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Rap Up Nicole Scherzinger For the Holidays

Rap Up Nicole Scherzinger For the Holidays

Nicole Scherzinger is too hot to handle on the cover of Rap-Up magazine’s December 2007/January 2008 issue, on newsstands now. You can preview the issue at but here are some interview highlights:

On artists she admires: “I think Beyoncé is just amazing. She blows my mind. Gwen Stefani is one-of-a-kind. She’s the epitome of cool. Diana Ross—I wish I could be her. Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, all those people…”

On her ex-boyfriend Talon Torriero from MTV’s Laguna Beach: “I wasn’t looking to date anybody because I was halfway into the Pussycat Dolls thing. And we met and he wouldn’t let up. And he was persistent, and you know what, it worked.”

If she could date any celebrity: “I think one time I was like, ‘Matthew McConaughey is such a hottie and he’s a surfer.’ I used to kinda have a crush on him. Everybody loves that guy from The Notebook [Ryan Gosling]. Every girl watches and is like, ‘That’s gonna be me one day. It’s gonna be my guy.’”

On not being very Internet-savvy and her distaste for blogs: “I don’t know how to work an Internet. I don’t know how to get on my MySpace. But I don’t really read blogs. The couple that I do, they break my heart, so I don’t like them. But it’s okay because it keeps the eye of the tiger in me.”

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  • Gisele


  • nextt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it me. or does she have on the WHOLE makeup KIT???

  • kat

    does she have naturally curly hair?? these days you can’t tell if celebs do they straighten it all the time. People be proud of your ROOTS! lol no pun intended

  • Gabriella

    She seem slike a sweet girl, and she’s usually gorgeous, but that look is just not right for her. Not. Right.

  • in

    she looks terrible! So haggard.
    Also her music is awful, she’s lucky that PCD managers marketed her before.

  • lw

    who is this and why should i care?
    e v e r y b o d y is a celebrity.

  • lipscious

    why they made her look black?

  • Flyer

    Ryan Gosling? Is she crazy? She will never ever be able to replace somebody like Rachel McAdams.

  • Lirah

    WOW. Too much bronze???

  • lara

    Damn another tranny, like we haven’t had enough with Keira Knightley.

  • Rockstar 8)

    I think she looks like a monkey!
    She’s so beautiful, but this look isn’t good for her.
    And I wanna know why did she get out of PCD.
    Nicole Monkey xD

  • fan

    I don’t know how to work an internet. The two blogs she looks at make her cry. Is she slow?

  • simone

    why do these celebrities think its makes them cool or authentic or whatever, to say that they don’t know anything about the internet or don’t read? It makes you look moronic because that means you’re paying someone to read or access the net for you. “I don’t know how to work an internet”?! Dear god woman! My 5-year old niece knows how to access the net.

  • wilwarin

    she looks like a man to me

  • wilwarin

    she looks like a man to me

  • g


  • peppy

    I totally understand not want to read internet blogs. There is something called constuctive criticism and being just mean and hurtful. Beyonce and Michael are both awesome. I dont know about Diana. I just get the feeling that if it wasnt for Berry Gordy we would all be saying Diana who? Too much of a Diva I think we have enough of those in the world as it is. Nicole is cool but to me she honestly doesn’t hve anything that stands out

  • Seb


  • John

    wow! what an ugly pic!

  • Name


  • blah

    WTF happen to her face? Who knocked her around? ewwwww.

  • MirandaB

    ugly picture…she looks like a GUY!

  • WAIT

    Was nobody else not creeped out when she said she dated Talon T from Laguna Beach, isnt he like 21 and she’s like 29 and he’s like a short midget compaired to him. And isn’t he like the giy who didnt know how to speak coherently on the show…lol and … I mean does no one else find that coupling odd…????????

