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The Beckhams: 2007's Most Fascinating Clip

The Beckhams: 2007's Most Fascinating Clip

Here’s the video clip of sexy Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her soccer superstar husband, David Beckham, from last night’s TV special, Barbara Walters‘s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007. It’s the Beckhams‘ first interview together since they “crossed the pond.”

And here are some other clips from the show: Justin Timberlake, Don Imus and the #1 most fascinating, J.K. Rowling.

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  • Paula


  • Rockstar :)

    viva los Beckhams!

  • Donna

    He is the sweetest man!
    Could he be any more loveable???

  • paupau

    Damn… what makes people happy…

  • coco

    There is nothing fascinating about either one.

  • no no no no

    just don’t get it. the virus has gotten barbara walters too. she really really couldn’t come up with anyone more fascinating than these two? she needs to get out more.

  • Gossip Girl

    I love the Beckham’s they are a cool couple, David is seriously Hot, and Victoria has a dry good of humour.

  • carly

    Luv the Beckhams! Oh, and Victoria I think you have had a cookie in this lifetime. Don’t lie! I’ve seen you eat pie filling out of the can … never had a piece of chocolate cake- please!!

  • mimi

    i totally agree with coco. beckham was fascinating when he was one of the greatest soccer players in action…but that time is no more. victoria is cute and all, but “fascinating,” i think not.

    barbara blows.

  • musicisourhigh

    I guess it is hard deciding on the most fascinating but I haven’t been into Barbara’s lists or interviews like I use to be


    They looked cute, but I think she would crumble if he ever left.

  • closer

    I always imagine why people break up and split up. And when I saw these two (although they are not my “favourite” people) I got the answer. They are so similar, so made for each other. They seems to me like they belong together or were born for each other. They found it:-)

  • what

    this can’t be right. the boredhams most fascinating?? what do they do again?

  • jay and athy

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  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I think their PR was on leave when they did this interview. They weren’t very articulate…like they were having some difficulty to express their views and values. At least they were natural for once, unlike the celebs who have pre-rehearsed speech to sound the most eloquent of them all!

  • maggie

    The number 1 person was Hugo Chavez. Not JK Rowlings.

  • cinday

    they came america that is all they did this year how is t hat makes t hem fasinating????

  • cinday

    they came america that is all they did this year how is t hat makes t hem fasinating????

  • kaka

    I honestly thought david is handsome and victoria not this very average looking woman. In the Tv they both looked not so much. Especially victoria.I don’t think he is the sexiest man for me no more.She never was but cute now she gone down from t hat too.

  • vicky

    He is the most handsome man for me !! I adore The Beckhams !!

  • YOYE


  • Ellie

    David’s a cutie.

  • sylvain6823

    venez voir une video d’un vrai fan de rihanna sur ce lien:

  • May

    he’s really cute! especially when he said “10!” lovely lovely couple!

  • nando

    That was a cute interview. I really liked it. :)

  • lily

    It’s so stupid I think when interviewers like Barbara ask questions like are you both happy? Will the marriage last? As if they would air their marital problems for the world to see.

    that was a waste of time and a very dumb interview.

  • mar

    i luv david
    he’s such a cutie
    victoria too

  • noelle

    you’re asking what’s fascinating about this two? well, being able to stay together for 10 years is kinda fascinating to me. heck, most entertainment couples can’t even last a quarter of the time the becks have been together. Kudos to you David and Victoria!

  • hiro’s

    the Beckhams rawkz!!
    espescially david n cruz, both are so cute!!
    100% the beckhams!!


    There is nothing fascinating about this couple. Its pretty obvious that Posh rules the roost. David hardly says a word, while she does all the talking. The interview is ridiculous, Babara asking about their strong marriage WTF! Their marriage is fake, he slept with another woman, and we all know that without David no one would give a sh*t about Posh, which in all honesty is the reason why she stays with him.

  • lala

    “Their marriage is fake, he slept with another woman, and we all know that without David no one would give a sh*t about Posh, which in all honesty is the reason why she stays with him.”

    wow. your really opening your mouth and talking as if you know them personally. i bet your making judgements about them based on ..what? thigns you read written by OTHER people who also dont know them. pfft.


    You can see how much they love each other….and the way they rested their hands on each other’s lap. They’re both so classy.

  • teri

    your asking what is fascinating about them, cant you tell? we are talking about them, whether to adore or criticize them considering that they are from england and yet they are making big bucks in the US don’t u think that is fascinating already? they are supposed to be new in the US but they are making big splashes already, that for me is very fascinating indeed…

    in any case, they are worth millions together or on their own and i love them both…they look so good together and honestly, stiull very inlove…:DDD

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