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Scarlett Johansson's Plastic Surgery?

Scarlett Johansson's Plastic Surgery?

Us Weekly‘s feature story this week claims that 60% of Hollywood has had plastic surgery and conveniently placed two side-by-side photos of 23-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson on the cover.

Scarlett‘s rep is fuming and released this statement to competing tabloid OK!:

US Weekly‘s cover story regarding Scarlett Johansson and its clear implication that she has had plastic or cosmetic surgery on her nose is an outrageous and defamatory fabrication lacking any conceivable basis or proof, despite vehement denials by Ms. Johansson prior to publication. Not surprisingly, US magazine cannot provide the dates when she supposedly had this surgery, who performed the surgery, or what was supposedly done — all because there simply is no truth to the story. The publication made a pathetic attempt to validate its story by using two cover photos of Scarlett that were taken years apart with obviously different make-up and lighting, and then relying on an “expert’s opinion” (based solely on looking at the two photos) on what ‘might’ have been done. It wasn’t.”

Scarlett herself has even decided to pursue legal action: “I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel mislead. Thus, I feel compelled to take immediate legal action against US Weekly.”


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  • wmel

    wierd first or second!

  • wmel

    she doesn’t look like it!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    That’s ridiculous. They thinned her nose using make up people… it’s easy!
    Let’s start picking apart Britney’s face again! Her nose, botox, lips……


  • nando

    I believe Scarlett…but I also believe that 60% of Hollywood is plastic. ^_^

  • jessie

    Scarlett looks just the same to me, but with more makeup and bleached out hair.

    And I’m so over people claiming Angelina’s had plastic surgery. She shaped her eyebrows! That’s why she looks different.

  • sally

    US Weekly is the stupidiest magazine around.
    She was just younger.

  • jessie

    I wonder if everyone else in the story will take legal action now. If they don’t, it could almost look like they’re admitting to surgery. I hope they all go after US.



  • Elisa

    I think that the only difference in the two photos is that she is a lot younger in the first one. I guess there weren’t any news this week. :D

  • An24

    I don’t think she had an work done. Makeup makes a lot of difference. Besides she looks a lot younger in the first pic. She grew.

  • (‘@’)

    You know what? Instead of pinpoint who has had plastic or cosmetic surgery, why don’t they try to pinpoint who has not had any???


    god her suing is very lame get over yourself. she’s an overrated mediocre chubby as hell actress.

  • Kourtney

    well in the older picture it looks like her nostrils are flared and shes barely smiling, and in the other one shes just smiling normally and her nose looks normal. i mean my nose looks different in lots of pictures but ive never had plastic surgery on my nose. and makeup can change the way anything looks.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Ridiculous. They take pictures from the stars’ younger days, compare those pictures to recent ones, and then claim that there has been plastic surgery because, *gasp*, the star looks different now. I mean, come on, everyone changes as they get older. :roll:

  • Helena

    She really hasn’t had her nose done, anyone who thinks she has are the people that ‘hate’ her, they’ll do anything to insult her.
    It’s what you call growing up, everyone changes, she is very young in the ‘before’ picture, around when ‘Ghost World’ was released.


    I dunno but she is a pretty girl :D

  • Romy

    I does look like she had her nose thinned a bit, but I don’t know why they’re singling out Scarlett. Most people in Hollywood have had nose jobs, and some are much more obvious.

  • Lillianne

    She hasn’t had her nose done. Of course there’s a difference, she’s a different age, different makeup, different lighting. It’s crazy. Look how many celebs have huge differences. Name them and put them on the cover. Leave Scarlett alone.

  • loser

    US Weekley is just tabloid trash. They compare pictures of her when she was a young teenager to when she is a grown up woman. People go through puberty morons!

  • ladiuvernuà

    now, really…

  • loser

    Us Weekly is such tabloid trash. She is younger (looks to still be in puberty) in the first picture. Definitely agree with the person that hinted at it being a slow news day. Morons at Us…

  • Regina

    Pathetic if anyone has had a nose job, it’s Manley Tisdale!

