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Wentworth Miller: "Crack That Whip!"

Wentworth Miller:

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller tries to speak French while introducing a Belgium television station.

But in the end, Wentworth gives up and says, “I think I better stick to the English!”

Check out Wentworth Miller speaking French here. Download the clip here. Thanks Wheelygirl and twostarlady!

New episodes of Prison Break return January 14, 2008!

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Credit: fcowm
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  • wendyloveswent

    Bello,Bello, Bello…I love him!!

  • lops723

    Finally first! He’s cute

  • wendyloveswent

    2nd heheheh!!

  • wendyloveswent

    3rd!!! Hot, hot, Hot..

  • summer

    OK, let’s see, the GAY debate will now start on THIS thread too i am sure *ROLLS EYES*

  • the babemeister

    he is totally gay….it is all over the internet….he is hardly hiding it anymore….he has NEVER EVER been seen even on a single date with a woman and can’t name any woman he has ever had a relationship with

    regardless of what you think of gayfron or tommy girl (cruise) this one is definitely batting for the other team.

  • Wentfanatic

    I love him, adore him, WANT him!!!

  • Jennifer W.

    oh man wentworth he is back im so happy. wentworth is the hottest and I cant wait for prison break to come back. love you went

  • Wentfanatic

    oh…and I’m obsessed!

  • Wentfanatic

    Oh and #6, blah blah blah blah blah… Yhadi yha, yhadi yha and blah blah blah! Tell us something that we haven’t heared before. Really, the gay subject is such a bore.

  • love him

    WAY HOTTER THN LEO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    when is he gonna come out?

  • the babemeister

    i am honestly surprised that he hasn’t gotten any movie roles….and since prison break is doing terribly in the ratings his career is in jeopardy. hopefully the gay thing didn’t ruin it for him. never thought his acting was good.

  • http://deleted Anon

    OMG…is he really gay?!!! wow I suspected it was so.

  • Mary

    God, he is just soooooooo hot!!!!!!! he is so not gay. or atleast he better not be

  • kingston

    aw yay! more wentworthy goodness! thanks, jj!

  • http://? NUMMY NUM NUM

    Ca m’a plu….CE BON!! ahh merci!!!

    J’ai des biscuits a la creme et des biscuits au chocolat; lesquel voulez-vous voir?

  • so_cal_gal

    This snippet was from Oct 2006 … nothing new. And seriously, can’t we get past this whole “is he or isn’t he”? Good Lawd! Whose biz is it anyway?

  • cutiepie

    Umm, #5 (summer), YOU just started that the debate tread you dumbass!

  • cutiepie

    oops, I meant thread and NO HE IS NOT!

  • too bad

    So sad he is gay…But he is a great actor.

  • Waverly

    oh my.. wentworth speaking french!


    This is SO UNFAIR, Jared!
    Opening a new thread like that when we were about to reach a 1000 posts on the LAX photos…

    Well, that’s life..

    OK, let me start again:

    Is there ANY doubt on Wentworth Miller’s sexual orientation??????

    I’m wondering….

  • stacey

    i love you!!!! you are so wentWORTH it!!!!!

  • Charlene

    shit you people who start the debate thread AGAIN!pls respect him as a great actor.
    anyway,he is sooooooooo hot~~
    love you,my wentworth. =)

  • sueli

    Adorable! But where’s Dominic’s take for the French tv ads?

  • cheyenne

    Wentworth is bee-you-ti-ful! No one is disputing that. But somehow I cannot imagine him with a woman… but I can so imagine him with a guy. As gorgeous and perfect as he is, there is something missing. And that something is chemistry with women…the sizzling sexual sort of chemistry.

  • nicole

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love him so much!! one of the greatest and sexiest man alive. I love this man . I love prison break.

  • m_m

    love him!!!where is the video?

  • chloe

    #23 VAGINA

    I know it’s a free world and each to his own…but why on earth are you calling yourself vagina? Just curious. Not a criticism.


    Dear Chloe, I call myself “Vagina” because I noticed that this perfectly decent word describing the female anatomy is being stupidly censored on this American board! Vagina is NOT a rude word, no more than breasts or testicles.

    Funny enough the word “clitoris” isn’t, proof of the crass ignorance of stuck up censors…
    I also found that if you use Vagina as a username, it’s NOT censored.

    Just enjoying myself, Chloe, at the expense of Hypocrisy….

  • wenty

    c pas bon mais plutot excellent…….
    I admire what you do went.

    but jared you haven’t to put this article today because I was waiting to see the 1000 comments on the previous article.

  • went’s heaven sent!

    Wenty speaking French!!! AWWWWWWW, He’s 2 CUTE!!!!

  • celine

    so cute i love you, france you love more more more
    quand vient tu en france mon amour

  • emma
  • nicole

    jared thank u. u made me soooooooooo happy. everytime you post wentworth I am so happy . can’t wait for january

  • [marie]

    Very cute =) hee hee

  • chloe

    #31 VAGINA

    Thankyou for replying…I wish I knew your real name..I feel awkward calling you vagina!
    You are absolutely right about this being a perfectly decent word. More power to you for having some fun with the censors! You rule! Love your sense of humour!

  • me

    he’s so cute

    too bad he’s gay :(

  • http://hahahaha carmiunda


    fuck you

  • mistletoe

    where there is smoke…there is fire

  • Sonny

    …. and again …
    new thread and again this idiots
    (Probably the same among other names)
    who starts the Gay theme

    You have noticed that there was only one time
    in a thread here the question ?
    When the images were posted with luke?
    No? That is also my impression …..
    imbeciles ….

  • pauline

    hey!! I live in Belgium and RTL TVI just ROCK!!!


    I think this is an old interview when he was at Cannes. I remember him wearing that shirt there and his hair was longer then. This is definately not recent since his head is shaved right now. But he still looks ADORABLE and SMOKIN HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • the real me

    please dont start this gay thing again!

    who realy cares????

    hes just a sexbomb and a great actor!

    just say how hot he is and move on!

  • Micky

    He looks great in the vid.He`s really beautiful.

  • Hayden

    nobody says it is a new interview …

  • wenty

    journalist asked him to say “I am wentworth miller from prison break” he would rather say “michael scofield from prison break” there is no wentworth miller in the show.

  • Ellen

    It’s BELGIAN television station, not BELGIUM – that’s the country.

    Like Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles…really it is that simple! ;-)


    Oh, O.K. Thanks for that.

    Yeah, but he’s Wentworth Miller, the actor from Prison Break. I think that’s what they meant.

    He’s a cutie!!! Did you see Dom’s clip doing the same thing on PrisonBreakBuff?? He’s a hottie too!!
    Went’s Heaven Sent and Dom’s Da Bomb!!!