Angelina Jolie wannabe.. Jolie was unique during her breakthrough. No other actress had her style on the red carpet. Now somebody’s got lip injections, dyed their hair dark, copied her style and tatoos.

  • Ang3lia

    Open this! I totally see the resemblance! She does kinda look like Hunter Tylo (I’m a HT & AJ fan hehe)

  • Natalie

    #42 – yeah I am a soap fan too, I know what HT looks like and Megan Fox does kinda look like her. Sorry but they both do have the injected look if you know what i mean… lol.. I think Megan is WAY too young to be looking like this

  • Tracy

    Wonder Woman’s already been cast.

    She’s such an Angelina wannabe.

  • ashley

    Megan Fox has always been pretty, but she just keeps getting prettier. she’s gorgeous. I love her shirt too. :D

  • the_original_nika

    Agreed ashley. Thats one stunning woman, I love seeing her like this cause she looks fresh, and has toned down on the tons of makeup. Oh shes also rocking that outfit, love the shirt.
    Keep it up girl.

  • tom

    She’s pretty but all those tatoos make her look like a Harley-Davidson biker or a sailor. Women with tatoos is a big turn-off.

  • saying the truth

    Truck Stop H00KER or Megan Fox??

    Hey, this was the words from Michael K from!! Yeah, he say that Megan always looks like she’s playing Angelina Jolie in a P0RN Movie!!

    Here is the hilarious article from Dlisted…

    And i agree with Michael from Dlisted, because Megan looks like a P0RN Star!!

  • Bambi

    Wtf ppl? She has dark hair so she’s an Angelina wannabe? How is it obvious that she wants to be
    Angelina? Seriously.. somebody spell it out to me cos I see no evidence of that….. ?? Retards!!
    And anyway, Angelina has had major
    success in her career, she’s beautiful (according to some anyway) and she’s a humanitarian.. why wouldn’t you want to be like Ange? Better than inspiring to be like Paris right?

  • louisa

    You know Angelina is NOT the only person on the planet with dark hair…. just cos somebody has dark hair doesn’t mean they dyed it to be like Ange! Jolie-Pitt #41 you are fuckin retarted, and guessing from your little nickname, YOU want to be Ange!
    Like, get a life dude. Megan doesn’t even dress the same way Ange does/did. Ange dresses/dressed like a goth… which is really NOT unique. Megan dresses like a rocker, also not unique but not the same as a goth.