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Have a Suri, Suri Christmas

Have a Suri, Suri Christmas

Katie Holmes and cute-as-a-button daughter Suri, 19 months, spend Friday afternoon Christmas shopping at the Grove shopping center in Hollywood.

The mother-daughter duo was accompanied by a bodyguard who stood on the lookout for paparazzi. The bodyguard stood watch with a towel and large golf umbrella in hand, ready to shield Katie and Suri.

The pair shopped at Pottery Barn Kids, Baby Gap, and the American Girl doll store.

On Wednesday, papa Tom Cruise took Katie and Suri to The Spice Girls concert in Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise Christmas shopping…

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suri christmas shopping 01
suri christmas shopping 02
suri christmas shopping 03
suri christmas shopping 04
suri christmas shopping 05
suri christmas shopping 06
suri christmas shopping 07
suri christmas shopping 08
suri christmas shopping 09
suri christmas shopping 10
suri christmas shopping 11
suri christmas shopping 12
suri christmas shopping 13
suri christmas shopping 14
suri christmas shopping 15

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  • godawfulfugly

    First of all, no need to “Merry Christmas” the Cruises because they do NOT celebrate Christmas! Poor fugly Suri won’t know the joys of Christmas!
    Second, Katie turned into an Old Maid in too long pants who only shops because she doesn’t act anymore.
    Lastly, Suri is NOT CUTE. SORRY, and theres no jealousy here…She looks like she was born from Tom’s cousin’s loins, William Mapother. She can wear all the cute clothes she wants, it wont change that FACE! OY!

  • emily santiago

    Suri looks startled & tense as she stares out in from of her? She does not look happy, more like fretful, anxious. Like she’s looking out there for someone, she always looks away from her Mom & her non-dad Tom.
    Weird. She’s adorable but looks sad.

  • bataglio

    suri’s gorgeous; they just cut her bangs a fraction too short, and the nose’s more prominent. in the paris shots, w/longer bangs, she’s a doll.

    additionally, just as suri’s bangs are too short, her mommy’s pants are too long. i’m all about the long, uninterrupted line of a floor-grazing pant, but when they pool on the ground and have that strange fold from the knee on down, one calls a tailor.

  • Noemi

    I think Katie and Suri look happy. People are reading too much into their expressions. She looks normal to me. When people shop or are waiting for their ride to arrive they are not always smiling. They usually don’t have an expression. And consider that Katie, Tom, and Suri were according to reports in Italy, London, and Los Angeles in ONE WEEK. They are probably JET LAGGED. Today, I see all these celebrities and I would hate to be famous. Look at the way they HOUND Britney Spears. The same might happen with beautiful Suri because she is out and about a lot. Why? Can’t they send someone out to buy these things. I don’t understand how they could do this.

  • Miko

    Suri’s the cutest celebrity baby EVER!!!!
    Katie looks fabulous!
    Stupid commenters- On what earth do 40 year olds look good as that?!?! Do you live in a non-aging island or something??

  • Kip

    Have a Suri Suri Christmas. I love that.

  • Helen

    How can the photogs leave them alone when so many folks swarm to Jared and other paparazzis sites for a glimpse of this stars?

  • NC

    Amazing family and Im so happy for Tom. Suri is a real cutiepatootie and Katie is beatiful in and out.

  • lama

    haters get out of here.

    this family is absolutely georgeous!!

  • ritchie

    love love suri! cuteness all around!

  • angelina_mmm

    beautiful mother precious daughter

  • meangirls

    katie looks old and suri is cute but not beautiful..Something not right with the face.

  • looni

    cuteness OVERLOAD.
    love suri alottt
    and ofcourseee TOMKAT! best of luck to them

  • Jamie

    Aww! Suri’s a cute little angel. Katie looks frumpy.

  • jay

    She looks too Jackie Onassis. Katie is only 28? 29? She should not look like that yet.

  • dd

    it’s the haircut. katie’s hairstyle is that of a 50 years old. that’s what older women wear to look fresh.
    suri is the cutest child ever.

  • annabel


  • nina

    suri is the cutest kid in the world i love the family

  • llllwes

    she is so ugly

  • wow

    Wow !

    I thought this child was supposed to show lots of personality and full of life compared to other celebritie’s kids !

    lately she has been introvert, doesn’t smile at all, frown a little bit and seems dull, lifeless and bored as hell.

    I blame her parents who are more prone to drag her on THEIR interested places than mingle themselves in their child’s interests.

    That child should be seen socialising with other kids her age with her young mother, running in parks, kindergarten, doing some fun things her age, just like Jennifer Garden is doing with her kid..instead she is dragged at concerts and luxurious shops for her mother’s interests !

    Pathetic !

  • ???

    Katie looks at leasr 50 ! Look at her face and neck ! ewww !

    And little Suri looks like a cross between Bjork and Jenifer Jason Leigh. I hope she won’t grow up looking like one of them though.

  • TOm

    Suri looks so pale and bloated. Not really cute.

