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Have a Suri, Suri Christmas

Have a Suri, Suri Christmas

Katie Holmes and cute-as-a-button daughter Suri, 19 months, spend Friday afternoon Christmas shopping at the Grove shopping center in Hollywood.

The mother-daughter duo was accompanied by a bodyguard who stood on the lookout for paparazzi. The bodyguard stood watch with a towel and large golf umbrella in hand, ready to shield Katie and Suri.

The pair shopped at Pottery Barn Kids, Baby Gap, and the American Girl doll store.

On Wednesday, papa Tom Cruise took Katie and Suri to The Spice Girls concert in Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise Christmas shopping…

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259 Responses to “Have a Suri, Suri Christmas”

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  1. 126
    grow up Says:

    To the troll stealing the Alanes name:
    such shame to see how some haters will stoop low not only to bash this family but to go out of their way to harass the fans. That is evil,sad and scary.
    The FBI and online pyschiatrists are true saying the online harassment is getting worst this day.
    Why are you harassing us when we do nothing to you?

    people have every right to enjoy their favorite stars.
    This is sad and scary Jared.
    This is why we see hate crimes done on innocent people because some really need help.

  2. 127
    Ruby Says:

    More Katie,Suri and Tom please????!!!!!

  3. 128
    pottery barn? Says:

    Katie has to be shopping for someone other than Suri cause surely she wouldn’t lower herself enough to allow her child to wear clothes from Pottery Barn, would she? Jackie O, say it ain’t so.

  4. 129
    Emma Says:

    Suri is the kind of baby you wonna smother will kisses.

  5. 130
    simonette alanes Says:

    You’re a pain in the a** for all members of your family and you’re the least favorite of your parents. They wonder what they have done wrong you.

  6. 131
    Larice Says:

    Suri has an ugly pug nose.

  7. 132
    pr person Says:

    Where is Suri’s jacket or coat? Katie has one on, the bodyguard has one on……. Oh Wait! The coat would cover up Suri’s cute outfit for the photo op. Silly me!

  8. 133
    Jane Says:

    They are true beauties!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 134
    gala Says:

    Absolutely wonderful moments for Suri and Katie.

  10. 135
    90210 Says:

    Some hate them because they wish they have what this family have. It is sad to witness unhappy people.

  11. 136
    dean Says:

    #111 Shela wrote: You never see Connor and Isabella with Nicole. At least Tom and Katie go to all of their sporting events. Nicole never goes.
    WELL Shela ……. FYI Tom and Katie NEVER go to Conner and Bella’s sporting events because they have been too busy posing for photo ops all over Germany and Paris. Tom and Katie have NOT been seen with with his older children in OVER ONE YEAR! THAT IS RIGHT DECEMBER 6, 2006 WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE HAS SEEN TOM WITH HIS FIRST SET OF CHILDREN.


  12. 137
    Snoopy Says:

    Sorry people, but Suri is just not cute.

  13. 138
    ivermom Says:

    I cannot believe the things I see here. Calling Katie & her baby ugly. Grow up already. They are both beautiful!

  14. 139
    thats_right Says:

    Katie looks old and wrinkled my gosh shes not even 30 yet, and for the kid if you put expensive clothes on any kid dress them up they will all look cute so i don’t see nothing special just a rich kid whose parents spoil her with clothes and Spcie concert? I believe she is under age to attend Spice concert but i guess rich kids can get away with anything. The only family I respect and see a true parenting is with JoliePits.

  15. 140
    Miapocca Says:

    hmmm even in her expesnsive clothes.,,beautiful is not quite a word that describes this damien like child. Some of you are sooo KIND or just on koolaid!

  16. 141
    debra Says:

    I cannot believe how retarded people are on this website, Tom ,Katie, Connor, Bella & Suri are a beautiful family & you dumb asses need to get a life & stop being so vicious & jealous of celebrity families!!!!

  17. 142
    dean Says:

    ^^^HEY DEBRA^^^^^ Conner and Bella are NOT a part of Tom and Katie’s family.

  18. 143
    tom Says:

    Here we go again….Spending more of Tom’s money. That’s what she does best. She was just living in a regular apartment before she married Tom and now she spends money on herself and her daughter like there’s no tomorrow. It’s sad that that’s what she lives for. So superficial and shallow.

  19. 144
    jema Says:


  20. 145
    Alee Says:

    Looks to me like Kate was looking for some diversion from home and decided to hit the local stores with Suri. One thing I seem to notice everytime I see Kate out is that she seems so placid in her expression. In fact, she is expressionless! It isn’t any wonder that she receives negative comments about being robotic. I can’t but help think that she’s not that happy as she should be for a young woman/mother/wife. I believe now that the bloom is off the rose, so to speak, of her whirlwind romance with Tom and she has had to settle in with ‘his’ lifestyle and beliefs she has now had to face the reality of it all. This new reality has literally left Kate with a face that speaks volumes even though it is left with a blank slate. And, as far as her precious daughter goes …. where is the bubbly, happy and naturally joyous smiles you often see on little children her age? I have yet to see anything other than the same blank look that is reflected on her mother’s face. I really pity Kate. She made a very big decision and I’m sure she now realizes that forever is a long, long time. Also, having more children will not make life any happier.

  21. 146
    Me Says:

    she doesn’t look as happy as she normally looks

  22. 147
    Me Says:

    isabella and Conner don’t even like Nicole, nicole said this in an interview last week, she said they won’t even call her mom, they call her nicole.

  23. 148
    anna Says:

    #143… Katie got MILLIONS from her marriage contract to tom. It is HER money that she spends. What else is she to do. Besides that the more money she spends the higher in the cult she can go.

  24. 149
    anna Says:

    jema….. They have to carry her so she looks younger then her REAL age of 2 years old. Also they carry her for the photo ops. And too whenever they set her down she runs away.
    As for her eyes, Your eyes are the window to your soul. Since Katie hooked up with tom her eyes have gone blank. Suri has the same blank eyes of NO TRUTH.
    Maybe Suri is Autistic.

  25. 150
    emily santiago Says:

    Joshua Jackson, you’re right, he’s Suri’s Dad. As her face has matured, her bone structure more defined she is the IDENTICAL image of him. Sure, it all makes sense now. Liars, liars, they are such a bunch of liars. Now Josh looks like such a nice guy, why didn’t KH stay w/ Suri’s Daddy, TC is way uglier & crazier? Does any one know the story. There is a picture of Suri’s parents Josh & KH on google where they are hugging & look so happy. check out google images.

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