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Cate Blanchett @ AFI Awards 2007

Cate Blanchett @ AFI Awards 2007

Cate Blanchett puts on her award presenting shoes at the L’Oreal Paris 2007 AFI Awards Dinner at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Thursday in Melbourne, Australia.

Cate the Great, 38, and her director husband Andrew Upton are expecting their third child in April 2008.

Blanchett joked before the ceremony started: “Yes, take a few snaps of that, my cleavage is fantastic at the moment”.

The Australian Film Institute (AFI) gave out 21 awards across feature film, television, non-feature, international and miscellaneous categories.

15+ pictures inside of Cate Blanchett @ AFI Awards 2007

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Photos: Lucas Dawson/Getty
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  • Kendra

    looks good

  • Kendra

    oo first

  • Rinoa

    She’s so beautifull and talented. I hope she get’s a girl this time! But a boy will be fine too, as long as it is healthy! Love you Cate!

  • love shia

    one good looking pregnant lady

  • jenny

    she’s so beautiful!!!

  • lola

    gorgeous. absolutely adore her. her cheekbones!!! perfection. she’s my (if i were a lesbian) girl crush!!!

  • Maude

    ♡♡ I love her she’s talented, classy and beautiful.♡♡

  • krungkrung

    love her dress y’all.

  • j

    Wow! Beautiful! You Go Cate!!

  • Rita

    GOD I HATE HER.. she’s beautiful, stylish AND funny! Haha alright I’m lame, and I love her.

  • kendra

    Amazingly stunning to look at.

  • kendra

    Oh weird…just saw there’s another Kendra! LOL

  • glow

    STUNNING!, talented and a sharp wit. She hasn’t even begint to scratch the surface of her talent yet.

  • kendra

    I totally agree. I think she will just keep getting better and better and she’s already fantastic! She’s so talented.

  • Kourtney

    Beautiful dress! And I wish I could be as confident in being really pale, but it just doesn’t look as nice on me as it does her.

  • mimi

    oh my! stunning! gorgeous! beautiful! love the hair especially.

  • the_original_nika

    looking good.

  • Tijen

    Love her.

  • Helena

    Nice dress.

  • Simone Z.

    Wow, I thought it was Reese, and then I noticed the NOSE!
    Why are her movies flops if some of you think she is a good actress? interesting.
    She is already 40 and was awarded just a few times.Interesting.
    Now she imitates Reese, but Reese is much younger. There’s nothing more pathetic than an older woman wanting to look much younger.

  • Charlotte

    WOW Cate is just amazing !!!!

  • Mark

    What exactly is it about her outfit that makes it young, pathetic or an attempted imitation of Reese? I just don’t see that at all. Please explain….

  • georgiana

    Simone Z. sounds like she’s extremely jealous of Cate. How sad for her.

  • Simone Z.

    How about the hair?! And her hair is bleached too.

    Not exactly a hairstyle for a 40-year-old woman. That
    is pathetic. She comes across as fake, and not just because of the hair! I just can’t shake off that feeling everytime I see her pix here at jj’s.

  • Mark

    She dyes her hair blond? Who (celeb and non-celeb) doesn’t color/streak/frost their hair anymore? Who exactly do you think is pretty in Hollywood? It would be interesting to know. I’d like to know your basis for comparison.

  • Simone Z.

    Why would I be jealous of CB?! Why exactly?! There are things that I’d still like to do in my life, but it doesn’t include anything close to being like CB in any way. Something like that has never crossed my mind, and never will. Trust me.
    That’s all you had to say? I think I am out of here.
    I am not really interested in the subject matter.

  • blah blah blah

    Simone shut up, ugly bit… You’re jealous because you wish you could be her. and please stop smoking that crap idiot.

  • Simone Z.

