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A Very Blonsky Christmas

A Very Blonsky Christmas

Nikki Blonsky poses with parents, Karen and Carl, and her younger brother, Joey, at the unveiling of the Hairspray Yuletide tree at the Hollywood Museum on Tuesday in Hollywood.

Oh hey, look! Nikki‘s costar Zac Efron is one of the ornaments on the tree!

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Photos: Mark Mainz/Getty
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  • sophie

    grr. for some reason i really dont like nikki. she seems like a cool person… but im still not quite over the whole MOD thing. :[ LOL

  • Yorick

    What a cute and seemingly loving family

  • marissa

    aww that family is so cute lol i love the zac efron ornament…:D

  • Natalie

    Omg Nikki looks so cute.

  • christy

    She is just too adorable. She always looks so well put together! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her :)

  • Rosielee9

    Love the picture on the tree too of Zac and John Travolta looks like they were having a good time.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for posting this Jared. I love Nikki. I hope she has a great Christmas with her family. Merry Christmas Jared!

  • nikki

    she looks absolutly beautiful.

  • he is gy

    zac is so g@y

  • Ericka

    She’s so cute. I’m so happy all the 10 comments so far are positive. Beautifully normal family

    I’m highly irritated at the fact that by tomorrow (when I check back at the rest of the comment) most of the comments will be extremely NEGATIVE about “how fat” she is or how she isn’t beautiful because she isn’t waff thin.

  • xxxxxx

    she got a nice feature on her face…nice nose nice face..pretty girl…:) manley have huge nose :\

  • tia

    I completely agree with everything you said Ericka because you know the “ish” is about to hit the fan

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    well allow me to be the first.. :P

    She needs to lose weight.. I like her a lot.. She’s a bubbly, confident, vivacious, charming young lady.. But losing some weight would be good for her health, and by the looks of it, the health of her family..

    I’m not saying that by being fat, you’re an less of a person.. I’m just saying that her quality of life, would greatly improve by looking after her health..

    Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me! :P

    Peace & Love out to the Universe!! *kisses*

  • Erica

    Not to be rude, Ericka, but there is definitely a happy medium between waif thin and overweight. I think Nikki Blonsky is adorable and pretty, and I don’t even think it would be natural for her to be *skinny*, but–especially looking at her mother and brother–it’s clear that their weight could be better managed.

    Before anyone jumps on me about how weight doesn’t determine beauty, you’re right! And that’s not what I’m arguing.

  • Jen

    YAY! Jared! Another Nikki post! That’s 3 in 2 days! You rock!

    Nikki FTW!

  • Jen

    OMG! Why do people have to talk about her weight. Who cares, it’s not your body. Appreciate her for her personality, her talent, her professionalism, and leave it at that.

    Making a post about how you are concerned about her health is just a way to get in a dig at her.

    Would you go on a thread about a celebrity who is a smoker and make comments about how they should quit smoking for their health? No. It wouldn’t even be mentioned. Leave her and her family alone.

  • Tracy

    I loved the ornaments on the tree! Nikki in between her two favorite men :) Coincidence I think not!

  • Nonna

    OMG Jared we love you! 2 Nikki posts in one day. Squeeeeee!

    hehe, Nikki looks amazing. Love her hair. The HS Christmas tree rocks…I want one.

  • http://justjared birdie

    She looks happy and her family looks nice. What a cute tree I hope I can get
    to the museum to check it out. It gets you in the Christmas spirit. Nikki is a very
    talented girl and I wish her all the luck.

  • Tracy

    Nikki looks stunning! JJ thanks so much for posting all these Nikki pics!

    Now if you could get some pics of Zikki we would totally FLOVE you for Life!

  • Tracy

    I want that tree!

  • Nila

    Thanks for posting Jared!
    LOVE the tree! and Nikki looks gorgeous as always!
    Purple really suits her :)

  • Jen

    Yes Tracy, Nikki does look stunning! Purple is definitely a good colour for her! And that belt is awesome! She wore it in Madrid. It really emphasizes her curvy hourglass figure!

    I can’t wait to see what Nikki does tomorrow!

    Maybe she’ll pay a visit to the set of 17 ;)

  • he is gy

    zac is too g@y for nikki, he nid another men

  • Tracy

    Nikki just radiats joy! You can tell that she really does live in the moment and takes every moment as if it will be her last.

  • Tracy

    I would die if we seen her at the set of 17! That would totally give Zikki away! WOOHOO! Bring on the love!

