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Eva Mendes is a PETA Pin-Up

Eva Mendes is a PETA Pin-Up

Eva Mendes is the latest PETA pin-up girl to star in the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign. The 33-year-old actress’s naked anti-fur ad is currently (and proudly) displayed in Rockefeller Plaza of New York City. Here’s some insight on Eva‘s PETA campaign:

What drew you to the idea of working with PETA on our “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” Campaign? I wasn’t familiar with PETA early in my career. I remember having my first premiere in New York City and being so naive that I didn’t have a coat with me. My stylist sent me a fur wrap for the evening and I ignorantly wore it. PETA then wrote me a beautiful letter commenting on my less-than-educated choice. I was so impressed that I vowed to them and myself to never wear real fur on the red carpet or in my life again.

What issue involving animals is dearest to your heart? Also, you have a lot of fans out there which gives you a powerful platform to reach people and make a difference: What is your message to them about having compassion and getting active to help animals? I’d say the closest animal rights issue to me right now is being anti-fur. I feel like in recent years, due to pop culture, fur has made a comeback. Some people still see wearing fur as glamorous and a sign of prosperity. Personally I think wearing a baby chinchilla says, “I’m ignorant,” vs. saying “I’m a badass.” I don’t think you can force people to change their attitudes, but you can help to educate them and to lead by example. … There are way too many amazing faux fur options out there for people to still be wearing real fur. I want people to know that there are options; that killing a poor animal and wearing it isn’t cool. But respecting all life forms is cool. Very cool.

More interview Q&A at The Peta Files. Other PETA nudies include Alicia Silverstone, Christina Applegate, Kim Basinger and Pamela Anderson.

Bigger PETA pic of Eva inside…

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  • http://justjared I got the lips

    Girl. Put on some clothes, its too cold for that.

  • http://justjared I got the lips

    Nice ass thou.

  • salma

    she’s fine

  • daisy

    This woman is not pretty at all she has the ugliest mouth, her body is not so hot either have you ever seen her ugly skinny legs she has men’s calves. so don’t be so kind she is just allright. Most people like her because she has no baggage. She is just an ok actress never the main character. F Peta!

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  • the_original_nika

    well do some good eva.

  • Helena

    She looks good and I think it’s great that vowed to never wear fur again other than some other ignorant idiots (JLO *cough).

  • Charlotte

    I don’t like her, I think she sucks as an actress and she’s ugly but I like animals so well done EVA.

  • soph

    Finally a clever celeb! This shows how smart and kind Eva is. And all you haters up there, you’re just jealous of her. It’s so obvious.GO PETA!

  • lily

    love her

  • Dieter

    fantastic full round butt – I have a hard-on !!!!

  • sassafrass

    She might claim not to wear fur anymore but she does LOVE her some leather! Leather purses, leather jackets, leather shoes…

  • fan

    She is the only person instead of Jolie, that I could see in the role of Mrs. Smith opposite Braddy.

  • Jake

    Like I said before, Peta is such a publicity whore, they’re trying to use sex to sell their mission of saving animals, there are other more important causes

  • Jake

    publicity whores

  • http://Justjared DCL

    Daisy: What does your mouth look like? Is it ugly. Could it be a big one? Do you have a nice body and beautiful legs?

  • ella

    Yet another reason to love this chica!

  • http://none sam

    I agree with Daisy. Eva’s beauty is vastly overstated. She’s not quite ugly, just fugly in a way.

    Also, I encourage everyone to eat meat, wear fur and enjoy themselves. Animals, that’s what they’re there for.

  • Hudgenshater

    Awww thats Good om totally agianst FUR!

  • Hudgenshater

    OMG sam, You are so stupid do you know what these animals have to go through? Obviously not.
    You would think they kill them all safe but they dont they rip the fur right off their back when their still ALIVE!!! for crying out loud how could you still wear fur.and if you dont believe that they really do that to them Visit and see for yourself.
    We oughtta do that to you and see how you like it.

  • visa fan

    Holy! Kakapoopy! :)

  • Mycah

    This was for a Flaunt magazine photoshoot…

  • TheLostGirl

    Cute ad, but tacky to show her butt crack!

  • coco

    I applaud her effort…and the others who have made a compassionate stand against fur wearing. I think its great if one can become a vegetarian..I am trying to make baby steps myself…no more pork or beef…eventually I ‘ll move onto chicken and so forth. But wearing fur is not vital to keeping one alive..bitch J.Lo has been seen wearing furs all the time…and Beyonce..who has seen Peta’s video of animal cruelty hasn’t let that prevented her from wearing fur..these two should be put through the same process that the animal that they are wearing!!!!

  • Onurenu

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  • Hudgenshater

    No f**** you Onurenu peta’s the best thing this world has ever known.

  • lisa

    she looks like AMY WINEHOUSE LOL


    Does this chic every wear clothes on her photo shoots, seriously every other cover she does she is in some way or form naked.


  • NJS06

    She know she will get naked with the quickness.

  • trust me

    If! now this is only If! you are truly against wearing fur, then by all means Don’t! but on the same hand Don’t tell me how i am suppose to feel about the issue.
    Animal rights OK! but i also have rights, and i will

  • daisy

    All these celebs do this for publicity and by the way those are photoshopped. I’m against cruelty to animals but peta is so ridiculous,look what is happening all over the world, and did you stupid people know that there are 35 mil, people starving in the usa, so i say humans first pets later.Don’t try to impose your beliefs on on anyone if i feel like wearing fur to keep warm f you peta! If i want to eat meat f you peta. anyways all these stupid celebs have worn fur at one time or another now they want to sell themselves as so compansionate i bet eva eats alot of rice and beans and steak at home after all is she not cuban.

  • Cindy

    I dont really see the connection between her going naked, and preventing cruelty to animals.

  • amle

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    I remember when this slut had sex with Joaquin Phoenix in public, inside a dressing room at a Chico’s department store Santa Ana, California. This was in August of 2006. I was shocked. WHAT A HO BAG!

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