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Chelsea Clinton Sits on the Floor of Starbucks

Chelsea Clinton Sits on the Floor of Starbucks

Chelsea Clinton gets down and dirty, sitting on the filthy floor of a Starbucks location in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old daughter and only child of former US President Bill Clinton and United States Senator Hillary Clinton was able to grab a cup of Starbucks coffee unnoticed but didn’t have any luck finding a seat. Chelsea resorted to sitting on the floor in front of an emergency door and started typing away on her laptop. We hope she had some butt sanitizer handy!

Chelsea reportedly still lives in the Gramercy area of Manhattan.

DO YOU THINK Chelsea is on her way back to the White House?

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chelsea clinton sitting on the floor of starbucks 01
chelsea clinton sitting on the floor of starbucks 02
chelsea clinton sitting on the floor of starbucks 03
chelsea clinton sitting on the floor of starbucks 04
chelsea clinton sitting on the floor of starbucks 05

Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Carolina

    cool :D

  • sillyme

    Doesn’t exactly look like she’s sitting on the floor. Looks like she’s sitting on a bench or something.

  • celebpsychic

    She still lives in Gramercy Park…sitting on the floor in NYC is nothing.

    A new spin on celebrity gossip:

  • LanieCroft

    So she sits on the floor and where exactly is the big problem?

  • Allison

    Um…she lives in NY and is at Starbucks? How is this an odd – even newsworthy? Did we want her to steal someone’s chair? Boring.

  • Ok

    Nice of those guys to offer her their seat, haha, but seriously doesn’t seem like a big deal and she is sitting on a step or something, it doesn’t look as filthy as described.

  • sasha

    This is an unfair critic of Chelsea. As if you guys have not done this in your entire life.
    Do you know how many people in the world cant afford furniture and ends up sitting on the floor.
    This picture seems like she’s sitting on a chair or a box.
    Leave this poor lady alone people. As for mentioning the exit door might not even be working.

    JJ you can do better. Dont follow the rest of the pack just because she Bill and Hillary our next president daught.

  • Harold

    Chelsea Clinton is a fire hazard!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • NYCWit

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Chelsea. For those of you not from NYC, people sit whereever they have to in order to read or type something. If you don’t believe me go to a Barnes and Noble or a Virgin Records. People sitting on the floor.

    I love that pic of Chelsea! It shows that she’s becoming (or already is) a true New Yorker. Loves it.

  • Jan

    She seems content and working hard on her laptop. She is sitting on her COAT not her butt and I am sure the subway seats are just as dirty as starbucks step or box she appears to be on,not the floor.

  • krungkrung

    is Chelsea that stupid? looks to me that there’s an extra table available and assuming that all tables are taken, she could have ask someone to share a table, like that guy on her left hand side, duh? somehow, the pics are somewhat staged or something.

  • Ha!

    Is this really a post? Chelsea has always seemed like a really normal, intelligent person, despite her parents. I know she’s the daughter of two prominent public figures, but she’s better than the people you normally blog about. Why even put this on here?

  • Pitsy Poots

    nice guys who won’t offer their seats to a young woman but prefer to keep it for their briefcases instead. Classic assholes.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I think saying shes needs butt sanitizer is not nice at all. She’s a down to earth girl and would do exactly what alot of New Yorkers would do. She’s not Paris Hilton!!

  • danielle

    that might be the secrect service well it looks like it

  • nona

    ‘staged’ photos? you cannot be serious. the idiocy some people are willing to swallow just to tag someone. pathetic.

  • LT

    It shows she’s down to earth and cool! Makes me like her more – she’s no diva. She rocks!

  • tatum

    wow Chels looks really good lost all of the baby fat and tamed the hair

  • musicisourhigh

    I’ve always liked Chelsea Clinton. She seems down to earth and EDUCATED

  • Anthony to the S.

    is it not becoming of her to sit on the floor of a starbucks or something?

  • krungkrung

    the secret service is seating pretty and Chelsea is not? sweet.

