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Ryan & Deacon's Day Off

Ryan & Deacon's Day Off

Ryan Phillippe shares some father-son time with Deacon, 4, at a park in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday. Deacon set up some cones on the field and played some sports with his dad and other kids from the neighborhood.

In other news: Ryan, 33, and Australian actress Abbie Cornish, 25, look like they’re officially a couple. The two were photographed together last week at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, and Ava (Ryan‘s daughter with ex Reese Witherspoon) was recently spotted out shopping with Abbie. Abbie, who starred with Ryan in the movie Stop Loss, was widely credited with ending his seven-year marriage to Reese.

“They are a real couple,” says a source. ” [The relationship] has really grown. She’s spending time with his kids – it’s not like she’s on the side. She’s apart of the family.”

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  • annabel


  • kat


  • alex p


  • yah yah

    ok 1,2 and 3, you are looooosers!!

  • what

    There is no source. It’s just someone stating their thoughts.

  • Rockstar :)

    ooh! Decon is so cute. :D
    Yeaah! “Yah Yah” I agree with you!

  • folly

    1,2 and 3 can now die happily.

  • cam

    Deacon is such a cutie- I love how he looks like his dad and Ava looks like her mom. They’re like mini-me’s of their parents…

  • Just me…

    Have Decon made poops in its trousers that Ryan carries it like this?!!! :/

  • puffs plus


  • DA

    You’d think Ryan could afford to dress his son in clothes that fit him, what, with all that alimony support he’s receiving from Reese.

  • Gr77

    Ava looks like her mom – POOR KID! LOL

  • janey

    aww cute boys together. He seems like a great dad.

  • Mel

    Love you Ryan! *blowing a kiss*

  • jay and athy

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    i’m sure u’ll love it !!:D
    with love :
    atheer and jayanah !!

  • Mrs-O

    This kid is getting too big to be carried about. the jolipitts get crap all the time for picking their kids up when zahara is two years younger than deacon.


    Just me – It looks like Ryan had just picked up Deacon when the picture was snapped.

    DA – The last time I heard he didn’t ask for alimony in the divorce…or spousal and/or child support.

  • Just me…

    Yeah, you maybe right Amber ;)

  • Helena

    Both of the children look like Reese Witherspoon…a lot.
    Hopefully Deacon changes his career plans when he’s older. LOL.

  • Tom

    Deacon doesn’t look like Reese at all.

    Lucky fellow!

  • Violets Auntie

    Why is Ryan looking so pudgy?

  • Arianne

    awwwww Ryan, he seems like a gread dad.

  • Shannon

    Lol Is the kid holding the orange cone wearing a ‘slacker’ t-shirt?

  • dew

    Deacon is cute, but Ryan is an azz. Where are all the ‘adulterer’ and ‘homewrecker’ comments??? When it is a woman, both men and women are all over it (like on some Julia Roberts and Angelina posts). Such a double standard. It was widely reported (even on this post of Jared’s!!!) that it was Ryan’s ‘wandering eye’ and affair with Abbie that ended his marraige. But that’s ok…I’ll put it out there! He’s an adulterer and a jerk homewrecker!

  • feefee


    That DA must stand for Dumb Ass!!! Ryan did not ask for alimony and there is nothing wrong with his son’s clothes…

  • giverw&Rpabreak

    I think people get that Reese and Ryan weren’t happy and it was only a matter of time for them to go their separate ways. He took the fall and plenty of people have called him every name in the book. But they were phoning it in for the last year so maybe people are finally just seeing this for what it is. Two decent people who needed to end things and no one really know what happened except them.

  • lily

    why is ryan so stupid. he gets with the homewrecker and then has her shopping with the daughter of the woman she must hate. and as if she cares to play mommy.Men don’t realise it’s all an act.

    In don’t think he should expose the kids to abbie unless some really serious time passed as a couple

  • A

    lily @ 12/07/2007 at 5:01 pm

    why is ryan so stupid. he gets with the homewrecker and then has her shopping with the daughter of the woman she must hate. and as if she cares to play mommy.Men don’t realise it’s all an act.

    In don’t think he should expose the kids to abbie unless some really serious time passed as a couple
    You women need to stop acting out your own lives in the lives of celebrities. Ryan’s and Reese’s break-up is none of your damn business. GET A LIFE you miserable b*tch.

  • jermiy

    OMG!! He is wearing Abbie Cornish’s hat! SEE the pics of them together the other day. Sharing a cigg etc!!!

  • Alison

    Aww! So cute! I think Ryan’s a great dad – always looks so attentive when he is with his kids. Deacon is just adorable.

  • noelle

    how come I dont see Reese spend as much time with the kids as Ryan does? I’ve seen Ryan in the grocery with the kids, there are pictures of them in the airport but no Reese-kids pictures. Is she too busy even for mommy time?



  • ElenaBelle

    looks kinda bloated in these pics!

  • chris

    Reese has gone missing recently. She makes so much money she doesn’t need publicity. Her Highness is above displaying herself to the masses.


    eww dont like him any more.


  • shut the f*#k up!

    You boring ,mussy,fake, sloppy b*tches!!! Shut up with it already. You keep thinking you know what happened when you truly don’t and i doubt they will ever tell. And if Deacon doesn’t look like Reese than who the hell does he look like not Ryan so shut up you ignorant b*tches.
    Your ugly face is actually starting to show through your comments! Go suck a pu$$Y! And Ryan stop looking up this stuff to see what people say about you.Most of you have full blown aids anyway. Now i have no life like the rest of you all because i spend it cursing whores out like this! You all are j’s!