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Breakfast With Nikki Blonsky

Breakfast With Nikki Blonsky

Breakfast buddies Nikki Blonsky and John Travolta hit up The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment breakfast honoring Jodie Foster held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 19-year-old Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky will pick up the Rising Star Award next month at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. Netflix will be hosting an outdoor sing-along screening of Hairspray during the festival. Into the Wild actor Emile Hirsch will pick up the other Rising Star Award also on Jan. 5.

Congrats, Nikki!

Flats by Tory Burch.

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • katie


  • kat

    she is so cute! i wish her well in her career

  • yo

    jared she’s 19

  • Michael

    I love her she is such a good singer and is great in Hairspray! Um, Jared…any Zac pics?????

  • Kayla

    Thanks for posting more on her Jared this is really awesome!

    Love Nikki and John so cute, she looks like he could actually be her father!

    Can’t wait for the rising star awards!!!

  • melly

    Yay! Nikki post :)

    Sorry Jared she’s 19, but I’ll forgive you because you’re posting about her.

    Can’t wait for the rising star awards too! :)

  • ari

    just breakfast? looks more like breakfast, lunch, dinner and a of couple snacks in between.

  • Nonna

    Nikki looks adorable. Nice to her her with John again.

  • Kayla

    I wonder who else was at the breakfast, she’s so cute, I flove her!

  • Jen

    Nikki looks so joyful! I just love this girl! And she’s with “Momma” – yay! He just adores her! Who wouldn’t!

  • Jen

    Jared, I was rude and forgot to say Thank-you for another post on Nikki! hehe

    I was so wrapped up in the excitement of getting more Nikki news here!

    THANK-YOU! Keep it coming! ;)

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    I bet that little fat-fcuk oswald cobblepot [nikki] heard “breakfast” and gladly came running.

    aww, tub-of-lard’s kinda cute in a not cute way.

  • AJCrazy

    Ditch the wig Johnny!!!!

    we’ll respect u more

  • Jessica

    JJ your spoiling us:) Yay 2 Nikki posts in 2 days! I cant wait for award season….I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Keep the Nikki news JJ!!

  • Jen

    #112 – ?????


    Nikki was invited to attend a prestigious event honouring Jodie Foster! This is great for her! It shows the level of esteem and recognition that she is getting in Hollywood! Let’s focus on her talent, her personality, her credibility, and her reputation.

  • Nonna

    I also forgot to say thanks for the Nikki news! I was so excited to see a new post. :)

    I also wonder Kayla! She will be in LA until at least the 16th right? It’d be so cute if she visited Adam and Zac on the set of 17.

    who knows? Maybe she already has.

    I also can’t wait for the rising star awards and the film festival. I hope there is video of it. The cast is supposed to perform right?

  • mariana

    where is zac?

  • mariana
  • mariana
  • Nonna

    Shooting 17?

  • Kayla

    I definatly think she’s hanging out with her boys!

    Don’t forget Elijah, I’m sure she’s with her gals too, Brittany and Amanda!

    I wonder if she’s renting an apartment in LA somewhere seeing as she’s there a lot.

    Can’t wait until we get stuff from 17

  • Melis

    Sorry but for her health she’s very short and needs to drop a few.. for real not making a funny or being mean. In a few years we will see her in a tell all in People saying the same crap.
    Plus the movie was crap, and her 15 is up- now that’s being mean!

  • Nonna

    I hope so, and if she does hang out with them before she leave LA I hope the paps catch it. The paps suck with Nikki sightings….there are too many candids of her. Which is a good thing cause she is not being hounded but I wouldn’t mind more.

    Oh are they all in LA now?

  • Paula

    YUMMY lol

  • Nonna

    Oh there are more pics on the HS blog. Queen Latifah was there too. :)

  • Tracy

    Nikki looks radiant!

  • Peryne

    Yay !!! Another post about Nikki =)

    Thanks for the news, hope there’ll be a lot more coming soon …
    She’s so talented, and a beautiful person inner AND out

  • Nonna

    She looks stunningly beautiful. She always does though.

    I too hope for a lot more Nikki news, especially sightinhs out and about, and some new info on her movies pretty please Jared?

