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Nicole Scherzinger - "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"

Nicole Scherzinger -

Check out the video below of Nicole Scherzinger‘s rendition of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” from last night’s Movies Rock. If you missed it, check out more pictures from the red carpet and her performance.

Marilyn Monroe most famously performed the same song in a similar pink dress in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

HOW DOES Nicole Scherzinger measure up to Marilyn Monroe?

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  • Jenn


  • tsfan

    I liked it but it’s nothing compared to the original. The heavy breathing she’s doing in this makes her sound like she’s having heart palpitations or something. But I respect the try.

  • viki


  • tina

    that was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, what an ugly no talent whore.

  • sancii

    Nicole is making this song sound really modern and I love it.
    Btw she looks great.
    Stop hating.
    You hate her, because she is much better looking than you are!
    Stop the hate!

  • love him
  • uh

    vacay so we dont see her +stop showing her azz is her best friend….zzzzzzzz.zzzzz..blah!

  • lisa

    That was amazing.
    Must admit no way better than nicole kidman.
    But still amazing.
    She had such a nice voice.
    Plus stop hating her your only reason is co she is any better than you.
    Get a life.
    Nicole rocks.

  • Helena

    People should stop bothering with the Marilyn impersonation. Kylie, Geri, Nicole etc… It’s not working! She is one of a kind!

  • MArilyn Fan


  • miss_nyc

    WHAT A DISGRACE. Who allowed her to sing this song

  • j

    No one can top Marilyn. I like Nicole but she butchered the song.

  • Regina

    Wasn’t BeyoncĂ© there? She would’ve done a good version, I like the Armani advert. This is coming from someone who’s not really a fan…

  • Janie

    it doesn’t compare to the original
    but she sounds like she’s straight from that era, in a good way
    i wish her looks weren’t a straight copy though, she could’ve worked that hair better.
    why is she trying to get so dark? i’m actually full filipino and i’m her skin tone but halfsies dont’ usually get that dark, it seems like she’s overtanning for an image.

    tanning is a carcinogen

  • lipscious

    girl can’t sing.

  • TheLostGirl

    Her voice is good, but the remix is a bit wierd as R&B, no?

  • john mirror

    something about this performance annoys me. maybe that’s all about nicole’s tan and dark hair, idk. anyways, it wasn’t that bad. though marilyn’s version is of course by far better and no one, i think, is able or will be able to outdone it.

  • Mika

    Shit shit shit I like Nicole but that was wrong

  • Lucky Star

    She should have made it comical…

  • alison p

    Stars of today can’t hold a tune. This lady and Beyonce were terrible plus the country singer singing The Hill Are Alive. All of the ladies need to get some vocal lessions.

  • ashley

    she was AWFUL. she just needs to stick to singing with the Pussycat Dolls.

    no one will ever sing that song as Great as Marilyn did.

    though Nicole Kidman sang it well.

  • billie

    she sucks because she doesn’t have the presence of a true star, it’s just the simple truth. yeah, she has a great body and a pretty face, good for her, i’m not jealous. i don’t give a fuck honestly. a lot of people are hot. but she is a marginal talent. come on, are our standards really that low?

  • claire

    Stop comparing her to monroe, she’s not singing it to impersonate/imitate monroe. She made the song her own, and i thought it was not badly done.

  • whatchasay

    She did alright, but like someone stated before me, she does not have the “it” factor like the great Marilyn Monroe. Madonna channeled Marilyn better in “Material Girl” than Nicole did in this number.

  • Ella fella e e e

    #24 – but if you performing such a popular song, you need to be prepar to comparisons. sorry but Marylin owned it.

  • Ella fella e e e

    #24 – but if you performing such a popular song, you need to be prepar to comparisons. sorry but Marylin owned it.

  • IDOT #2

    Gohayden #2 – let me tell u something

    Your stupid, your stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, and ur face = ewwwwwwwww

    I’m sure a black marylin could do it better and there are a lot of black singers that could have done what Nicole did 100 times better. Its not in the skin color u douche its in the voice and some people got it. Nicole might not, but her being dark has nothing to do it with it


  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Oh my god…. NO!

  • Tracy

    That was HORRIBLE. Her voice is so nasal.

  • Anika

    wow that was horrible.

  • lihara
  • helen

    yes nicole kidman was better than nicole s

  • helen

    yes nicole kidman was better than nicole s

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    she looks good, her exotic looks make her special , does anyone know what ethnicity she is?

  • Pablo Colautti

    Hello, The video clip, loves me. She sings very well and she dances well…. I congratulate them,continue this way . .good-bye good-bye

  • miss lisa lips

    thats go haydens opinion……. she can say what the fuck she wants on this board just like you. damyam……………………..

  • tASHA

    Sorry, this sucked. Her and Beyonce just don’t have the old school glamour and poise to pull these songs off. They try to update them and make them more “whatever” but, it doesn’t work. It’s an old song. Let it have it’s luster. This chick is a joke.

  • MArilyn Fan

    Tasha, you’re right!

  • anna

    bleah…marylin version was the best!

  • NJS06

    ITA #14. Beyonce did a cool remake. They should have had her do that but I guess she wanted to do something different.

  • Elizabeth

    Marilyn will always be the best.
    no one can be like her.

  • cissa

    but i’m a beyonce fan so
    i rather her singing this song

  • Crica

    Bad, nothing modern about it. She could have sang softer.