  • Amanda

    oh, well, so now people can get better without a surgery? thats only make-up or a better photo, nothing else

  • piper, with a low

    # 3 Fresh Raggedy Anne @ 12/05/2007 at 2:13 pm


    And smiling also affect how your nose looks.

  • Dieter

    there is no such thing as A-list nip/tuck; that´s why it´s called A-list; plastic surgery and botox are for c- and d-listers only. Cam Diaz or Sharon Stone or Nicole Kidman would never do any plastic surgery. They work hard and look fine the way the do !!!!



  • almost…

    doesnt it just seem like the celb is saying yes its true but i dont want people to know so lets sue. Thats just how it seems to me.

  • Carmen

    Dieter @ 12/05/2007 at 3:53 pm

    Nicole Kidman would never do any plastic surgery.



  • Ana

    omg that’s shit!!!

  • mina

    F#ck her…she needs to stop making shi#teous movies with Woody Allen…another overrated actress in the talent and looks department!!!!

  • Fake Alist’s

    Yeah of course it’s so obvious just look at her nose’s structure , Angelina Jolie well it’s not a suprise for being in the AList plastic surgery every one know that ( she is in every blog plastic surgery)she had work done in her nose the picture is obvious and even her breast , Halle Berry too ,

  • jessie

    “Angelina Jolie well it’s not a suprise for being in the AList plastic surgery every one know that ( she is in every blog plastic surgery”

    Yeah, and in half those blogs it’s determined that she didn’t have anything done, and in the other half, there’s disagreement. The only change in her face is that she’s 32 now and not 21.

  • moviemadness

    Angelin is only 32? She looks so much older

  • Hmmmmm

    I think that Angelina Jolie may have had some work done in the past. Maybe on her nose. When I look at younger pictures of her it is a little bit different.

  • stefanie

    I stared at the picture and I don’t think she had any work done. First off, the picture on the left is her much younger, like 2-3 years ago. Scarlett is very young, so the face on the left looks like a teenager face.

    The face on the right has much more makeup, more defined, like the face of a woman. I like Scarlett. She’s one of the best young actresses out there (there is so few to choose from these days).

  • why lying

    Jessie , she had work done in her nose it has been proven . and her breast change the volum many times .

  • jessie

    Go rent Gia. Her breasts are real.

    And no, it’s not been “proven” that she had a nose job. It’s been proven that people who hate her are determined to claim she had a nose job.

    It looks exactly the same. The only difference is that her face is thinner.

  • tom

    I see no difference with her nose. Just heavier makeup on the second picture.

  • Dieter

    scarlett needs a good buttfuck !!!!

  • carolyn

    angie’s breasts may have been real in gia (maybe) but they aren’t anymore. i have seen before and afters (with no top on)…..a british newspaper covered it i believe….

  • jessie

    There are no recent topless pics of her. Her breasts were real then, they’re not any bigger now, and in fact, as she’s lost weight, they’ve gotten smaller, the easiest way to know that they’re real.

  • Helena

    OH C`mon,Us weekly`s women should check their fact,as people gets older,their face change and that`s something that happenes to every body,look at these pics,one of them from the time they were teenager or so young and another from the time the become grown a** woman.

    who cares If they have done something or done??really people even If they have done something,it is still can`t make them less natural beauty,because you should be capable of becoming beauty even If you are doing surgery.Is jennifer Aniston with all her surgeries became beautiful???no because she is not capable of that.

  • lara

    Angelina has a nose job for sure. The bridge is much straighter now then it used to be and the tip use to be much more bulbous.

  • carolyn

    Look it up and I’m sure you can find the article. I don’t have the time to get it and post it here for you.

  • jessie

    Okay, well I found an “article” that “proves” she didn’t have one. If you look it up, I’m sure you can find it.

  • carolyn

    really? where?

  • MirandaB

    She has NOT had plastic suregery! she is obviously older now and has lost her cheek roundness

  • karl

    Halle Berry has had a boob job and so has Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek……they ALL had their noses done also…..God only knows what else……

  • karl

    I don’t think Scarlett has had any surgery. She’s just thinned out a bit as she’s gotten older. Plus these bad pix to compare as she has two different facial expressions in them. Boobs seem real….

  • carolyn

    waiting…..ya got nothing huh?