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Gerard Butler is a Ham

Gerard Butler is a Ham

Gerard Butler hams it up for photogs at the premiere of his latest romance comedy P.S. I Love You held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Here’s some video footage of the 38-year-old Scottish stud and his costar Hilary Swank arriving on the red carpet here. Mr. Butler also took the time to pose for pictures with fans and sign autographs…

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who accompanied Mary Louise Parker on the red carpet, apparently grabbed Gerard‘s bottom.

Gerard told People that he liked it!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan rubbing my ass,” he said. “Yeah that’s about as good as it gets!”

35+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler being a ham…

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gerard butler ham 01
gerard butler ham 02
gerard butler ham 03
gerard butler ham 04
gerard butler ham 05
gerard butler ham 06
gerard butler ham 07
gerard butler ham 08
gerard butler ham 09
gerard butler ham 10
gerard butler ham 11
gerard butler ham 12
gerard butler ham 13
gerard butler ham 14
gerard butler ham 15
gerard butler ham 16
gerard butler ham 17
gerard butler ham 18
gerard butler ham 19
gerard butler ham 20
gerard butler ham 21
gerard butler ham 22
gerard butler ham 23
gerard butler ham 24
gerard butler ham 25
gerard butler ham 26
gerard butler ham 27
gerard butler ham 28
gerard butler ham 29
gerard butler ham 30
gerard butler ham 31
gerard butler ham 32
gerard butler ham 33
gerard butler ham 34
gerard butler ham 35

Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • Eva

    and a hottie. yummy. What do you think guys, could Gerard be compared to BRAD JOLIE??? (oups, I mean Pitt). Gerard is putting on a silly face, Brad does the same for the photogs (prove here ), Brad looks ZEXXY when he’s not shaved and Gerard is hot 2 when he forgets to shave, I think that Angelina would make a good couple with Gerard. Eva

    PS. I am just kidding about the couple thing, but would be something worth to see.

  • Misty

    Oh yes he is a hottie! I could listen to him talk all day too! Yummy!

  • Flisbeth

    luuuuve him :D

  • Helena

    That Hilary Swank is one lucky girl!

  • tgh

    Talk? We’d be doing anything but talking.

  • Mieka

    Mary Louise was accompying Jeffrey Dean Morgan, not the other way around. Lucky fug witch.

  • Helena

    If anyone’s a fug with, it’s Claire Danes. The homewrecker.

  • Helena


  • Gerry’s girl

    Thank you JJ, i knew you wouldnt disappoint us!

    WOW…Gerry looks fantastic! He looks yummy! Just great.

    Cant wait to see this movie, i would love to see Gerry in more romantic roles, i think he would make a great romantic lead!!

    Thanks again….Wow, what a hottie!

  • marga

    where’s james marsters? he’s in the movie right?

  • on

    He is too hot for words!!! I’m in pain just looking at him, oh lord

  • Tijen

    Thanks Jared!

    I think Gerard Butler is so adorable.

    I am going to see this movie.

  • Anon

    I met him once for about three seconds in NYC. Nicest guy in the world. Very unpretentious. And in person He is seriously H.O.T. I like Gerry.

  • Yoyo

    Gerard is a ruggedly, tall handsome man. Clark Gable style. Reviews are very good for P.S. I Love You. Funny, sad, romantic. Great cast. Can’t wait to see it on Dec. 21st.

  • Jojo

    Eva @ 12/10/2007 at 10:25 am and a hottie. yummy. What do you think guys, could Gerard be compared to BRAD JOLIE??? (oups, I mean Pitt). Gerard is putting on a silly face, Brad does the same for the photogs (prove here ), Brad looks ZEXXY when he’s not shaved and Gerard is hot 2 when he forgets to shave, I think that Angelina would make a good couple with Gerard. Eva

    PS. I am just kidding about the couple thing, but would be something worth to see.


    Hahaha. It’s funny what you said about Gerard and Angie b/c he was her love interest in Tomb Raider 2.

  • D.

    Thanks, JJ. Gerry is a lovely man and quite the jokester.

  • Carly

    He is so hot.

  • Rita


  • Cheerios

    this is the Gerard Butler that everyone is claiming to be so hottt?!???

  • Eyewitness snooze

    Yes Cheerios. Do you need new glasses? Luv ya, Gerry. Congratulations.

  • queenbutler

    I was suppose to go to that premiere. You know behind barracades and fans. Didn’t happen. So bummed he looks great as always. I have to admit the previews don’t make him look too appealing. He’ s better looking off screen, on screen he’s still smokin’! Wish I had gone.

  • daniel

    where’s lisa kudrow?????

  • Zac Fan

    Awww! I’m so going to see this movie! Gerry, JDM, and James Marsters…good stuff! :-)

  • Shannon M.

    He is so adorable. You gotta love him!!!! That Gerry!!!! He is so crazy and wacky!!!!

  • Kay

    Seems like a fun cast.

  • yup

    hes so effin’ hot! marry me already

  • aka fun

    Gerard Butler is the best actor at present.

  • ellizabeth

    I don’t think he looks – or acts – nice anymore. Fame hit him hard. I think he looks and sounds rather arrogant , most of the time at least. Where’s the sweetness and the sincerity and the genuine side he had up until the phantom? Can fame really change a person that much?