    Mark,I just read your comment as I was ready to leave.
    You can’t be serious about thinking that CB can compare to any of the really beautiful women out there. You may like her, but you can’t think she is
    beautiful. I also think that a personality is a huge
    factor in somebody’s beaty, and a beautiful “soul”, as they say. As I already said, I think she’s fake,
    pretentious and has a huge ego. I also don’t like her acting, it’s so “learned”. I definitely waste too much time talking about someone I don’t like! so bye!


    Simone must have been smoking some crack this morning!

  • Mark

    Ummmm….Why couldn’t Simone give me anyone’s name? That’s all I asked her for! :)

  • ( . Y . )


  • Simone Z.

    Hey, Mark! I’m back.How about Paris Hilton? She’s
    prettier than CB, isn’t she? Real blonde, leggy…well, the noses are similar!

  • beautiful Cate!!!

    Simone shut it, you’re not even funny, you’re just extremely annoying. what on earth are you smoking?
    Cate looks stunning.

  • angelina_mmm

    lovely hair

  • rae

    She looks so beautiful! This dress is gorgeous and her hair is perfect. I love Cate.

  • dew

    Beautiful and classy as ever. She looks great pregnant too!

  • Kamila

    I love Cate Blanchett, Jared, but I am sorry, there was only one “Kate, the Great” and her name was Katharine Hepburn.

  • MJBK

    Cate is 38 years old, not 40 (as Little Miss Flame-a-Lot above claimed). What being 40ish has to do with her choice of hairstyle, I can’t imagine. It looks good on her, therefore it’s appropriate. Pregnancy must agree with Cate–she looks even more lovely than usual.

  • halo

    wow she looks so beatiful!! i love actresses with pale skin

  • barbara

    Simone Z, what a stupid thing to say. Blanchett wasn´t awarded just a few times. She has won 45 international awards and was nominated to another 41. Just go to IMDb to check it for yourself.
    And making popular movies doesn´t automatically mean you are a talented actor or actress. If Reese Whiterspoon ever comes to the point of doing what Cate did in Elizabeth, Heaven and I´m Not There, I´ll sincerely apologize to you

  • Mark

    You are an idiot. Paris Hilton isn’t a natural blonde…she was when she was a child but she has been a brunette (underneath all that hair dye) for quite a number of years now. Hell, even her eyes aren’t really blue…they’re brown (she wears contacts). You couldn’t have picked a more “un-naturally beautiful” person to use as an example. Don’t even get me started on her “talent”…Only thing she’s talented at are things that require condoms, Valtrex and back alleys. You should stop posting b/c every time you do, you sound more and more stupid.

  • Jess

    she is lovely

  • Yuck

    Gorgeous and flawless!

  • zoe

    she looks beautiful in that dress! i love her hair and she’s such a talented actress. hope you get an oscar nomi again this year!

  • Chrissie

    I could say “beauty is only skin deep” but that won’t wash on this site.

    The most important thing from my perspective is that CB is a terrific actress – few, if any of her contemporaries, if any, can match her (sorry, but Reece Witherspoon can’t match her range).

    As for her looks – she is very attractive and stylish. Umm … no, her outfit and hairstyle are NOT inappropriate for her age.

    It just comes across as plain ignorant to mention CB and that dreadful no talent party girl heiress in the same breath.

  • “I want candy”

    I love her she’s smart and gorgeous.

  • Kendra w

    lol theres another kendra, woot! =)

  • jbe

    Simone has just proven to me HER pretentious, judgemental and sheer lack of taste. She has an incomparable talent and range (nothing even CLOSE to that of Reese! good God, that’s crazy!lol) You’re right Mark, the more she posts the bigger the laugh I get. Just because she is an intellectual and regal looking does NOT make her pretentious. Really, make the effort to study the source you are making such harsh judgements before posting such crap. She comes across as an incredibly graceful, eloquent and genuine person in every interview/article I’ve seen/read. Very light, funny & down-to-earth personality.

    And good GOD, this woman is absolutely mind-bogglingly beautiful, are you KIDDING ME?!! She is in a word, stunning!