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Katie Holmes - "InStyle" January 2008

Katie Holmes -

Katie Holmes dishes on fashion, family and fame in the January 2008 issue of InStyle.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s double-breasted vest? Is it too Vicky Beckham?

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  • wow

    blah blah blah

  • danessa


  • he he he

    I think TC were answering those questions. :lol: she can’t think of her own btw.

  • ??

    she is nothing without tom cruise

  • wtf?

    What could she possible have to offer anyone about style, etc? She’s as dumb as a turnip.

  • Shar


  • KarenA

    She looks awesome. Go, Katie! :)

  • The DQ

    She’s a boring Stepford wife. She and TC deserve each other.

  • Jennifer W.

    I love it and Katie is the best. Katie has been my role model now for over 13 years and I will always look up too her and Im 23. Katie is so great and I wish her family all the best. I hope baby Suri has a wonderful christmas.

  • h.o.

    Shouldn’t a “fashion icon” be gracing the cover of Vogue rather than InStyle? Guess ‘Kate’ has to take what she can get.

  • Debra

    Simply classy & gorgeous!!!!!

  • clare

    All I can say is WOW!!!!


  • karina

    She look gorgeous:) I love her but hate Tom:) Suri is sweet:D Kisses:*

  • clare

    She looks fab. Now I want to read that magazine.

  • popile


  • Jane

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay she looks gorgeous.

  • pr person

    Does she actually put together a coherant sentence? Or is it more of the same …. “Fashin is ‘amazing’”, “Family is ‘amazing’”, …. “Fame is ‘amazing’”?!

  • KEL

    Woo hoo, go katie go katie go katie!!!!! Give it to them gal.

  • emily santiago

    what’s the big deal, such a stupid outfit, of all the things she could wear. she has no pizazz, she has no message, boring, boring, boring. KH is not in style, she is not in anything except heaps of $$$.
    What about George Clooney’s GF? What about….no,
    they’re way to classy for In Style, this is like a
    comic book, like TC’s stupid bambi award.

  • Anon.

    OMG – talk about photoshop…lol. This girl SO DOES NOT look that good – average, perhaps cute at best.

  • Lily

    Hate her orr love her, she is just a natuaral beauty. Suri takes after her. I can’t wait for the interviews when she is promoting her movie.

  • Lily

    He he, the haters are falling over themselves. This must have hit where it hurts.

  • Just me

    He r out fit is not Victoria Beckham at all. I find her more stylish than Victoria. I like Victoria aw well.

  • jessy

    I must have died and gone to heaven.

  • Eli

    she looks good, but I like more the hair with the bangs

  • Hudgensgirls68

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • Miapocca

    I think it looks remarkly like the nouveau riche option in men suits that porky pinoochio cruise has been stuffing himself in lately..ahahhshahahha Thank Xenu we dont have to see her legs!!

  • Miapocca

    hahaha..we all know the word beauiful and Suri does not belong in the same sentence …remember her running picture, holy con red head..ahahha that was awful and Katie at her natureal..even with all the face jobs , she still needs a ton of makeup tricks…..and if any child withitn my vicinity see this RoBoHo as a role model then they better be ready for a thrashing, because no kids should pine to be like this dumb twit taking it up the arse from daddy porky pinnochio..disgusting!!

    Photoshop you are so RIGHT…

  • Lea

    She has no personality.I dont know who is who anymore.

  • big ho

    she never was on the cover of a magazine before she met Tom. Proof that he paid for this cover. She probably whines all the time that she wants to be a model but knows she is not model material. Let’s see …snaggled teeth, hunchback, elephant legs=photoshop…need I say more?

  • Zanessa Forever!!!!

    I think that the vest is very cute and she is a beautiful woman. :)

  • Maria

    She is soooo CLASSY.

  • angel hair

    girl looks good… but she def ain’t who she used to be

  • Yorick

    “she never was on the cover of a magazine before she met Tom. Proof that he paid for this cover.”

    What an idiot…

  • Yorick

    “she never was on the cover of a magazine before she met Tom. Proof that he paid for this cover.”

    What an idiot…

  • *libraesque*

    #15…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was hilarious!!!
    and #9…your role model is someone who:
    had a b a s t a r d first child, despite being engaged for 11 months
    lived w/tc unmarried/pregnant in a house with his two teenagers
    is passing off Suri as tc’s despite the fact that she IS NOT his biologically
    does not spend her time doing ANY kind of charitable works, only shops daily

    that’s a role model???

  • thats_right

    Katie you should send a thank you card for the people who fixed you up and erased your wrinkles loooooooool

  • Ella

    Katie looks lovely. Did you get her teeth fixed?

  • Melissa

    Katie;s looks like am old 40-year old bland, plaim jane boring soccer mom, if she did not sell her soul to the devil and Tom, nobody would be paying any attention to the plain jane with no charisma or personalty

  • Lea

    Who remembers her pic’s from NY marathon? Ugly, so real ugly.

  • she gets the press

    that’s all the mag cares about, sales. they don’t care whether she has brains or does good for the world. she has us captivated cause we’re still trying to figure out why the hell she married the couch-jumper. why not showcase tea leoni who actually deserves attention?

  • Miapocca
  • Miapocca

    thats so wrong.ahahhahah hahahhaha ROFLMAO…did she get her teeth fixed….ahhha…I think that was done in her own carwash pre tom cruise

  • jhl

    Katie is obsessed with Posh. This is starting to resemble “Single White Female”. Katie will always be known as the girl no one ever heard of until she became Tom Cruise’s Ho.

  • Mr. Barky von Schnauzer

    Well, I see the Scientologists have been dispatched.

  • Gigi

    Cant wait to buy this!

  • Amber

    Katie looks delish

  • 911

    A good photo to come home to.

    Thanks Jared.

  • Caitlin

    all I can say is wow. Looks like her MM promotions has begun.

  • Cindy

    I think she looks great.

    BY the way, I posted answers to some of ur weird questions about wentworthmiller on the most recent wentworth miller post where he his trying to speak french…which was funny I must admit =)