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Zac Efron @ 'Seventeen' Set

Zac Efron @ 'Seventeen' Set

Zac Efron takes a quick break to eat between takes on the set of his new film Seveteen in Southern Calif. on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old Seventeen star was seen shooting a backyard basketball scene as his character Mike O’Donnell, so this pic is his actually movie costume! The film tells the story of a 36-year-old man, in need of a major life do-over, who wakes up in the body of a studly high school senior.

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  • Jennifer w.

    oh i cant wait to see this movie i know it will be great. zac looks so hot and i know he will do great in this movie. i wish zac all the best of luck filming this movie.

  • jojo

    Can’t wait to see him in the movie!!

  • Brooke

    third i think

  • katie

    love zanessa

  • zino
  • annabel


  • M

    hess hott!!

  • ms. hudgens

    SO SHUAI!!!

    WO AI NI!!!
    SA RANG HAE!!!
    TE AMO!!!



    Oh,hes hot as always.And I hope with this move he’ll prove himself as a good actor.

  • Nessa

    i cant wait !!!!

  • Mr efron


  • dasdas

    can i ask. why is he eating inside his car? cannot get along wit the ppl thr?

  • lp

    glad to see Zac in mid shoot

  • danix

    i wanna see the movieeee…. but noww :P:P

  • secret

    Aw man, he is so hot! I can’t wait to see this movie!


    I loove himm! Is amazing!He looks very beautiful and the film moreee! t’amooo!

  • yerim-kwon

    OH !!!!!!
    I’m waiting your film now in korea!!

  • yaay.

    wanna see it baadddd.=)

  • danielle

    So good to see hime – I too can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  • ludy

    He is so hot and dreamy…I hope it won’t take too long for them to release the movie..I hope we won’t have to wait till 2009…he needs to be shown sooner for more exposure…

  • Kendra

    dont like his hair much…

  • love shia

    I WANT NEWS ABT SHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • m

    Mr efron @ 12/06/2007 at 9:15 am WO YE AI NI MS HUDGENS

  • ms. hudgens

    Mr efron @ 12/06/2007 at 9:15 am WO YE AI NI MS HUDGENS

    Ni hao! Xie Xie…

  • Steph

    Wowza!!! Look at those arms… Yikes!!! He is becoming such a hot young man :)

  • ludy

    I just read that the movie will be released in 2009.. can’t imagine that his fans will have to wait for more than a year for another movie from him… and HSM 3 will be released in the fall of next year…
    If he isn’t too busy next year maybe he should go back to school and pursue his college education…he is much too smart and intelligent to forego his education…he should take it from actots like Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster and Brooke Shieds who all completed college and then concentrated on their acting careers…just my 2 cents.

  • celebrity psychic

    He needs more muscles.

    A new spin on celebrity gossip

  • Put more pictures!

  • boji

    Hi, Angels, just a few words before I retire for the night. Got shut out on the Hot list, so couldn’t reply to Ellie & say Hi to Karen. Thank heavens, I’m back in again. Good to know Zac is still staying true to Vanessa. Gregg mentioned, he had met her & she seemed pre-occupied(distracted)It must have been the court hearing. Well, some times there is no justice in the law because of loopholes & other technicalities.My heart goes out to Vanessa.

    With this said, I bid everyone a goodmorning, afternoon, and goodnight.Hi,Steph.

  • zvkg

    wow Zac. Look at those arm. looking good.

  • boji

    One more thing, it just goes to show how a rumour(hearsay)or even a hypothesis can become the truth/actual happening and reported as such. The case of Zac’s supposed zit is a very good example.

  • jrzboy

    Somebody tell Zac Efron, that thousands of effeminate Gap employees can replace him at the drop of the hat. I can have Stevie who folds the chinos on stage in under an hour. He’ll work for a mocha smoothie and a chance to get his father back for locking him in the closet with a bottle of whiskey and a Victoria’s Secret catalog which, if you ask me, is just good parenting.

  • Fer


  • http://none Lynn

    Looking good Zac

  • Kourtney

    hotttt. cant wait to see the movie, even if it wont come out for a long time..

  • zane

    hot guy!!!!!!!! cute too!!!!!

  • lisset

    its so good to see him!
    and i cant believe thats
    his costume! lol he must
    be thrilled! but you can
    kind of tell.. his hair is
    too nice.. lol.

    but look at his arms..
    ooooo. hes lookin gooood.

    i cannot wait for the
    movie to come out!

  • April

    Yummy !!


    You guys he’s filming with the RING on!!!! AWWWWW isnt that love!

  • /lindoo_zaac

    I love zac efron!! He es beautiful!

  • narf

    Troy darling, Well said! *blows big kiss* Keep smiling! ;)

    Steph, zac and vanessa look good together and are so right for each other. I know they will go far both individually and together.

    And how is everyone else on this fine day/afternoon/night?

  • M.v

    Mg. Can’t wait to see the movie!
    Loveee. him.

    Zanessa;; live in love

    x- M.v

  • talula

    I’d go lesbian for her.

  • Kirsty


  • the_original_nika

    still doing teen movies

  • baby B.

    omg. a new film ? good actor !
    good luck to him…
    And, Zac…stop being such a sissy!

  • emilia

    If those reports about Vanessa making those statements about Zac are true, then that is really big trouble coming up…it seems that she is insinuating statements about him without actually screaming what she wants to say…I honestly believe that these two are no longer together and all these snippets of them going out are just for publicity…they were probably going out at some point but what I am seeing now is obviously pictures of him showing almost no affection at all for her…she probably has feelings for him and it isn’t easy for a girl to let go but the pictures with the release of HSM dvd showed Zac holding closely Ashley Tisdale more than Vanessa…I don’t get it honestly…
    It must be tough for these 2 to keep up a front for so long until the release of HSM 3 which is still many months from now…but they’re actors so keeping up a front is something which they can do very well…

  • troy

    #20 I’m sure “17″ will be released sometime in the late spring or early summer. This is a modestly budgeted comedy not some special effects filled epic that requires a year of post-production CGI work. Zac will be hitting on our movie screens before too long.

    #41 Hello Narf dear *kiss*. Are you just anticpating that I’ll something profound because this will be my first post on this thread. LOL *kiss*

  • lw

    “studly” is not a word i would use to describe young mr. efron. “effeminate”, maybe. sorry if i offend his young fans. this kid is NOT a stud.

  • Karen

    Good to see him again just be Zac, heading off to the gym.