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Gwen & Gavin's Boxing Showdown

Gwen & Gavin's Boxing Showdown

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale join Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a couples night out late Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Hollywood power coupled hopped into a limo together after watching the flashy welterweight Mayweather-Hatton boxing match, where American Floyd Mayweather knocked British-born Ricky Hatton out in the 10th round.

Also spotted ringside were Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone, actor Bruce Willis, golf champ Tiger Woods, retired pro boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, comedian Will Ferrell, and Welsh singer Tom Jones, who sang the national anthem.

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Photos: Splash News Online, Al Bello/Getty
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  • Coco

    Cool! Gwen and Angelina’s boy and girl could become good friends. Hope they had fun!

  • http://yahoo Cute Couple


  • Gwen lover

    Thanks JJ.I love Gwen and Gavin.they are beautiful.

  • Coco

    Kingston and Shiloh! Unique names…

  • Coco

    Gwen and Gavin are a cute couple!

  • katie


  • just me

    Love you, Gwen ! But the hair !! Mama mia!!!

  • Gabriella

    I find Gavin really really attractive and I don’t know why. And what’s with Gwens hair? Her style is turning really 90′s.

  • anonymous

    Gwen and Gavin need to find better friends.

  • null

    Like who, anonymous #9? Jennifer Aniston? LOL!

  • Helena

    Did Gwen wake up thinking she was living in 1995 again? :)

  • Regina

    # 11 anyone @ 12/09/2007 at 9:41 am He is a cuttie. It is said he just split with his girlfriend. Now he is dating on millioniaire dating site called “W e a l t h y R o m a n c e. com” . I saw his profile on that site last week.


    Stop with your pathetic advertising! Gavin is married, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, you idiot! Plus he’s pictured with his WIFE, which makes your comment look even more idiotic!

  • janice

    Great pictures.

  • Steph



    Love these two too.Thanks again for the pictures.

  • whatchasay

    I like Gwen and Gavin, but Gwen needs to dress more her age. I don’t have a problem with most of the things she wears, but I think she tries too hard. She needs to be more natural with her look.

  • visa fan

    It wasn’t a fair fight. The British fighter glanced over and scene GWEN. He’s seen her and said holy kakapoopy! Next thing he knew he was cheek to cheek with the mat. :)

  • Kat

    Love Gwen but she should think about starting to dress more like a woman in her late 30′s than a teenage punk.

  • j._p

    i have that jacket!

  • happyforthem

    It’s hard to believe that AJ would enjoy this event…she probably went along just for socialogical study in animalistic behavior in humans.

  • aly

    RICKY IS A LEGEEEEND. That’s why I stayed up till 6AM to watch this match. And Becks was also there. ;)

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    come on gwen, i know u r a artist and all and like to show u creativity but homegirl lets keep it in to days era..

  • good times. lol

    Brad and Angie, Gavin and Gwen all look high.

  • Bla

    The Jolie-Pitt “supporters”… all of you don’t have a life or any idea what Life means. Spending precious time to defend some1 that u’ll never meet or will meet is sad. WHO CARES!

    Use ur time 2 get on a diet, look at the mirror, read a book and visit the Shrink.

  • LD

    aly- legend no more. I like Hatton as a person better and wanted him to win until the Brits that came over for the fight started booing the US national anthem.

  • null

    Very cool – apparently Brad and Angelina flew Gavin and Gwen to Vegas.

  • Passing Through

    Nice to see the Rossdales and Pitts hanging out again. BUT…Gwen needs to lose the hairdo! She may be a fashion star maven, but her hair is about 15 years too young for her!

  • Passing Through

    # 25 Bla @ 12/09/2007 at 1:21 pm

    The Jolie-Pitt “supporters”… all of you don’t have a life or any idea what Life means. Spending precious time to defend some1 that u’ll never meet or will meet is sad. WHO CARES!

    Use ur time 2 get on a diet, look at the mirror, read a book and visit the Shrink.