  • cam

    I don’t understand why this is a topic. Chelsea has never done anything to warrant heavy criticism. She has stayed out of the spotlight and seems pretty normal. After all, she didn’t choose her parents and she appears to try to live as normal as she possibly can. At Starbucks sitting on the floor- so what? This isn’t news- just a girl having a coffee and working on her laptop.

  • Jess

    No, in my opinion: she’s not on her way back to the White House.

  • lily

    shouldn’t she be careful she gets kidnapped or something? I mean her mum is currently running for president. Anyway I am sure she had plain clothes bodyguards around.

  • Elizabeth

    I actually DO NOT think that IS Chelsea. I think it’s a look-a-like, caught by accident.

    Chelsea is moving to W. 11th. Pre-bought an apartment there in a building that will also house Alec Baldwin, among others.

  • Elizabeth

    Also…yeah, why didn’t either one of those guys offer their seat? UGh, men in this city SUCK!!!!!!

  • Dooste

    Starbucks… alone to go there…- but to SIT on The FLOOR or a bench wathever- i’d rather sit on the street or at a bus stop!

  • tawi-tawi

    wow, everyone is sad on these pictures. it’s as if everyone is half asleep.
    she looks good.

  • shaddap

    Whoever wrote the caption to this story is a complete idiot.

  • Chrisler 1

    I like this young lady. She stayed untainted by her position. I really do hope she and her parents will soon head back to the white house.

  • The Maven

    You have to give her credit. She is the daughter of a former president and still has the ability to sit on the floor. Id like to see the Bush Twins be able to do that.

  • WE



  • OK!

  • WE





  • girl

    Looks dirty to me, but maybe she’s sitting on a book or piece of paper?

  • yup

    I don’t I understand why some ppl. are getting all worked up about the title -the floor is filthy. I wouldn’t sit there.

  • http://- Jenni

    who the heck is this “…” i see at every thread asking for Zac Efron photos?! ur so sad!

  • Ha!

    No, the Bush twins would be falling on the floor wasted. :)

  • peppy

    I love Chelsea I think she’s awesome leave her alone

  • John

    shes definately heading back to the white house! go hil!!

  • chipper

    It’s New York! She’s not exactly someone you would look twice at or give up a seat to. If she moves back to the White House, I’m moving to Canada.

  • Princess superstar

    1. Nice boots!
    2. To the “gentlemen” sitting to either side: “That’s no way to treat a lady, you troglodytes!”
    3. It’s only a “floor” after all. Chelsea be keepin it real. Rock on!
    4. She has matured into quite a lovely woman.
    5. Damn, I want those boots!

  • candis

    I so love that New Yorkers never really give a damn about celebrities the way L.A folks do.. if this was in L.A the papz would be all inside Starbucks and then waiting outside for her.. New Yorkers make no fuss, they let people be..

  • rich

    To all of you who think all the men should just jump up and give random women their seat I say: get over it, you want equality? you can’t have it both ways.

    Besides, I open doors all the time (for both sexes) and RARELY does anyone bother to say thank you.

    Its more likely that a guy offering up a seat will not only loose his seat, but also get a dirty look for his trouble, she’ll think he just wants to get in her pants and give him attitude.

    Its like the toilet seat thing, when will women learn that they should put the seat up when they are finished? I mean its just common courtesy, right?

  • Dd

    Why is everyone wearing black? Boring!

  • a realist

    She looks just like Hillary sitting there. There is nothing wrong with her sitting there, I see young people like Chelsea sitting on the floor all the time in Starbucks, Barnes and Noble reading and working on their computer and games and stuff like that. This is no big deal.

  • a realist

    Besides she is not on the floor, she is sitting on something.

  • alison p

    good. She acts like a regular new yorker

  • Citysqwirl

    Why should the men at their tables offer their seat to a young woman, and why does that make men SUCK? Having a vagina is not a disability. Feminists cannot have it both ways.

  • danny

    wats wrong with her sitting on the floor

    by the looks of it,she didnt have much time to wait for an available seat and obviously didn’t have much time to write watever it was she was typing,honestly if im in a hurry n needed to write a paper…the hell with it,im sitting on the floor. [: