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Jessica Alba is a Buttercup

Jessica Alba is a Buttercup

Jessica Alba and her mom, Catherine Jensen, picks up a large load at H.D. Buttercup Furniture Mart in Culver City, Calif. on Wednesday.

The National Post just posted the question, “Is box-office golden girl Jessica Alba simply bikini filler?” Some of the quotes they compiled are pretty darn awful:

– “Whether her character is supposed to be sad, glad, mad or indifferent, Alba wears the same vacuous, Barbie-like expression, which suggests the filmmakers could have replaced her with a mannequin and still gotten the same performance – or perhaps a better one.”

– “[In Awake], Jessica Alba isn’t much better as the film’s love interest, although there’s more to the role as the film progresses that gives her a little room to flex the few dramatic muscles she has, even if she’s never particularly credible. Her other muscles are given a chance to show their stuff during a bathtub scene with Christensen early in the movie.”

Terrible! Bigger pictures inside…

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  • h


  • Mar

    ugly bitch and ugly mum

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    another dumb ass bish. cute, but says a lot of lame ish.

  • Mar

    she looks awful with that hair color

  • katie


  • love V.

    well , maybe you guys shouldn’t leave a message right here. you only got bad things to say .
    i think she’s a good actress , and that matters . not all that things like: she’s ugly and stuff

  • Speedmonkey

    that’s funny, because i have a large load for her to pick up too…

  • Kirsty


  • two buck chuck

    She is a lousy actress. Pretty, but the stuff that comes out of her mouth makes her seem like she’s ugly on the inside and shallow.


    Why don’t talentless bitter face go away..She doesn’t have the talent of Cate Blanchett or Judi Dench… and she is a snob.

  • Carly

    I agree w/ Love V. I think what those critics said were kinda harsh. She isnt that bad of an actress.

    I like her style too. It’s cute and comfy.

  • anon

    Anyone ever see her on Entourage? Maybe she was ad-libbing, but it was PAINFUL! That’s when I realized that she couldn’t act. She was also on a Boston radio station recently with Dane Cook and she was rude and miserable.

  • lilo

    lmao !!!! critics are si funny funny yet harh with her! they’re wrong many times but this time they’re absolutely right!

  • Gabriella

    How much more beautiful would she be if she actually came off as a nice person AND had some talent?

  • Natalie

    I still assume anyone who says bad things about her is just jealous!

    She’s one of my favorite actresses, she’s so amazing and shes not afraid to take risks… not to mention, the girl is gorgeous, alot more gorgeous then most actresses in hollywood these days

    As for Awake, I’m so surprised it didn’t do well. I actually liked it, it was slow in the beginning but towards the end it was amazing!

  • Jane

    Everybody says she can’t act. I guess she thinks her looks can sustain her, but she is wrong. She needs to take acting lessons. Her looks will only take her so far, she needs to know how to act.

  • James

    She has a bad attitude and she can’t act. She will be history soon.

  • Helena

    The only thing terrible is Jessica Alba’s acting skills.


    I found it laughable when we found out she was the villain. She can’t even play the cute girl next door, let alone a bítch!

  • ME

    She is definitely the hottest girl in hollywood. No doubt. Her face is is her body.
    Her style is awesome because she doesn’t have to show boobs/legs/ass to look hot.
    she is a young actress, so these movie’s she’s doing will give her experience.
    ANd she’s not a snob..she just doesn’t like to get her picture taken.

  • CELEBREXviagara

    @ #11.. I CONCUR WITH CRITICS.. sHE IS AS BAD AS THEY SAY. PEOPLE TEND TO SEE THE CUTE SMILE – she has no depth and the worst part is that she is always talking garbage!

    There are so many deserving actresses that could do these roles and she gets them because supposedly her sex appeal is to attract horny boys to the theatre..

  • CELEBREXviagara

    Did y’ll see the other aweful trailer where she is blind? I laughed so hard!

    This B^TCH needs to stick to playboy!

  • Dr Drew

    she is so hot


    Flawless means.. washed out, extra thin looking.. with a sour face..right, …Halle Berry is 41 and looks 10x times better with a better body. Alba is cute at best. The only MOST she is…overrated lookswise, talent wise…

    PLENTY of other latina woman who aren’t overexposed look better with better bodies

    If you don’t like that fact that bitter face can’t act her way out of a paperbag..then talk to her manage.

    If you want to see true flawless women check pics of the late Hedy Lamarr or Gene Tierney

    Alba is a joke

  • Moofiedo

    GOOD! HA, Alba sucks. She’s an idiot and I don’t think she’s particularly pretty either. Only in a generic “oh that’s the stripper I’ll give more of my dollah bills to” way. I hope she fades away.

  • beatrice

    She looks pregnant…
    or maybe she gained some pounds!

  • paupi

    i love her She’s one of my favorite actresses and SHE CAN ACT!! why people are so hard with her???…..she was very good in all her movies (execpt “good luck chuck” because this movie was really bad…kill Dane Cook…..)and in Dark Angel
    I think Awake was amazing and anyone who says bad things about her is just jealous! you rock Jess!

  • Alexdb

    She’s the MOOOOST beautiful and cute girl in the holle world !!!!

  • love

    That’s because its true. Yes I agree she is a bikini filler with a barbie expression.

  • krungkrung

    i think she’s pretty and she’s got a nice bod.

  • the_original_nika

    oh wait.. if someone critics her acting, their jealous!? wake up will ya. Shes beautiful yes, but, a good actress!? no. She has yet to wow me, shes an ok actress. Jessica can´t open a movie, that says something =\.

  • daisychon

    personally, I think she’s just made a lot of bad career choices (good luck chuck / into the blue etc). When film makers look at her, they just see a face and a body and not a true actress – which is really sad because those of you who are Dark Angel fans will agree with me that she was awesome as Max! But may be that’s just because she was good at playing that one character. However, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous (a bit on the skinny side though!) and anyone who calls her ugly is just jealous!

  • m

    she can’t act period. sure, shes pretty. but, that can only take you so far in hollywood. thus, her career has no longevity.

  • http://deleted lulu

    She’s pretty but she can’t act. that’s a fact!
    It’s a pain watching her trying to act in the movie. It’s quite unfair to other young, pretty talented actress out there in HW who was till struggling for a career, Alba was just lucky to had a strong , talented publicist and agent who hyped up her popularity. another few flop, and she’s out ! just like other pretty face, talentless actors and actresses.

  • http://justjared vvvvvvvvv

    she aid she is kan time off and she is getting heavy? baby rumors may be true.lets see if she cash show upt lakers vs wrriors this sunday

  • poodle puddle

    Jessica Alba is a talentless piece of trash. As soon as her looks go, so will her career.



  • Cindy

    Wow people know how to be harsh on here??!!!

    As per Jessica no comment, other than this; if she wants to be taken seriously she should stop taking her clothes off in movies. I have yet to see a movie where she is not suggestive in anyway.

    I still feel bad for her.

  • michelle

    she’s so beautiful and has great style but i don’t think she’s good actress at all and i don’t mean to be rude but what the critics said is harsh but true

  • daisy

    i really don’t know why this woman is always consider one of the most beautiful woman of the world. If you go to any latino com. there are farmore beautiful women, it boggles the mind. alright she is pretty but come on the prettiest (not).hollyweird always gets it wrong the girl can’t act she should just be used for eye candy because the fellas go to see her $utt and boobs.

  • brigid

    looks like a mannequin.

    can’t act.


    and full of herself.

    she’ll be gone in a year. ha!

  • issa
  • agathi

    e ok guys she is not meryl streep but she cant act i guess she is not like cindy crawford or paris hilton what about them…i think she has the talent to play an she is very very beautiful and sexy and what about the caracter which actress in holywood isnt snob?come on guys…..all the beautiful girls are snobby why not jessica?

  • b*tch slap

    She’s an Entertainment Personality. Not an actress. She just cannot carry a movie on her own. And Bikini Filler is right. She shouldn’t be surprised by that title. After having posed half naked in all those men’s magazines.

  • BeeBee
  • charlene

    whatever you guys are a-holes i think she looks good no matter what

  • Nick

    Jessica. There’s a lot to question about her. I’d like to say in some ways she’s respectful. She did say that she won’t pursue director or screenplay writer because it’s a lifestyle that she can’t own up to which I thought was great due to honesty! However,… At one point she told her fans not to go into acting if they had other options. I thought that was bad. I think it speaks for itself and I kind of disrespect her for that. If you have a passion for something then do it! Also, I don’t meet eye to eye with her morals but that’s just me. I mean common people she said she won’t be topless in a movie yet she illustrates in public that its okay to have sex for fun. She’ll admit that she’s not the type of cuddly person that will want to stick around the next day. Unless a reporter quoted her wrong which, could one say lawsuit? Thats why I doubt the reporter is lying. Its funny she acts of moral center when it comes to a movie but when it comes to her actual personality she makes it questionable. I see it as no I won’t let you see me nude in the movies because one doesn’t need to do that to get places but I will have sex for fun just don’t expect me to cuddle the next day. After all, “she enjoys cuddling the most but only when it comes to being with her boyfriends”…wth did that actually come from her? Do your own research people.

    By the way Jessica if you showed yourself nude or not you will still only go just as far… Your not accomplishing shit except maybe the ignorant girl might tell herself hey I don’t have to show myself nude but they won’t go far anyway if they can’t already see that for themselves.

    The BIG question can Jessica Alba act… Let me start by saying the story lines or screenplays she’s in SUCKS. I would hate to act for a bad character. That is one of the problems for her. So she can’t depict good characters to act out. Is that her only problem…
    Let me tell you that I can look in an actors or actresses eyes and tell if they are in that moment or somewhere else. She looks like her minds somewhere else and not with that character in a given scene. Like Mel Gibson says I can look at an actor and tell if they’re faking. I can def tell Jessica is faking. She has no emotional attachment to her characters. Will she go far I believe so. Will she dye out not anytime soon.

  • Giselle

    What the hell is wrong with everyone? “She’s hot and has a hot bod?” You give America a bad name.