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Victoria's Secret Cuts The Spice Girls

Victoria's Secret Cuts The Spice Girls

Did anyone else notice that one of the songs by The Spice Girls was cut from The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show??

They were supposed to perform their new single “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” and the classic smash hit “Stop.” But apparently “Headlines” was too much of a borefest because it didn’t make the final cut! (Even their official website didn’t get the memo!)

N-E-way, you can still watch The Spice Girls perform “Stop” below. Check it!

Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with the human touch…

The Spice Girls perform “Stop” @ 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
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Photos: Mark Mainz/Getty
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  • shoes4life

    I think it was cut because of the time. The show was only an hour long, plus they added profiles (which was unneccessary) of the models. I will say they could have cut out Seal & Heidi’s performance for the Spice Girls, or better yet another fashion set that was probably cut out of the 1 hour show.

  • wowza!

    hmm interesting. when i was younger i never really was into the spice girls so it doesn’t effect me that they “came back” but good for them..


    im still watching it, and they said they were comming on next so i will see.

  • KC

    I caught the last 15 minutes of the show and how awful! It’s was like a really bad Las Vegas show. Models cannot dance and the Spice Girls were their usual cute but lame selves with the very obvious lip sinking.

  • Kourtney

    I noticed that too but I thought that maybe I was just out of the room whenever they sang the song or something. Ha, apparently not.

  • zahra

    the models were all too skinny, they need giselle and tyra back pronto

  • yaya

    yea im upset they cut that out they probably did that because it was only a hour show so they couldnt possibly show everything. oh well guess you had to be there to be able to see the whole thing

  • Kay

    I wanted to see them perform again, there was a whole bunch of other stuff they should of cut, but oh well.

  • shenanyginz

    AH SUGAR! i missed it??!!!

  • Candles

    They definitely could have done without Heidi and Seal’s “performance”. The Spice Girls were ok and it sucks that we couldn’t see them perform the other song. Maybe if they didn’t have 30 minutes of commercials it could have been fit in.

  • TaTiSpIcE

    Oh man, I want to see the spice girls not the stupid models

  • anthony

    very upsetting i was so excited to see them and then they LIPSYNC it was like watching britney spears comeback. YOU DO NOT LIPSYNC WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO COMEBACK FROM BEING GONE GEEZZZZ

  • allie

    Who cares, they just lip synched. You might as well just listen to the album. Then again 4 of the 5 girls are weak singers, so it would have been a trainwreck if they didn’t. That I would have liked to see.

  • jess

    ha, i just watched the clip. they can’t even lip synch well. losers.


    I’ve never seen Victoria perform before. So she just has zero charisma, huh. All the other girls injected a bit of life into the performance. Now I understand why everyone thought she was the weakest Spice.

  • awesome

    so awesome…about ten years later and i still remember every single word of that song. i think i’m going to go on a spice girls music video marathon on youtube right now.

  • Limafan

    They are washed up and very boring. The crowd looked like they were ready to leave! Isn’t enough everyone had to endure Heidi and Seal sing?!?

  • melissa

    I wanted them to sing “Headlines”!!! But “Stop was awesomeeeeee. They should of cut Heidi and Seal singing because Heidi cannot sing! and put “Headlines” in its place

  • poo

    it sucked without kanye. he’s a real performer

  • Anna

    i just love them :)

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I’m sorry, I’ve been a fan for 10 yrs but the Spice girls look really rusty in this performance. I don’t know what the hell the audience is yelling about,except for seeing Posh who is famous for being famous. 10 yrs ago, nobody took a 2nd glance at her pre-Beckham, and her body language showed she was not comfortable with singing, and the OBVIOUS lipsynching that didn’t deserve any cheers. I think both Mels are true performers. They tried to kill it. It is 2007 and epectation is even high for beginners. There is no excuse for this so so performance by an acclaimed famous pop group.

  • yahoo!

    ha ha, victoria has like 5 seconds solo in this song. lol. see, they all knew she had no talent 10 years ago!

  • Helena

    Well, the song didn’t too well over here in the charts in the UK. It was the lowest ranked Children in Need song.

  • jay and athy

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  • nando

    That sucks!! What the hell? I wanted to see Headlines be performed.

    That’s a bunch of bullsnizz. I agree that they should have cut Seal and Heidi’s performance to make room. Now THAT was a borefest.

  • liz

    They weren’t sleeping with Heidi Klum….

  • (‘@’)

    I waited and watched the show just for the spice girls. Can’t beleive that they cut the other performance. It wasn’t a good show overall.

  • Fannie

    if you do lypsinc for a come back
    migh as well just NOT COME BACK -_-

  • kim

    I’ve never seen Victoria perform before. So she just has zero charisma, huh. All the other girls injected a bit of life into the performance. Now I understand why everyone thought she was the weakest Spice.


    YOU haven’t seen her perform. I’ve seen her sing many times. She can sing. If you go watch her LIVE performances then you’ll see. I think Geri is the weakest one.