    So says the dipshit who’s “spending precious time” RAGGING ON US “some1 that u’ll never meet or will meet is sad. WHO CARES!”

    Put a tampon in it and sit and spin.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    someone needs to smack her in the face for coming outside like that, then smack him for letting her.

  • sheryl

    Jared, surely you have more pics than this from the fight…there were others there besides Gwen, Gavin, Angie, and Brad…

  • mamamIA

    what could that group possibly have in common?? I bet the conversations are ….awk- ward!!

  • QQQQ

    They are parents and Brad has known Gavin for years, so idiot WHY would it be awkward

  • lora

    Brad and Gavin have been good friends for many years. Nice to see the couples out having fun.

  • cute
  • js

    The 4 of them are wearing leather. LOL> love it!

  • jesse

    First of alll yall don’t know gwen and gavin , they’ve been friends with angie and brad for a while now …. gwen has known angie since they both tried out for the part in mr and mrs smith(yes gwen did try out for that part) ….so that’s how gwen andangie became friends , and gaving and brad have been friends for a long while now , you have to remembr people gwen was realllllly good friends with the original pitts ….she was real close to jen anniston and brad …so gwens always had ties to brad and crew ………know your facts before you come on here thinking you know what your talking about! Just saying.

  • tOOTS

    Both couples are hot,free-spirited and clearly don’t give a damn what others think. Love them together!!!!
    To Bla#24- are you on crack??? what r u doing on this thread – spending quality time with us JPfans??

  • Gwendy

    Gwen is so wonderful!! Love love love her and her family!!!! She’s a cutie!!!

  • Siena

    Is this the first sign of Gwen going back to No Doubt; she looks very retro? Cute!

  • aly

    to LD- I agree, it was quite disrespectful for them to boo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have not wanted Ricky to win, it wasn’t like he was booing. It’s just when it comes to sports, some people just go insane. They shouldn’t be booing America, if they wanted to go crazy booing, as a whole because of the fight, but Mayweather. Plus, Mayweather is quite a patronising and egotistical guy, so what do you expect? But yeah, Ricky is still a legend in our eyes, and he makes me proud to be from Manchester. ;)

  • If

    If Jen and Gwen were good friend,why there is no picture of Jen and her hanging out together??someone mentioned they are/were good friends,but I guess Jen always hangs with her good friends and promotes them so why there is no picture of them together??

  • Brad & Gavin are good friends

    Brad and Gavin have been very good friends for years. Angie and Gwen are also friends. The four have lots in common, and Kingston is just one day older than Shiloh. They all flew from LA to LV back to LA in Brad and Angie’s Cessna caravan 208B airplane.

    Gwen and Jen were not friends, the friendship was between Brad and Gavin. There are no pixs of Gwen or Gavin socializing with Jen since Brad and Jen broke up.

    Jen’s good friends are pictured with her from time to time and Gwen is not one of her circle of 5, they do not hang together. Since SCrow became a mom she is not seen with Jen like she once was. People’s priorities change.

    Jen and her friends usually travel to Mexico for Xmas and New Years, you will be able to see who her friends are then. Probably the CoxArquettes, other Arquettes, maybe CohenFisher(who used to rent Jen’s home in the HHills until they moved out and she moved back in with her hairdresser when the marriage broke up).

  • IMO

    Two thumbs up to this couple they Rock, her hair, her style, her man allllll Rock, love the it’s my thing attitude, that really Rocks, love a woman that does her Own thing, can understand her and AJ being cool.

  • &

    Just because Gwen knew X and have been in her company does NOT mean they were or are friends, and if they are so what? this is not the sand box at lunch time,
    these are adults with alot going for them, besides petty BS about (who what when) happen in the past, only the X fans sit around worrying about who’s F.UCKING, like d.ick heads.
    keep it moving dummies!

  • werca

    ty jo tomudle nako nerozumim….:D kde to sem?=-O :D:D