  • Peryne

    As the end of my post had been cut, I’m rewriting it :
    She deserves the best

  • Liz

    Yay! More Nikki!!! And she’s with Momma Turnblad!! They both look so happy to be in each other’s company!

    I love her style! She looks amazing in that outfit.

    But I gotta say: THE SHOES!!! I love the shoes! Can’t see them all, but just the toe part is awesome. I love round closed-toe shoes. Wasn’t really fond of pointy ones.

    Sorry for that shallow brain fart. LOL

    Go Nikki!! Congrats on the breakthrough award!!! *beams proudly*

  • Liz

    Oh…and I forgot…THANK YOU THANK YOU Jared!!! As Nikki would say, “You’re amazing!” for posting more on Miss Blonsky. ((HUGS JARED)) More, please! :D

  • Nonna

    Agreed Peryne. ;)

    There is a reason Nikki is considered a shining star and ‘the one to watch’ thanks for finally taking notice Jared. ;)

  • rosie

    Wow! Another Nikki sighting! Love it….congratulations Ms. Blonsky.

  • lp

    Love this outfit bright colors look wonderful on her. Nice to see her catching up with her HS costars. Congrats on the award you are getting next month. Can’t wait to see what else comes her way.

  • lp

    I too fogot to tell you thanks JJ for posting more Nikki news. Thanks JJ

  • Ciana

    She looks adorable as always. What an honor and a squeeze from John Travolta to boot. You made it girl!

    Yay for Nikki.

  • Nonna

    I think she can work just about every color she wears. :D

  • Ciana

    Nonna, you are so right about her color choices. She looks beautiful in any color with that gorgeous hair and smile.

    Great to see her here again. If she lived out in LA we would definitely be seeing more of this gal. She is an inspiration to not so traditional looking girls out there.

  • kat

    i thought she was real cute in hairspray. no matter what she weighs you can’t deny her talent, she has a great voice. i hope her career stays strong

  • missy

    She looks so beautiful in that lovely shade of purple!

  • missy

    It’s so cute seeing them together again! Good to know they are still close

  • Jen

    Nikki looks stunning in purple! And she wears silk so well, too! This blouse reminds me of the burgundy one she wore in Japan. A certain someone couldn’t keep his hands off her in it ;)

    I also think it’s great that she’s with John and Queen (can you add those pics,too, Jared? thanks!) I bet she’s going to catch up with her other HS friends, too! She and Elijah are close, and she said Brittany and she became really close friends. She and Amanda went to another festival together, and look really tight. Of course, we know Zac has said numerous times that she’s his best friend. And Adam calls her his little baby. So, they all seem really tight! How refreshing!

    Two events in two days! I can’t wait to see what comes next for Nikki!

    Yes, please, try to keep on the lookout for some candids. And, to the paps out there, start scoping out the set of 17! I’ll bet you find some Adzikki sightings! lol

  • Allison

    So there are like three people here that like there that insist on posting a million comments? She is talented and has a good make-up team, but unhealthy and therefore not a role-model. We girls need to loveour bodies enough to take care of them. (I would say the same about all those overly skinny girls too so hold back the attacks.)

  • Here’s The Deal

    OMG, she’s only 19???! I guess all that extra weight makes her looks older—I would have guessed mid-twenties.


    John Trovalta back in late 60′s and the 70′s…he was heavily using herion, cocaine, LSD, and booze. Which alot of stars were doing the same. He was on for close to 10 years and finally gotten professional help. The world did forgave and forget his past addictions. While filming Hairspray…the whole casts were going in night clubs and drinking booze…if they are suppose to be role model…think about it.

  • LoveLee

    so cute!

  • Nonna

    Agreed Ciana, your posts are alway made of win. ;) Just like Nikki. :D

    Jen, he can’t keep his hands off her not matter what color she wears. :P

    I would love to see more pics of her hanging out with the rest of the cast while she is in LA. Too bad the paps only seem to catch her while she is at events and not out and about.

    I second that Jen!

    Please keep the Nikki posts coming Jared.

  • missy

    Nikki is SUCH an inspiration as well as a great role model! I definitely need to hear more about her!

  • VanessaGarcia19

    wow nikki is really pretty and looks so cute along with john! contrats nikki..finally somthing that doesnt involve vanessa..but JJ….”WERE ZAC?!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!”

  • Nonna

    So true Missy, Nikki is amazing!