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Jennifer Garner's Monday Morning Walk

Jennifer Garner's Monday Morning Walk

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck take their 2-year-old daughter Violet for a Monday morning walk on the Upper West Side of New York City.

Last week, Ben donated three of his family’s second-hand coats to the Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive on Good Morning America–each one belonging to him, his wife and daughter.

“I did some work in Boston on foodbanks and homeless shelters,” Ben said. “I know how important it is to get a coat on your back and kids can grow out of their clothes so quickly.”

Yesterday, the Boston Society of Film Critics named Affleck the best new director for Gone Baby Gone, his Boston-set adaptation of the novel by local author Dennis Lehane (Mystic River).

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Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin
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  • sara

    finally together.thanks JJ.I love this couple but jps are something else.

    Violet is so cute.more power to ben and jen and their little one. :)

  • Bla

    Who is the Drag Queen?

  • wow

    Is it me or Jennifer Garner looks pregnant??? :roll:

    BTW-Violet is too cute for words.

  • meh

    To be honest, I don’t think Ben Affleck cares much about his family. He’s rarely around them (maybe movies I guess..) and you can see from these pics, in his body language that fact.

  • tommy

    Awwwww Violet is soooo cute, I love this baby!!!

    The Affleck spent all the weekend togheter… they went buy christmas trees, after to the museum and now walk on the street… like a normal and happy family!

  • love

    violet is the cutest!!!
    love Jen and Ben together :)

  • emsie-moo-moo

    Violet is so cute!!!

  • LMAO

    Those people are Ben’s old druggie friends from Cambridge

  • Kate beckinsale

    Yeah, they aren’t the most loving couple toward each other.

    Don’t get me wrong, the definitely seem to get a long, but there’s not much fire between them.

    I look at Kate Beckinsale and her husband and they got a lot of fire. I love their family, but the Afflecks, not so much.

  • jenny

    Violet is so tall! The Afflecks are my favorite family

  • Naty

    ohhh, so lovely family!, i love jenn!

  • cecil

    Jen was in Rachel Ray today… so pretty and happy… some pictures:

  • mYA

    Is nice to see the two together… That said I think Jen has got the next Dementor spot in Harry Potter nailed.

  • Whoopie

    Ben is coming to Slovenia (Europe) today (well, tomorrow I guess, on Tuesday).. I hope the girls come too! They’re so cute!

  • cecil
  • gooddeal

    What the hell is Jennifer wearing?

  • ashely

    Jennifer is such a caring mother

  • angie

    I truly feel Jen is so fake, I ont like and I dont know what Ben is doing with her, Violet, its very cute I do agree on that, but you can see in almost every pic of the three how Ben is somewhere else.
    He doesnt look happy, and Jen well I cant tell she is just so fake

  • Jessica

    Violet’s cute but Jen’s thing over her head just doesn’t look right.

  • faith

    They look cute. Shouldn’t big strong Ben carry Violet in the cold?

  • AnOldiebutagoodie

    This is just an adorable family all the way around

  • thats_right

    Jennifer looks so scary damn she’s like a walking skeleton look at her face on picture #3 ughhhhhhh nasty

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    jesus christ, somebody get that fcuking kid away from mumm-ra.

    i think ben’s ashamed of his family… do you blame him?!

  • http://deleted mariadel barrio

    Fuglie gets fuglier and he’s not that into her lol.


    Baby V is so big.Ben is not an affectionate person is he?.

  • http://deleted mariadel barrio

    eww eww eww! who is that man with a skirt with ben, he looks like a skeletor.

  • mimi05

    Jen’s face is more masculine than Ben

  • Ryan

    I saw these two out for breakfast a few days ago in the city. Violet wasn’t with them, but they were laughing together and I didn’t want to interupt. Ben seemed different than he does in interviews.. he seems much more extroverted in person.

  • http://deleted daisy

    this is one fugly woman, she only looks half descent when she is made up and even then she has very manly features.omg ben looks better than her, how sad is that.Violet looks good when they are hiding her little dumbo ears.

  • Lauren

    She looks like a “Macho”.

  • whatever

    You better believe Ben was in studio with her. She has a movie to promote and the happy family image is what’s keeping her star on the map.

  • Here’s The Deal

    I like them and all, but with that little outfit, Jen kind of looks like the Grim Reaper ROFL.

  • malibumom

    Wow-to each his own. I love JGarner-I feel she is very real. She’s made it obvious she’s not as confident as some women with reference to the beauty dept. she’s no diva. It’s ashame that JLo’s relationship with Ben kinda overshawdow’s Jen Garner-It’s like ppl think she’s a downgrade but they are just 2 really different women. Violet is the perfect mix of two parents. By the way, ben is very intelligent (everyone from Boston is, including myself) Haaaaaahaaaaa-Hey Jared, it really hurt my feelings that you didn’t email me back. I’m thinking seriously about having an all out aniston on you!

  • Jules

    Its probably just me but Ben comes across as unhappy a lot and I’m probably being presumptious in saying this cause i have nothing to back it up, but could he be unhappy with finally settling down with Jennifer. She just seems like the complete opposite of JLo and so it probably seemed like a good thing at the time to have something less over top, and more under the radar which is exactly what he has with Jennifer, but I can’t help feeling that he might feel now anyways that he rushed into it.

