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Ashley Olsen Tosses Cigarette to the Ground

Ashley Olsen Tosses Cigarette to the Ground


Litter bug Ashley Olsen tosses her cigarette onto the ground after taking a few puffs while out and about in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Thanks to Celebrity Babylon, there’s now photographic proof that the 21-year-old million dollar baby doesn’t care much for Mother Earth!

Mmm, yummy cancer sticks.

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ashley olsen tossing cigarette 02
ashley olsen tossing cigarette 03
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  • Ana


  • Ana

    am I first??

  • Ana

    that b*tch!!! XD

  • kay

    what’s in the water bottle?

  • Kayla

    dang..what happened to her, back in the day her and her sister used to be lil angels, today she’s tossing cigerettes to the ground, tomorrow she tossing weed to the ground.


  • melissa


  • Karson

    Um, I don’t see what the big deal is. Everybody does that.

  • mimi

    I didn’t know ashley smoked. All this time I thought it was only MK.

  • talulah


  • lennie

    i find both olsens to be completely useless

  • Maria (Shorty)

    On pleeeeeeease!! Like she’s the only one that does this. Most people who smoke do this all the time, we just don’t get picture slammed up our faces!

  • thats_right

    I can’t stand them

  • Jess

    she smokes and litters…wow..classy lady

  • Helena

    Why are people still photographing her? At least Mary-Kate is actually working!

  • magnus

    She smokes?

    Oh God no!?!

    Let’s throw a noose around her neck now!

    Kill all the smokers so the rest of the world can live forever! lol

    At least she’s not fat. Being fat is more harmful and disgusting than 1000000 cigarettes.

  • Belinda

    Fat people throw candy wrappers on the ground.

  • mary

    Littering is littering – no matter if it’s “only a cigarette.” It’s rude, selfish, and lazy. Find a garbage can!

  • yoet

    I seriously do not like the Olsens, they dress so ugly and they themselves got ugly too..ew!!! discusting! she smokes!! gross..

  • Kourtney

    going green?
    I think not..

  • Maddie

    please don’t smoke

  • craig stairs

    filthy smokers, hope she’s cited for litering

  • required

    she probably owns that street and the city block connected to it.

  • Msguidedmama

    yeah, her and Scarlett Johannsen (t he McDonalds into the road pictures)….- trash.

  • Seb


  • Maria (Shorty)

    Seb: ITAWU!! I see it all the time. I’ve told people off for throwing their fags in the street or on side walk. Do they throw the fags on their floors at home as well?

  • rox

    bad for her

  • Mary

    Wow. Those of you who are asking what’s wrong with this and thinking that just because “everyone” does it, she shouldn’t be criticized…are friggin SHEEP. There are consequences when people do things like litter and collectively the consequences are pretty bad. Just because lots of smokers do that, doesn’t mean it’s perfectly OK. Smokers also smoke…look where that gets them and how much money the rest of us have to pay for their health problems. Use your brain.

  • jordyn

    lol yummy cancer sticks…
    UGH what a filthy habit

  • ann

    who cares if she smokes? it’s her own business. wow. though, tossing it on the ground isn’t good.

  • stephen

    you realize posting photos of ashley olsen perpetuates to her fans that smoking is cool, right? make a decision to be against smoking or not.

  • yeti

    lame asses

  • j

    Helena @ 12/10/2007 at 1:20 pm

    Why are people still photographing her? At least Mary-Kate is actually working!
    Ashley is working as well. Her clothing The Row? Mary-Kate has said it’s Ashley’s “pet project” and it’s a hugely successful one at that…it’s sold out at Maxfield in LA, online at Browns Fashion, and Barney’s in NYC. That definitely says something. Plus, Ashley interned for Zac Posen so she’s not just some celebrity putting her name on some clothes. MKA KNOW fashion, and they’ve been recognized for this by NY times, VOGUE, etc.

    That Givenchy top she’s wearing in those candids above is amazing and is the same one worn by the editor of Paris Vogue.

  • dearf34fee

    It feels wierd seeing them smoke and stuff. i grew up with them, but whatever shes still wonderful

  • *french girl*

    Why are all Americans against cigarets…?? People do what they want!
    It’s not a problem in France^^

  • Louise

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. I see cigarrettes on the ground all of the time all over the place. It’s weird how people like to demonize celebrities for doing what 99% of people do.

  • gisele

    umh, the real question: what is in that water bottle? is it the concoction that beyonce drinks?

  • jesus

    what the shit is wrong with you people? stupid bleeding heart bastards. smoking IS fucking cool. that’s why you retards don’t smoke, BECAUSE YOU AREN’T COOL.

    bitch should do what I do, shove the butt down one of the little holes in a manhole cover, or find an ashtray.

    people who bash smoking are anti-freedom dickwads. if i want to put garbage into my body, let me put garbage into my body. it has nothing to do with you bleeding heart hippies, screw off.

  • Marieme

    Wow, this picture inspires all kinds of hate inside me. It says a lot about her and all of it I do not like. Eat shit Ashley.

  • julia

    You cant throw a cig into a garbage can, it’ll catch fire, people throw them on the ground to put them out, duh. There arent that many ashtrays outside on public streets.

  • kayla chute.


  • Ivan

    All the smokers do the same, thats the news? No comments.

  • Blahhh

    What else is she supposed to do?

    I had a friend who chucked theirs in a rubbish bin, and the bin started SMOKING?!

    And yes, he did stamp it out first..

  • cindy’s

    this isn’t good.

  • cindy’s

    she looks very small compared to that car, i wonder how small i would look

  • haha

    geez i think she didn’t throw it. May be it slipped off her finger. Show us a video then i’ll believe it but i don’t actually care cause i see people puffing their cigarettes out the window while driving all the time.

  • zoe

    used to love them when they were in their pre- teens. now, im just grossed out when i see them. its nasty how they smoke and furthermore, throw it on the ground! nastyy!

  • Kitten

    ‘is she on the master cleanse? from the looks of what’s in the water bottle that’s the color of it and i saw her just recently on a different day with the same stuff in a water bottle.

  • Lucia

    i didn’t know that she smokes!!!

  • Nikki

    Worthless waste of air space…this broad and her pathetic nutbag sister just need to find an island and disappear. What a BI**(*TCH.

  • Shola

    Man the poor girl. Everybody does that. We’re all very bad people