  • Angelface

    I agree Elizabeth. I met him last week at the press events and I was expecting to be completely blown away by him, but I left thinking he was a bit of a jerk, which was really sad. I was looking forward to meeting him and then was disappointed with both his behavior and his appearance. And everyone thought he was older than he is, so he’s definitely looking rough.

  • NJS06

    I have never met him so I cant speak from first hand knowledge but I think he is cute and love the accent. He seems nice. I liked him at the TombRaider2 premiere

  • O

    I haven’t met the man either, but from all the clips I’ve seen and from other fan experiences, he’s still the down to earth man that he is. He was even nice enough at the premiere to stop and sign autographs and take pictures with lots of fans.

    Thanks JJ for posting these AMAZING photos of Gerry. He is looking mighty fine… yes he does.

  • ellizabeth

    Angelface, what did he do to give you that impression? I have never met him in person-Thank God, I hate it when people change because of fame- or money, or for any reason. I think this is a crazy period for him, but a man who is almost 40 should know better than to do or say crazy things because of that , right? Especially if he wants to keep being famous. And another thing, did he become famous because he’s a, greatly trained talented or extremely handsome actor? I think not.

  • GCAT

    In his goofy pix he still manages to look so cute!

  • ellizabeth

    The picture I see here screams..”I am so full of myself”. The most talented actors and the most successful ones all keep a low -profile. Look at Meryl Streep , or Tom Hanks, or Kate Blanchett.

  • michele

    Thanks for the photos – Gerard is definitely a breath of fresh air in Hollywood.
    No plastic smiles and he seems to enjoy life. Just look at him with his co-stars – you can’t fake those smiles or laughs. You can see the respect they had for each other in those photos.

  • WTF

    To the two ladies who said he acted like a jerk. He has good reasons for it. Last year was not a good year for him, just so you know. Some people think he was in a good relationship and it wasn’t the case at all. They were arguing all the times and some of us witnessed it. He also had to recover from the injuries he sustained on both “300″ and “Shattered”. He’s still reeling from his breakup as his ex didn’t see anything wrong with starting false rumors about him. That’s too bad because I happen to know that at the beginning of the relationship, he was actually thinking of settling down with her. It takes time to heal from a broken heart and stop feeling resentment.

  • O

    Thank you post #36. Not that he has a good reason to act like a jerk, but I’m sure you all just have the wrong impression of him. And BTW, to post #34, what in the world are you talking about?!?! The pictures scream “I’m so full of myself?” You make absolutely no sense. First off, again, you must be seeing something else or have the wrong impression. And second off, its the PREMIERE of his movie… you expect him to keep a “low-profile” during the premiere of his OWN movie. What I see here is a great looking man, taking the time to take pics with the fans, signing autographs, enjoying himself, being happy, and having a great time with the cast. You people always feed off negative thoughts. Stop with it already.

  • Gerrycybersidedish

    I don’t agree with the few here who think Gerry Butler’s REALLY changed. He has; he hasn’t. As Robbie Williams says, “Either neither.” But who wouldn’t after such a success like 300 gotten a tad full of himself? He’s earned it. He’s still pretty down to earth. He could have made or broken 300′s success…CGI graphics or not. He had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. It was hard on his body and maybe it shows but he’s still fit and QUIT SMOKING. Let’s not forget he made a graphic character come to life, then die, and made us believe he died with honor!

    All I noticed was a very handsome guy show up with his mom beaming and proud. And what was the first thing he did when he arrived? He went directly to his fans. Do the math…he hasn’t changed that much! He gave back. He gives till it hurts it seems.

    He appears to be energetic and flawed, a human. A cool guy still? You bet. I believe he’s arrived and will still remain a humble adorable approachable lug. I adore him. I hope all his dreams come true because he deserves them to.


  • Gerryscybersidedish

    2nd comment for a correction.
    Typos are my trademark. The name is GerrysCyberSideDish.

    Interesting comment #36 and #37. I don’t think a lot of his fans are aware of all that. But do you think this was the place to share? I mean anyone can say anything here right? She spread rumors? I read she was such the sweetest “anchor” of a woman? So perfect in everyway. Don’t get me wrong I’m not wishing to open any can of worms. This form is about the new photos.

    With that said and if all that’s ture, it makes his successes all that more deserving now. With all that behind him perhaps what’s next is personal happiness?


  • O

    GerrysCyberSideDish, I wasn’t aware of the news about his GF either. I respect him, and wouldn’t want to put his personal business out there in the public. I was just simply replying to comment #36 about the whole impression that some are getting from him. That’s all. With that being said, yes, he deserves the success he’s been getting and I wish him the best in his personal happiness.

  • Natali

    He’s so hot!!!!!!!!!!J love you Gery

  • rpclvm

    he’s a gorgeous ham !

  • mvb

    #’s 28 &29,

    Oh shut up, he’s an angel. I know him too, & i was so happy to see such polite & nice behavior. I swear my heart stopped, & he couldn’t have been any more sweet to his fans/cameras. He’s the sweetest man alive & he hasn’t changed a bit. POTO didn’t do a thing to him eccept make him more popular and by the way, he looked sooo hot. He’s still the nice, humble, humorous, patiant, loving, giving guy he’s always been. Always has been, always will be. It was a pleasure to meet that hunk of man. It’s such a privledge to meet him so if you don’t think Gerry is still the same Gerry then you didn’t or don’t deserve that privledge. LUV YA GERRY.