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Ellen Pompeo's Grocery Store Run

Ellen Pompeo's Grocery Store Run

Ellen Pompeo throws on an entire adidas track suit and makes an early morning run to Whole Food’s grocery store in Los Angeles on Monday.

The recently married Grey’s Anatomy star picked up lots of items for the Mister and Missus including a bunch of apples and bottled water. She even loaded everything up into the car on her own!

Ellen and husband Chris Ivery celebrated their one-month anniversary yesterday. Congrats to the happy couple!

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo‘s grocery store run…

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ellen pompeo grocery shopping 01
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 02
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 03
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 04
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 05
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 06
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 07
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 08
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 09
ellen pompeo grocery shopping 10

Photos: Jennifer Buhl/
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  • jesssssss

    I LOVE HER!!!


  • Jules

    OMG! She’s pregant!…i can just tell

    more EP photos please!

  • Cindy

    Congrats on the anniversary.

    BY the way, I posted answers to some of ur weird questions about wentworthmiller on the most recent wentworth miller post where he his trying to speak french…which was funny I must admit =)

    Sorry I posted this so much…this is the last time but the Went debate is so overdone.

  • dc

    Um Jared, due to the writer’s strike (sadly), there’s going to be a re-run of “Love/Addiction” this Thursday at 9pm ET/PT on ABC. “Lay Your Hands on Me” may or may not premiere next year instead. But for now, it looks like season four is going to end with “Crash Into Me, Part 2″.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, dc!

  • melissa

    Aww she’s so cute. I love her. :)

  • Jessica

    hey my dad shops at whole foods! haha

  • t

    Epp i love her! Cute woman!

  • k

    Is she really pregnant? I’ve heard a few site comments say she might be.

    she does seem a little ….glowy

  • mk

    She is ugly. Where is your Felon husband Ellen? Drug addict.

  • mIMI

    Cute! I love her! She’s so natural, but beautiful!!

  • thegamingamine

    I love her simply b/c she seems so damn humble, plus I was highly amused by her sense of humor on Punk’d, she acted just like me & my sis do.

  • who?

    Who? Fug. Her face is all fucked up from too much surgery. Gross. Trashy.

  • PDfan

    She is not humble. She has dissed the writers of GA. It has been reported that she is a bitch on set to everyone because she is unhappy with her storyline. She is a bitch.

    Who in their right mind marries a convicted drug dealer and credit card thief? Ellen does. I have no respect for her she is just GARBAGE.

    She has scars on her face. She is just gross. She does not look like she showers. Ew.

  • ss

    Ellen is a lovely person.
    nice pics
    thanks JJ

  • k

    PD FAN, WHO? and MK…


    Ellen rocks!

  • ss

    Ellen is gorgeous.
    thanks JJ

  • LOG 1=0

    SHE IS JUST GREAT!she is really not hollywood craze i like how she was toward papz!!!

  • ss

    wow, I never knew the PAP are allowed in the stores as well… she bought cool healthy stuff.
    how can you guys tell she’s Preg. i doubt it.

  • frank

    i love how she does her own shopping, and her own heavy lifting.. :)

    its a shame no more new epis till january from Grey’s :(.

  • Grey

    Hey all adidas. LOVE IT!

    I really like Ellen. Shes cool and down to earth.
    and she looks soooooooooo cute.

    she has the cutest freckled little nose. :D

  • Henry

    yeah I love that about her.
    not hollywood crazed and down to earth. natural.
    and she definately hasn’t had an work done on herself. you can tell from her old pictures all over the internet. she’s adorable.
    but pregnant…?? i don’t see it.

    I really love her!
    thanks JJared

  • LOG 1=0

    Henry:u stole my thoughts lol!thats what i totally think!the most adequate adjectives that go with her are:nomal and cuuute so cute!

  • magie

    can’t get enough of Ellen Pompeo.
    She rocks!

  • k

    Man, could she be any cuter!

    how can Derek hurt her again! no more Mcdreamy.
    Meredith deserves better.

  • Henry

    Sorry LOG1=0 hehe :)
    Gues SHE IS just too cute. :D

  • LOG 1=0

    grey’s anatomy really really rocks!

  • llo

    HEY adidas :) my fav.
    She is my fav as well :) love Ellen.
    thank you JustJared

  • LOG 1=0

    henru: hmhmm ur apologies are accepted !:)) lol

  • Ellen fan

    AWWWWW I adore this lady.
    she always looks great, no matter what.
    and yeah baby Grey’s rock!

    I hope Derek doesn’t hurt Meredith again, how much can this poor woman take. he lost his mcdreamy title to me as well.

  • Ellen fan

    She’s the best on Grey’s.
    she is the reason for Grey’s

    go ellie

  • EP

    Ellen Pompoe is my ultimate fav. ever. she rocks. totally.
    GO Ellie!

    she’s the best on Grey’s. the reason I watch the show.
    Love her.

  • LOG 1=0


  • LOG 1=0

    o gotta go to school now :org long 4 maths hours my gooooooodness! widh u all the best ellen fans!and by the way im accualy angelina jolie fan but ellen comes next !!!!!!!

  • RA

    Somebody give this lady a golden globe.. NOW!
    Ellen rocks the world!
    thank you JJ

  • RA

    have a good school day LOG 1=0
    Ellen fans ar ethe best hehe :)
    Grey’s fans are the best as well. :)

    Go Ellie

  • Ali

    this feels so intrusive. i don’t know how these actresses/actors stand it.

  • rae

    That’s a lot of Adidas and she needs more makeup. Is it some kind of scarring that makes her skin look so bad? Smoking? Really bad makeup? It just always looks rough.

    I’m not snarking on her for doing it but why is it special that she loaded her own groceries, even for a celeb? It’s not like we see grocery store pics of other celebs shopping and then not carrying their own bags.

  • zoe

    i love grey’s anatomy but meredith isn’t my fav character. anyways, ellen looks fine and healthy here. but the 9th photo of her is awful…she looks so old!

  • Violet

    She’s so pretty! Thanks Jared!

  • sarah

    elle est laide!

  • Lisa

    “Is it some kind of scarring that makes her skin look so bad? Smoking? Really bad makeup? It just always looks rough.”

    I agree. She’s always got terrible skin. High definition TV is not kind on her. And I hate that tracksuit she’s wearing. I think she’s going to look very old quickly – scrawny & dull. For a newlywed, you don’t often see them pictured together do you ? Um….

  • Jake

    Fug ugly enough said.

    The worst actress on Greys & the ugliest by far.

  • Elle

    love her
    thank JJ

    she looks nice! shes soo natural and down to earht, she is really the gorgeous girl next door.

    and shes the best Grey’s actor, she is the grey in grey’s anatomy. nough said. :)

  • mike

    She is the reason I watch Grey’s anatomy.
    lovely person, I met her on a set tour a year ago.
    she is one of the most adorable cute gorgeous woman I have ever met. and she is sooo down to earth and kind, she talked to all of us and answered questions.

    others igonred us, but Ellen and a few others talked to us. she hung around the most untill the director cam and took her by hand :) it was funny.

    But she is one amazing lady. and a great actress.
    thanks for the pics JJ
    keep those Ellen pics coming…

  • l

    Best Grey’s actress.

  • love Ellen

    thank you jj

    Truly the brightest smile on TV. she should smile more on Grey’s Anatomy. She makes my day brighter.

  • JJ

    tHANK You JJ

    I love Ellen
    Ellen Pompeo rocks!
    she is soooooo adorable.

  • mo



  • Grey lover