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Kate Walsh is a TV Guide Cover Girl -- Again!

Kate Walsh is a TV Guide Cover Girl -- Again!

Redheaded beauty Kate Walsh takes TV Guide‘s “Best of 2007″ cover this week, giving the scoop on her marriage to movie exec Alex Young and her hit ABC show Private Practice.

“If this all happened to me when I was 25, I would have been shaving my head and driving over people’s feet!” joked Walsh, 40.

Here are some highlights from TVGuide‘s cover story:

What’s the best thing about marriage so far? The more everything was happening, professionally, the more imperative it became to have someone to share it with. ‘Cause [this kind of success] is so rewarding, but it is extreme and exhausting. And you feel like, “If I don’t have anybody to share it with…” I can only call my mom and brother so many times. You need to support and love and balance–and, also, someone who cares and can call you on your s—, too!

Alex’s kisses are captured for the cameras, too. The tabloids recently ran photos of the two of you making out in the supermarket. How weird is that? The grocery store makeout, sure! Listen, as soon as we pull away from our house, usually on Saturdays, there’s a line of four cars following us. But what are ya gonna do? This is part of the job. To go to work and act is playing; the actual work is the paparazzi, the politics, everything else. But hey, I’m not gonna not go grocery store shopping–it’s literally become a novelty, like, “Hey, let’s go grocery shopping. Exciting!” All of your life changes with this success. But, come on, it’s glorious. Glorious! [Big laugh] I’m so happy, it’s morbid.

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  • jk

    NICE !!

  • alianorah

    first or second?

  • samara

    goodlooking and good people

  • Olivia

    YAY !!! Two lots of Kate pics two days in a row !!!

    Thanks for posting this cover JJ. Unfortunately I’m in Italy so can’t buy it :(

    ANyone able to scan the whole article ?

  • natlyy^^

    heey kate walsh rulz ;P
    “Hey, let’s go grocery shopping. Exciting!” hahhaha

  • Matt

    Another TV Guide cover ! They sure love Kate as much as we do :)

    What a great attitude to have re. the paps. I’m so sick of hearing stars complain about ‘fame’ & having pics taken (shoutout to Patrick Dempsey here on his recent moan !). If it wasn’t for the actual ‘work’ as Kate called it, you wouldn’t have the success. The two go hand in hand.

    Thanks Jared.

  • jAMIE

    JJ, you are my HERO! Lots of Love from Kate fans. Thanks.

    She is so pretty. I love her interviews they are the BEST!

  • Chloe

    “If this all happened to me when I was 25, I would have been shaving my head and driving over people’s feet!” joked Walsh, 40.

    Love the subtle shout-out to Britney LOL.

    She’s got such a great attitude & sense of humor towards life. Love Kate !

  • Yuk!

    When did Mr. Ed come back on tv? And that show stinks!

  • Katy

    I was wondering when that pic might crop up. I’ve seen it posted on a few Kate/PrP sites.

    Great to see Kate on the cover – any new pics inside Jared ? There was a video of a shoot she did with TV Guide a few months back & the pics from that one haven’t turned up yet.

    Thanks for posting xx

  • Jake

    Gorgeous pic of a gorgeous woman :)

  • Kelly

    Four paparazzi cars following her each day – scary !!

    Love this lady – one of my fav actresses. So funny & down to earth, as well as stunningly beautiful.

    Glad she now headlines her own show – her star was too bright for Greys & I love that Private Practice is brighter, funnier & more mature. Wish the writers strike would hurry up & end though – no more Private Practice till 2008 at earliest. Sigh :(

  • Karen

    It’s great–and surprising–to see someone in Hollywood so grounded in reality. I hope she always manages to keep her feet on the ground and remember that, in spite of the fact that she’s gorgeous and talented, if “Grey’s” hadn’t come along when she was 37, she could have spent the rest of her career in relative obscurity. Thank goodness “Grey’s” DID come along!

  • Amanda

    Great for Kate getting another TV Guide Cover! This truly has been her year and she deserves it. I love how she is not one of those celebs who hates the paps, she realises that with the success she has to put up with all of “that” and she just handles it all with a smile on her face. She is truly amazing.

    Thank you once again JJ!

  • S.

    Thank you so much JJ.

    Kate’s so gorgeous and grounded. Sweet that she is on another cover.

    I just love to see her so happy.

  • Lee

    Nice cover pic. I love red-headed women !

  • sarah

    thanks JJ!! but what is S__?

  • R.

    She’s down to earth. It’s good to see there are people like that, and it’s not only she’s an average person who’s down to earth, she has a job that is supposed to rip her from reality and to the world of Hollywood. Instead, she stands on the ground with both feet and deals with it.

    I respect her for that.

  • BrainySmurf

    Thank god TV Guide put her on this issue’s cover. I was thinking they had better. I love how Kate does not take life too seriously. I love that she loves her job but realizes she’s not teaching the massess to read or curing cancer. I’m really sick of these actors who claim they are artists,and please leave them alone.