    Anywhoooo….hahahahahahahahaha there’s something extremly odd about this girl. Im laughing because im just picturing this guy that came out of little old Markham Ontario Canada, lol with someone who sings the Beep, hahahahaha anyone from markham lol knows why Im laughing….LOL HAHAHAHAHAAHA i’m sorry its just too much
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok i have to go now…bahhhaahahaha oh

  • lily

    Nicole is Hawaiian so why do they have her looking like a black chick? I agree with some of you, with celebrities you can never tell anything because everything about them is manufactured.

    She needs to go back to PCD and save some face.

  • penilyn

    OMG! & not in a good way =/

  • Hmmmm….

    If you can read her inspiration is beyonce so maybe she wanted to look like that.

    And its not like she’s white so looking so I don’t see ur point. But I dont like her much at all, her performances are weak and the image of classy slut is an oxy-moron…and so doesnt work

    That goes for Christina, Beyonce and all these other chics…I wash my hands of the whole lot

  • Hmmmm….

    **** = S.L.U.T i dont get why that was blocked…lol

  • magnus



  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    she looks like an idiot.

  • Chelsea

    Can’t stand her

  • Jen

    she is retarted. i hate her. she was better with the rest of PCD.

  • Britt

    What a fake and bake nasty woman. Her look is disgusting, any man that finds beauty in that is seriously disturbed.

  • Kay-Vi

    does she look orange ?!! oh gosh Nicole make up isn’t for ya babe

  • Vanessa


  • Juls

    ok, chica. you’re not black. give it up.

  • tina marie

    She looks like a idiot i agree with that dark make-up on, whats her problem…… you are not black nicole, ive seen you hanging around diddy and pahrrell and other black guys. damn get a grip you look just like someione who fell in a bucket of mud wtf?

  • tina marie

    you people keep asking “why did they make her look black”" why why why! maybe the hell she told them too after all the people that she admires are mostly black. She hangs around diddy and pharrell.

  • Nona

    If I was a celebrity, I would never go near the internet, especially the blogs. Ignorance is bliss, baby.

    She is obsessed with Ryan Gosling. Didn’t she have some unkind things to say about him in another interview? I would love to know the backstory there.

  • Yuck

    She looks awful!

  • noelle

    it’s comments like these that make people like Nicole hate blogs. I can totally understand why it breaks her heart to read one. Can’t you people have anything positive to say about anyone?

  • (‘@’)

    Oh No NO NO No, she is a man-made from head to toe. Nothing is too HOT to handle on her but too FAKE to handle!!!!

  • (‘@’)

    Oh by the way, when she was just out with the PussyCat Dolls, she ain’t got no boobs and butt and look at her now…sigh…

  • tina marie

    if she doesnt want to hear the truth she should quit be so damn fake. Fake bootys are ridiculous and most people can detect the booty aint real.

  • miss lisa lips

    I am so sick of these fake ass , too much dark tanning and fake butt implant women. Stop trying to be like other women when you were not born like that. Its not racial because im sick of black women who slim their nose. God made you like you are and he makes no mistakes. So keep your flat butts , your thin lips and your wide noses, thats you mamies and quit copying.

  • haeather

    someone said she looks like a black girl…. bullshit she looks just like what she is a non black with a lot of dark pancake make-up on. please this woman is not black i dont know what she is abd dont care but i know she seems to want to have the black thing going because now it looks like she has a fake plastic surgery butt implant too. I am sooooooooooooooooooo sick of these non black women getting fake bootys to look like a black girl. jessshh.

  • betterthanyou

    That picture is very unflattering of her but I do not see where she looks black, it just looks like a bad picture. Why are people equating blackness with ugliness? That is very ignorant and racist to think that way and its uncalled for. If anything, she looks black most of the time because of her new butt and tanned skin since ppl want to go there and most ppl like her looks. I think she is pretty actually but kind of fake in a way. She looks like what she is a Haiwaiian, Phillipino and Russian person that just took an awful picture but it has little to do with her tan I actually like her tan just not this pic. I’m not a fan of Nicole’s at all but I dont get all the hating or racism…

  • maida

    she is very sweet in the movie rap up

  • hip hop music

    Great job on this one. Always support. Salute.