  • lilo

    LOVE SURI! she is very cutee.
    angel baby

  • Maritza

    Suri is adorable! Kate’s pants are way to long! With all the time she has you’d think she at least could have sewn a hem on her pants!

  • lynn

    Suri looks like a Rosie O’Donnell mini me.

  • christie

    god what a beauty….love her little red dress!!

  • schuyler

    Beautiful little girl,absolutely adorable!Just like her parents.Hope to see more pictures.Thanks Jared.

  • kitty

    Smile Suri, smile. What is wrong with this kid?

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    ….And rosie odonell look slike she has downs syndrome!

  • Please, just Cruise away

    Haters, go back to your adored Jolie-Pitt thread and leave this lovely child and her parents alone.

  • Katie N

    What a little cutie!! and the little red dress is so becoming. Warmed my heart in this frigid weather in mid west.

  • dinao

    what a cutie! love this family!!

  • http://deleted Anon

    She is a cute baby….I enjoy seeing the Katie and suri together..why hate on mommy and daughter moments? All mommy’s should be so devoted. Much rather would read about them than the horrible news of mothers in USA who beat their babies to death, drown them, or in the 2 cases in Germany babies found stuff dead in two different women’s home…Aren’t Germans so anti-Scientologist and anti-Tom Cruise yet they don’t condemn that dead little babies killed by their mothers?

  • liliane

    love them so much. suri is one beautiful baby! i love the suri and tomkat posts.

  • dean

    Hey # 182 Why don’t the tommy cult members condemn the fact that tommy won’t let the mothers of his children be mothers. The only time katie is allowed to hold Suri is doing the PR photo op sessions. After the cameras are gone the handlers and nannies take over whether Katie wants them to or not.

    Tom would never let Nicole take her children out to a park or anything. Even in the divorce tommy took control. It was NOT because Nicole did not want them it was because tom paid off the judge to give him the kids.

    So before you cult followers wanna be’s go condemning the fake stories your cult leaders tell you to believe. Look at the REAL actions of your soon to be leader.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca


  • dean

    Germans are PRO FREE THINKERS.

    It’s scientoligist are ANTI FREE THINKING.

  • linda

    Suri was still held and looked bored.
    Please do something other than photo ops and shopping with her.
    The girls is going up dumb and souless.

  • Rita

    Classy Katie
    and the adorable Suri…..

  • Gemma


  • Stacie

    Um, JustJared, when has Katie’s bodyguard ever “shielded” her with a towel or umbrella? Maybe the umbrella is, wild guess here, in case it RAINS or SNOWS …and perhaps the “towel” is actually Suri’s security blanket which has been photographed dozens of times especially when they travel.

    Sure, Katie is often photographed shopping…but this time of year, hello, it’s Christmas, she has plenty of family and friends to buy for I’m sure. As far as her looking unhappy…every time I see one of the “miserable” photos of her and start wondering the same thing, you can go to another site and see her in the same photo op with a big grin or smile. Apparently the press likes to select the photo taken in the 2 seconds she dropped her smile or got distracted with something because it reinforces the whole Katie-as-tortured-Tom-prisoner drama they like to imply. Who knows what’s going on on the other side of the lens. Fans aren’t as respectful as they used to be before the camera phone, and she may have expected her car to arrive sooner than it did. Plus having a toddler, no matter how angelic, consumes a lot of energy. All things considered, I think we all should be looking and doing so well!

  • Mish

    Hem those trousers ASAP! So sad to hate on a baby, too. I can understand Katie being envious of Nicole because of her (over rated)movie career and being a high paid actress in show business. I think a form of control Tom has over Katie is through HIS money (and religon). As far as a photo op, I agree its possible, Posh and Tom are WELL known for it . Oh and people have married for money and sercurity over love for centuries folks. As far as the glamorous life of shopping sprees and jetting around the globe, its all about lifestyles of the rich and famous, so get over your jealous selves.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca


  • anna

    Jealous? Oh YEAH! Women ALL over the world want to be controlled by a midget and his cult.

  • john(notbrazilian)doe

    Katie does not call the paparazzi.
    These pictures were taken from very far away. They were not even aware they were being photographed. With the technology of lenses these days; people can be photographed from far distances.
    They both look great in my opinion.

  • john(notbrazilian)doe

    “Stacie” in post 191….The umbrella “is” and “was” there to shield photographers shots. As well as the towel on his shoulder.
    But, you are correct is saying that the “press” is always looking for the “different ” photos and using them to convey what they want to convey at the moment.

  • estefi


  • cupid

    Suri is adorable as is Katie!

  • sgt

    Missing Tom but love my
    Suri and Kate.

  • box office

    Kidman’s Golden Compass crashes and burns at the B.O. and New Line Cinema a unit of Time Warner could be in trouble along with their chairman Bob Shayne getting fired too. So many flops under their wings from Shoot Them up,Mr.Woodcock,August Rush,Rendition,Golden Compass etc…..
    Hollywood is seeing the trend of the highest paid actresses yet their movies the public avoids.
    CNN and US weekly did a poll if these actresses deserve to be paid a lot and big votes said NO.