    I’m probably all wrong, but any thoughts anyone

  • Cindy

    That is the cutest i’ve seen their little gurl look.

    BY the way, I posted answers to some of ur weird questions about wentworthmiller on the most recent wentworth miller post where he his trying to speak french…which was funny I must admit =)

  • lula29

    He doesn’t seem as engaged and alive as he used to seem to me either. Who knows why. He was a lot sexier back then with his spark and charm.

    They are an odd couple to me too. I don’t understand why they don’t interact with each other more. I get the paps are there but they are there for other celebs too. No one gets it more, or has gotten it mor then the Jolie Pitts for example and they still show each other love.

  • Jules

    @ #36

    You’re so right. He doesn’t seem as engaged in life or as enthusiastic. I saw him recently on Regis and Kelly, and the man could not be more disenchanted. It when talking about family life. But when he started talking about the charity work he is involved in for the troops, he got all excited or at least u could tell he wanted to talk about that more than about his family.

    So to me that says a lot, but I could dead wrong…=(

  • Jules

    As u can see I can’t type for anything, but you know what I mean….lol

  • carrie

    does anyone know where violet’s coat is from? so cute.. i have a 14 month old and she has got to get a coat like that!

  • gigi

    Violet’s so cute. But the black theme is so drab. They should liven’ up Violet’s wardrobe with some colors. And what’s up with Jen’s grim reaper hat??

  • mina

    Jules, Ben does not look like a happy camper to me.

  • lula29

    Yeah, we are all speculating.

    I’m an Affleck fan actually and the thing I hate about these boards is when you point it out the Garner fans come out trying to attack you like you’ve broken the law.

    Who knows why Affleck has seemed to lost his spark, but IMO he doesn’t seem very happy.

    I noticed it most when he was promoting his movie Gone Baby Gone.

  • lula29

    Oh, Violet is adorable in the puffy coat with fur. Too cute.

  • Baby Doll

    It could be that Ben doesn’t like the paps.
    Ben looks happy in a photo I saw at another site. Ben is holding Violet in the photo and is smiling at Jen. When he noticed the paps he handed Violet over to Jen and stayed behind her. It looked like an attempt to not give the paps the perfect shot of them together.

    Why judge Ben on photos that he knows are going to hit the Internet and there is nothing he can do about it. He doesn’t have smile and wave at the paps. Ben chooses to glare at them.

    Ben doesn’t talk about his family much. I would be tight lip too after being so over exposed. He has learned his lesson.

  • It’s all a master plan

    Ben and Jen are currently getting a lot of recognition for their recent work. He for Gone Baby Gone, which is a critical success, maybe not a box office success, but Ben definitely has a great career as a director ahead of him. Jen is doing great on Broadway and she is also getting rave reviews for her performance in Juno, which is going to be HUGE btw. So these are the things that are important to Jen and Ben, that their careers are flourishing and that they are taken seriously in this business and not just seen as a “celebrity couple” with no credibility or acting chops to back up their celebrity status.
    Great things are happening to their careers right now. Ben is slowly getting some credibility back that he lost because people paid more attention to his personal life than the movies he made, granted many of his movies did suck. The “tension” or “disengaged” feeling that you all think you are seeing from these pictures is exactly what they want you to see, it’s by design, trust me these two know what they are doing, and works for them.

  • Jules

    Even if they were smiling and holding hands it wouldn’t change their profile and make them more popular than they are now. They both have low media appeal because their work- as u put it in the past, was not great nor a success. I do know of the great reviews that Ben is geating for Gone Baby Gone, but how does looking like the two of you like each other going to hurt that. If anything, whatever effect its suppose to have is only doing the opposite. People seeing this will speculate as to whether they are a happy couple, which would not be the case if they just acted normal around each other, which u implicate they would be seen as a happy couple.

    Granted his lack of enthusiam discussing his family could be because the negatives he experienced the last time he was public. But you see Jlo happy with Marc in pics whether paps are around or not. Is it killing their relationship, I don’t think so.
    But whatever to each his own. I hope he’s happy he does have a daughter with the woman. LOL

  • Your’re pathetic


    ahhhh, You are an Affleck fan, now I get it. You are an obsessed Affleck fan at that. You take the time to go on every board and comment on every picture of this family and dissect it and analyze so you can convince yourself that there must be something wrong. Oh and what makes you think that it’s the Garner fans that are jumping all over you, did you ever think that maybe just maybe some Affleck fans might actually like this family and are not all against Jennifer Garner like you are. You are truly pathetic, I see your name so many times on boards getting your frustration out, I feel sorry for you really. Do you even have a job? Or do you spend all your day obsessing about Ben and the day that you two can finally be together. Get a fucking life you cunt!!!!

  • lula29


    Calm down.

  • mina

    You’re pathetic…yes yes…Mr. A#sfleck is suffering and you can see it. Karma is a b#tch. He is slowly getting back his career but to what expense…not being with his true love…yeah I said it!!!!!he married bland and is lifeless and has not a sparkle in his eyes….he begged his true love to go back to him…but she told him “you waited too long”. lol. And no matter what JG’s fans think he will never ever love her the way he let his true love slip through his fingers!!!!!

  • syl c.

    Ewww….that hood and no makeup has got to go…she looks like Satan in Mel Gibsons’ The Passion of Christ.