    Anyway, Kate looks beautiful. I can’t wait to read the whole article.

  • Mandy

    I have so much respect for Kate for her great outlook in life, and her treatment with people especially the paparazzis. She’s so humble and doesn’t get into any arguments, thank God she was never part of the mess at Grey’s before. She truly deserves what she has right now! She may thank Grey’s forever BUT if without her AMAZING talent, she wouldn’t be anywhere.Her fame is mainly brought by HERSELF and her talent… kudos!

  • jessie

    she is so cool

  • S.

    So, she was in Munich this Sunday? Any more news than this?

  • katiebee

    i love, love, love when she says, “I’m so happy, it’s morbid.” LMFAO. :)) :)) :))

    Kate’s 12 kinds of amazing. I love her :)

  • amy

    OMG!!!! ZANESSA IS ON THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich

    Oh whatever..she got a lucky break with Grey’s and is far too old to make it big..she is at her peak right now and its all downhill.

  • jAMIE

    Kate is supposed to be back for a Barack Obama fundraiser in LA on Tuesday. She is still listed as a special guest in the news.

  • Angie

    Great Kate is kicking ass! She is the best! thanks JJ!

  • wendy

    Good thing she doesn’t take much things too seriously and has a great sense of humor.

  • sabine

    this has definitely been kate’s year, she deserves all of the success :) she knows how to handle fame well and not let it get into her head, and deals with the cons of celebrity with impeccable grace. who doesn’t love her? even the paparazzi give her flowers on her birthday! thanks for the heads up, JJ!

  • ILoveKate

    Kate got another cover, good for her. I love Kate Walsh. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Stunningly Gorgeous. She is not just a pretty face she has the talent to back it up. She is my favorite actress and my favorite celebrity of all time.
    Thank you Jared.

  • Sandi

    I’d love to see Kate on the cover of a fashion magazine.

  • rae

    I’m glad to see Kate on another cover particularly this one. She has definitely been a star of 2007 and I hope 2008 as well. I assume it’s part of becoming famous later in life, but she seems to have a very grounded, just enjoy it outlook on celebrity that is nice to see. So many actors don’t seem to be able to figure out that today, acting=famous=paparazzi. It’s nice to see one that admits that it can be hard but it’s a part of the job and the job is great.

    Why don’t they ever use pictures of her smiling for these covers though? She looks beautiful in this picture (the dress is gorgeous, particularly the color), but she looks incredible when she smiles too. She always looks so happy smiling in candids that it’s strange the magazines always seem to choose pictures like this for their covers.

  • jackie

    gorgeous cover! love her

  • Ceu Mesquita

    Great. The only problem that I’m from Portugal, so I never can bye the magazines whith Kate articles. Can anyone scan the article and put the adress in those coments so I can reed it. Thanks in advantage.

  • Nikki

    Anyone able to upload the scans of this article ?

    Would like to read it !

  • Lou

    My favourite Kate cover so far is the recent Marie Claire one – although I loved the photoshoot for EW too.

    I hope she does more soon. She is truly an inspirational actress & a great role model.

  • Clair

    We love kate in France !! Best actrice on Greys. Tres beautiful !!

  • hannah

    adore her :)

  • hannah

    Oh and I second those who are asking for the scans of the TV Guide article.

  • TK

    she took the comment about her supermarket pashing well – not defensive or anything, just laughed it off & how cute is the phrase “so happy it’s morbid”?! LOL! only kate comes up wth such cool catchphrases

  • jamie

    Jared, Kate is supposed to be back in LA today for a Barack Obama fundraiser. Can you let us know if she comes back to LA? Thanks.

  • Karla

    Awww yay another cover!
    Kate deserves all the success has had & more.
    She is amazing!

  • Karla

    Awww yay for another cover!
    Kate deserves all the success she has had & more.
    She is amazing!

  • Marie

    Love Addie. She was the best character on Greys & KW is a great actress. She was the only Greys cast member who could have led a spin-off, & I’m now glad she has left Greys – boy has that series gone downhill this season.

    Thanks for the info Jared. Will be picking up a copy.

  • Lucy

    Nice pic. She looks fabulous for 40. Ellen Pompeo should take note & lay off the botox & lip fillers.

  • Cleo

    KW can’t act and I can’t see her a beautiful woman. She likes to open her legs.

  • EM

    my love for this woman knows no bounds! she is just amazing.

  • jamie

    Uh Oh looks like some fans of a someone else is jealous Kate got the cover!

    Look who they chose to represent the Best of GA, Katie Heigl got the pic on the side bar. LOL. Good for KH.

  • kali

    Jared give us more Kate/Alex candids pretty please! :)

  • Katy

    The TV Guide Interview scanned :-
    Credit – TVisMyMcLife on TWOP

    Also read on TWOP that Kate left Munich this morning for Rome. Then she is going to Spain for the PP premiere. She is certainly raking up those airmiles !