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Keira Knightley - "Interview Magazine" December 2007/January 2008

Keira Knightley -

Keira Knightley covers up her bits with suspenders in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of Interview Magazine. Here are some highlights from Keira‘s interview:

How was the photo shoot? We ended by taking my clothes off again. How does that always happen?

Why do you think? I don’t know. Because I say yes, I suppose.

Did you relate to the Hollywood-glamour thing when you were growing up? I think it’s wonderful to have those aesthetic fantasies. Those films pretend that you can wake up in the morning with bright red lipstick and perfect false eyelashes and hair; I like that.

There were so many species of loss in [your upcoming film Atonement]—there’s the loss of a girl, the loss of a woman, the loss of a love. Which did you relate to the most? All of them. That’s the power of it. Everybody has regrets. Everybody feels guilty about something, though hopefully not for something as bad as what happens in the movie. But that’s what is wonderful about the book and the film—you understand where these people are coming from. The situation may be completely different from ones I’ve experienced or that most people have experienced, but the core emotions are the same—that we all make mistakes, and sometimes we’re horrendous to each other. It’s the Robbie character [played by James McAvoy] that I find truly heartbreaking, because at the beginning he’s really Christ-like in his goodness—he’s a selfless, perfect person—and in a funny way I don’t think we can ever handle it when someone is that good, so what we do is destroy them.

This issue of Interview Magazine featuring Keira is on newsstands now!

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Photos: Sam Taylor-Wood
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  • liz

    She’s pretty down to earth…

  • Acel

    first bitches!

  • Acel

    oopps,not first,don’ t like her,she is always complaining

  • heyguys

    got no boobs

  • missefron

    fourth? anyways, I like her. She’s “down to earth”, I agree with liz. Although, I don’t like the photoshoot…:S But she’s true to herself so go go go Keira!!

  • regm

    Beautiful in the photos, not so much in the cover.

  • london

    Gosh that ugly bit*** looks like a tranny. Please Keira don’t take your clothes off again. PLEASE!!!!

  • ☺☺ BEBE

    She’s so full of herself and she’s always whining , i just don’t like her.

  • Jill

    Hate her!!! Shes ugly and always complaining! Keep your clothes on.

  • Ruth

    Keira really shouldn’t agree to take her clothes off for photo-shoots! The result is very unflattering because she is just so tiny and slim – almost like a young boy and not a woman. I admire her acting but please keep the clothes on!!!

  • *luna*

    That cover is so fuc%in gross yuk yuk yuk.

  • Nanana

    she is breastless

  • krungkrung

    i don’t find this girl attractive at all, nu way.

  • Helena

    People always say she’s whining and yes she does. But where is she whining here? She’s talking about the shoot and Atonement.

  • ram

    small boobs, large thighs! she’s okay, nothing special. all these taking off clothes and showing boobs are a bit psychological already, she did this about 3x already. wants to prove something???

  • Ha!

    I missed the whining and being full of herself part. Someone point that out to me or get some new complaints about her. Not a great photo shoot, btw. Although the reclining picture with the blue isn’t bad – it’s a little ‘Marlena Dietrich’.

  • HA!!!

    Ok that’s getting offensive now, please no more thread of her.
    She’s sooooo cheap.

  • Helena

    I missed the whining and being full of herself part. Someone point that out to me or get some new complaints about her.

    Yeppers. The only whining here is from the Zanessa fanbots, aka the annoying tweenybops. I don’t know how this site attracted them! Or it’s either “She has no titties.” or “She has a massive chin” and if she ended up getting a boob job, they’d complain. Hypocritical. People always try to find the flaws in others, quite sad.

  • Mozart

    She’s ugly, I mean really ugly and this photoshoot is obsene and tasteless.

  • WHo Knows

    I’m not gonna say she’s ugly but I’m not a fan of her “look” Why does she usually look about 10 yrs older than she’s reported to be? It’s weird…

  • freddie

    she looks old and ugly in the cover but the last picture of her looks great

  • KC

    She really should keep her clothes on. She just looks like a metrosexual boy to me.

  • olove

    She looks so unhappy lately, what’s wrong with her???
    You can feel that she wasn’t happy when they took those horribe pictures. Her face is stoned and her body is weird.

  • alex p

    and… after all the other sh*t here’s the truth – keira is pretty and that’s a really cool photoshoot.


    Now she looks much more older than Natalie Portman and Wynona Ryder. This photoshoot is awful. Did she done something to her face?

  • LT

    Bitch, bitch, bitch. that’s all you people do! she is true to herself and doesn’t care if people like her or not. i for one respect that. that’s clearly why she is a star, and we are not. i think she is intelligent and funny too. very photogenic, no bad angles.

  • carolina

    AW I feel terrible for her she’s so ridiculous.

  • Regina

    Is it me or is she obsessed with Chanel?

  • joss

    well she used to be beautiful, fresh and fun but not anymore.
    She should try to eat something.

  • Sarie

    Plain and simple… she looks like a man

  • Nana

    I like Keira, she is so simple and beautiful

  • pgirl

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny she so ugly on this cover damn can’t she cover her body, she’s trying too hard those days.

  • Anthony to the S.

    lmao @ sarie’s comment.

  • 2BTru

    I’m glad she copped to agreeing to taking off her clothes for these shoots. Why bother kvetching about it if you agree to do it. Until we get a naked leading man on the cover, there won’t be equality in Hollywood.

  • susan

    UGLY. not beautiful…
    bad actress… cant stand her chin when she talks and that fake smile. ugggghhh

  • aj

    Trannyliscious!! Bitch looks like a man in this photoshoot. It doesn’t help that she resembles a dried twig now. She used to be soo pretty :\

  • douxsoir

    OMG she is amazing! I don’t know why you guys don’t like her!

  • vaness

    man or woman we will never know….

  • Lili

    she tries too hard to make us believe she is down to earth and above this Hollywood glitter and artificiality but this photoshoot is soo Hollywood-like and fake! She poses like a prostitute and doesn’t look alluring at all, rather pretentional. Don’t tell me she is sexy- by no stretch of the imagination!

  • lily

    she looks like a man.

  • Regina

    man or woman we will never know….

    Yeah, try watching her early work, idiot. Remember when your darling flashed her coochie?

  • PAUL

    Regina you’re so stupid… do you have to answer to everybody in every single thread? Just get back to your boring life. Famous people don’t care about you *lol*.

    Keira looks terrible in here.

  • black

    Oh no….now they´ve got Keira as well.

    Don´t sell yourself like that girl.

  • Jeanette

    she is usually kinda high up there in ” most beautiful face ratings”. look around you at other people.
    she isn’t ugly.

  • sally

    ^ Keira is ugly, and this photoshoot is just too much.
    too much make-up, bad posture and she didn’t have to get naked.

  • (‘@’)

    Her boobs are small but she is very talented in acting. Much better than those girls with big boobs who can’t act but have a nerve to call themselves “actress”.

  • angelina_mmm

    she looks like a boy in this pics

  • OK!


  • Mary

    her shoulders are too wide, and I don’t care for her