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Chace Crawford @ GQ Men of the Year Awards 2007

Chace Crawford @ GQ Men of the Year Awards 2007

Chace Crawford heats up the red carpet at the 2007 GQ Men Of The Year Awards at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday in Hollywood. The Gossip Girl hottie was seen chatting up Rumer Willis at the after-party.

Chace also recently ranked #9 on Teen magazine list of 50 Hottest Guys in Hollywood in its winter issue.

You can also watch a video below of Chace‘s interview with Los Angeles’s KTLA Morning Show.

Chace Crawford @ Los Angeles’s KTLA Morning Show
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  • zanessa110

    is it just me, or does he kinda look like zac efron?

  • Paula

    BUT IS CUTE xD..

  • devvie

    OMG when i first saw the picture i thought he was zac efron!!!
    hes HOTT!!!!

  • devvie

    YH he does
    when i fisrt saw the picture i thought he was zac efron!!

  • zanessa110

    me too devvie, i was like is it zac efron! but then i saw the name, and it wasnt him. but hes hott

  • kendra

    when men are this “metro” they lose there man status completely as far as i’m concerned. this is not attractive. look like a MAN for god’s sake….don’t give zac efron’s hairdresser anymore business!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!

  • the_original_nika

    “when men are this “metro” they lose their man status completely as far as i’m concerned. this is not attractive.” true.
    look more like men, and less metro.

  • bev

    He is gorgeous and for heaven’s sake could we please be on someone elses post without Zac Efron being mentioned. There are other really hot actors out there who are not from Disneyland.

  • poodle puddle

    i’d suck his pitcholee

  • lw

    i agree w/kendra. yet another boring vapid pretty boy. yawn. gimme a man (russell crowe, joaquin phoenix).

  • lw

    oh and resembling zac efron is not a good thing.

  • Charlene

    he is way much gorgeous than zac efron.

  • paula

    he is hott
    and he is not like zac efron
    he is more handsom

  • seb


  • Kaye

    ha ha. my friend keeps teasing me cause I like both Chace and Zac — and they are strangely similar. hmm. well, they’re just hot all around!!

  • cindy

    Chance and Zac Efron could easily be brothers. They look and act so much alike it’s scary . I love them both , so cute.

  • Mafer..!!

    Awww…!!!Tan beshO me Chace.! =P

  • dew

    Much hotter than Zac, and a real man, not a boy. But, he is almost too pretty just like Zac. I’ll take him over Zac anyday though.

  • ugly

    looks G_a_y total star f&^er as well. Reminds me of when Jesse Metcalfe was on that show. Snooze. He will be replaced by the next pretty boy.


    i think that he is really hot i won’t denied that, but like 19# said: ”He will be replaced by the next pretty boy.”

  • hatesrumors

    love ya chace but..rumer willis? COME ON! You date Carrie Underwood..why slump to talk to her! And don’t bash Chace’s pretty boyness..he’s amazingly hot and such a nice guy! Plus..Nate=love

  • das

    He’s waaaaaaaay prettier than Zac!!!!

  • das


  • Sara


  • Sarah

    Yeah… he does look like Zac Efron. He is hot, too. =]

  • moviemadness

    I don’t think he is cute. He looks a little gay just like Zac Efron. Not that thats a bad thing…

  • ally

    they are so dating!

  • athenadugan

    Uh,oh, Zac…someone’s on your back to celebrity…it’s okay if you don’t want to give us great pics…here come Chace….he does favor Zac..but Zac is definitely more beautiful…Chace is a bit more manly looking…they would do a great movie together as brothers. ; }


  • Kourtney

    hott stuff.

    and why was he talking to Rumer Willis? ew.

  • lops723

    He’s a nancy. He will be replaced by the next pretty boy. He’s a little too into himself, you’re not that good looking buddy

  • Leeza

    Is he really dating Carrie Underwood or just rumors?

  • booboobee2


  • daisychon

    Please don’t jump down my throat but i kinda think that Zac Efron’s a bit of a dweeb. He’s attractive in a way that’s appealing for 13 year old girls. He actually kinda still looks like he’s thirteen (does anyone else think this?). Then again, i’m not saying he’s completely ugly – he has a decent face and body, he’s just not the god that everyone makes him out to be.

  • me

    Penn is much hotter.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    I caught the tail end of this interview and he is very good looking. I never saw it before, but yes, he looks hot.

  • edda

    i hear hes hookin it up with leighton. I hope thats true shes so pretty

  • Megan

    Him and Zac Efron are the hottest guys alive!!!

  • Cissy

    He is so beautiful! And a great personality too. Good combo there, Chace! Gorgeous all around!

  • deth

    yah gorgeus all around..!!! super !!! more pics more pics..!! *luv him*

  • lucia

    i’d tap thattt.
    he’d taste good too.

  • tony the tiger

    CHACE CRAWFORD IS A STRAIGHT ZAC GAYFRON only (1) Chace is much better looking (given Gayfron is plain fugly), (2) Chace doesn’t wear makeup because he isn’t covered in zits like Gayfron, (3) Chace is masculine (whereas Gayfron makes Minnie Mouse look butch) and (4) Chace is on a hit show and actually has a future in the business.

    Thank god all those teenyboppers can drop Gayfron to embrace this guy.

  • vitoria

    he’s freakin gorgeous!
    and so nice as well :)

  • papi bear

    hah hah “gayfron” that is sooooooo funny

  • lokinhadavida

    uuau zac efron é d+ mais aii eu não to reconhecendo ele!!! é ele mesmo?

  • lokinhadavida

    uau zac efron at beatiful
    mais ai eu não to reconhecendoo ele!!!!
    kisses !!

  • lucila

    when i first saw his picture i thought he was zac!!
    they are both cutee!
    but i prefer zac!


  • Fabiana

    He’s SO HOT!!!
    I love him !!!

  • paola

    definitivamente es mas lindo que zac