  • he is gy

    lmao u fans like to fantasize nikki and gayfron

  • Jen

    Jared – Please keep your eyes peeled for any hint of Nikki near the set of 17. I’m sure that Adam would invite her, since they are so close. She is his little baby, after all! Awwww. lol. I loved their commentary on the HS DVD. They are clearly great friends! Wow, to get that close to your boss. That’s great!

    I love Adikki! I also love Adzikki, and I’d love some sightings of them all!

  • Nonna

    OMG get the hell over it. She is happy and healthy the way she is, leave her weight alone. She loves and accepts herself.

    That said…I am going to try and ignore the negativity and suggest the rest of us do the same.

    And thank you Jared for another post on Nikki. 2 posts in one day? I might start thinking something crazy like you like her or something. :P

    And yes please give us any news on her news movies and any kind of candid sightings.

    I’d be surprised if she didn’t visit the set of 17. Zac is her best friend and we all know she and Adam are very close. She’s his little baby after all.

  • Tracy

    I want a HS reunion right on the set of 17! that would be great!

  • ashley

    yay another post on Nikki. go Jared.

    I love Nikki. she’s awesome.

  • Jen

    he is gy

    I would tell you to go f off, but every stupid comment you make only adds to the number of comments that Nikki gets. So, go ahead and ramble on with your comments if it makes you feel better. I can ignore them pretty well, as I watch the post count go up!

  • ashley

    I love Adikki. Adam and Nikki rock. they’re like my Jack and Karen. ahahaha :D

  • alex

    I want a Hairspray Christmas tree. that’d be sweet.

  • Jen


    How are you doing! I was wondering where you were *hugs*

    ICA – Adikki are like Jack and Karen! HAHAHA That’s great! I don’t think he gropes her, but they do kiss lol (not like Zikki kissing, of course. Only Zac gets to slip her the tongue on camera! ;) )

  • Tracy

    I hope to wake up tomorrow with more pics of Nikki! Lets hope she visits the set of 17! ZIKKI FTW!

  • patti

    three posts in two days! jared, you’re officially my favorite.

    nikki is GORGEOUS. i just love her to pieces.

    i’m tired of people talking about her weight. who cares? she’s happy.

    and seriously, if some adzikki surfaced, i could die happy.

    that, and if i could have a hairspray christmas tree. :D

  • ashley


    hugs… I’ve been watching tv. ahahaha.

    I can’t wait to see Nikki’s on screen kissing in Queen Sized. :D

  • Tracy

    Lanie just came over to FF! WOOHOO!

  • ashley

    woo yay for Lanie. :D

  • pinkrose

    Thanks again JJ for posting new pics of Nikki!
    She is beautiful inside and out!!! She is so talented, a good actress and singer and she will really go far in Hollywood !
    And for those who critized her because of her weight bla,bla,bla…that she is chubby bla,bla,bla…well it is NOT your problem !!! The most important is she is happy with it!

  • ashley

    Nikki rules! :D

  • Jen

    YAY! Lanie joined crazytown on FF! woot!

    If you thought zikkishrine was the place to be…

  • Jen


    Nikki rules, rocks, is made of awesome and win, and owns me.

    Flove this girl!

  • ashley

    the Blonsky’s rule too. for having such an amazing daughter :D

  • Nonna

    Tracy, that’d be awesome.

    haha Jen I flove you

    I’ll use Nikki’s favorite word to describe her…she is AMAZING! And even that doesn’t do her justice. ;)

  • Lanie

    Jared you’ve really outdone yourself on the Nikki pics this week. Keep ‘em coming please.

    She looks amazing and her family is adorable. Oh, and I want that tree!

  • Jen

    I love that tree! It looks beautiful, and so much fun! I love the curlers in it!

    pixie!Zikki FTW (no, I’m not insane. It’s an inside joke. lol)

  • Jen

    As Zac would say, “Wow, that’s an inside joke, and I’m NOT going to reveal what it’s about.”


    Man, my brain is full of Zac and Nikki quotes. Good memory, or good fan? I’ll say both! lol

  • Nonna

    So I wonder if Nikki will be unwrapping Zac for Christmas? :P

    Yeah Jen, it’s both. lol.

    Please keep the Nikki posts coming Jared. :D

    More Nikki! More Nikki! More Nikki!

    1000 more points if you can catch her on the set of 17 visiting Adam and Zac. :D