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Happy Holidays from David Beckham!

Happy Holidays from David Beckham!

Becks wishes us all a very Happy Holidays from Adidas!

DOES ANYONE KNOW about the tattoo on Becks‘ left forearm?

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  • tg

    the tatoo reads VICTORIA in hindi (indian language!)

  • anon

    i believe its ARABIC for something – perhaps Victoria’s name or one of the kids name – !!!!!

  • anon

    ahhh – I was close – I knew it was Vicky’s name – LL – I said ARABIC so it was HINDI!

  • kj

    it’s victoria’s name in an arabic dialect. victoria has one as well, but is rumored to be misspelled. it’s NOT one of his kid’s names cause all of his kid’s names are already tattooed on his back.

  • Maya

    It says Victoria in sanskrit (old hindi language) So its not an arabic dialect. Two totally different languages…I’m arabic lol. Anyways, How sweet of a hubby is Becks??!!!!!!!!!1???

  • Maya

    It says Victoria in sanskrit (old hindi language). So its not arabic…(i’m arabic). Anyways, how sweet of a hubby is becks?!!!

  • penilyn

    so sick of them ughhhh

  • yerim-kwon

    very nice >_

  • Haifa

    Yah its definitely not arabic.

  • Hudgensgirl

    New new video christmas for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • sam

    the big one on his left arm is in Hindi and says Vhictoria (spelled with ‘h’ to make that sound in Hindi)

    the tattoo on top of the Hindi tattoo is in Hebrew and it’s a matching tattoo he has with Victoria (her one is on the back of her neck) it says “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

    (can’t see this one in that picture)
    and the tattoo under Victoria’s name in Hindi..there’s “Ut Amem Et Foveam” meaning “So That I Love And Cherish”

    Think that covers everything…feel free to add

  • $$$$$$$$$

    Hopefully, he’s donating the endorsement proceeds to charitable causes. He can’t possibly be that greedy.

  • JAG

    the hindi tattoo says victoria, but it’s mispelled and the hebrew one says :”I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, who grazes among the roses”

  • Orchid

    He is okay to look at, until he opens his mouth.

  • GCAT

    That’s sweet. I like the saying post #12 wrote about one of the sayings. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, who grazes among the roses.” That’s nice.

  • Anthony to the S.

    i want an adidas deal like beckham. he’s getting too much coverage on this site though!

  • cathryn

    The tattoo maker is from Manchester & he said Victoria spell on becks left arm in Hindi is correct.

    Posh & Becks have children foundation. They never expose “their charity things” to get people attention.

  • galaxy

    More tattoo in the future because Becks & Posh want more children.

  • Lillianne

    I would like my Beckham Christmas card nekkid or nearly nekkid please.

  • bimo

    That “Victoria” tattoo is Becks 1st tattoo.

  • candy

    Happy Holiday too Becks!

  • pink_tulips

    oh, thats so sweet…

  • deny

    So fucking sick sick sick sick sick of them STOP SHOWING THEM STOP SHOWING THEM.

  • MariaBeckham

    Yea , sure I know about David’s left arm tattoo.. 1) Victoria’s name in Hindi script .. and above it a hebrew tattoo , which is the same Victoria has on her upper back .. the one that say ” I’m my beloved and my belvoed is mine….etc’”
    “אני לידידי וידידי לי הרעה בשושנים”
    I’m from Israel , I’m arabian christian , but they make us here leard hebrew , so I can read and understand this tattoo.
    it has mistakes but it’s obvious despite that , that the whole purpose from this tattoo , is to show how much they love , protect ,cherish and indulge each other.
    the word “שושנים” means lilies [some kind of flowers] ..

    And below to Posh’s name in hindi , he has a latin phrase which is “Ut Amem Et Foveam” , in english ” So that I love and cherish” ..
    OMG , How geart this man is ?
    And how breathtaking his wife and family ?
    I wish them the best of the best..
    I’ve been a great fan of him since 2002 , and Poshs since 1995 [since th spice girls] , so seeing them together was a miracle :D ..

    I adore You guys.
    Yours forever.

  • smooth

    Maria Beckham.

    Just wanted to say that nobody makes arad people to learn hebrew. I’m from Israel as well,but my native language is russian. I have a lot of arabic friends who study with me in Universaty. We talk hebrew with each other…if you live in a country and want to study or work on normal job-you have no choice but to learn language.


  • unfortunately, yes~

    # 12: Unfortunately this pair of SELFISH, OVER-EXPOSED, OVER-INDULGED, VAIN SNOBS are and always will be “that greedy”– It’s ALWAYS about them and their ever present advancement of “Brand Beckham”– they are sickenning beyond words~!

  • remember da truth

    Ah, so sickening, and yet you continue to come to their threads, take the time to read the posts, and respond and post yourself! Hmmmm…… Who is really sick?

  • me


    Yeah, I’m sure the thousands of disabled children that their charities have helped would disagree. Yeah they do lots of endorsements & make hundreds of millions but they donate so much time to their charities – Victorias Mom works full-time at one of their charities .. It’s so ridiculous to say they’re greedy, they work their asses off & are they anymore greedy than Reese Witherspoon who earns $20M a movie or anymore greedy than Madonna …or anymore greedy than the guys who work on Wall St & earn $30M a year? It’s all relative … The Beckhams have huge expenses & in reality the amount they get after 10% to the agents, 10% to the Managers, 10% to the lawyers then 40% to the taxman then bodyguards, numerous mortages, personal assistants, nannys … you’re not left with all that much …

  • Mim

    Hey 28. Made me laugh that one about the Beckhams not being left with much.
    Are you kidding me? They are worth an absolute fortune. Their house in the UK is soooo big it’s called ‘Beckingham Palace’. To say that they’re hard workers is stretching it a little. He was a very talened football star and she…just got lucky. She never did much in the Spice Girls but pout, which she continued to do on the cover of every weekly mag.
    And what celebrity worth their bling don’t do work for charity? Great as it is, it’s also a tax right off.

  • charge

    Are you dating now on W e a l t h y R o m a n c e dotcom? I saw your profile on that site last week.

  • charge

    I saw his profile and photos on W e a l t h y R o m a n c e dotcom last week. Is he single now? Just curious.

  • grana

    Just because you don’t see them flaunting the fact they do stuff for charity, doesnt mean they don’t do anything.

    And whoever said that the Victoria tattoo was his first tattoo is wrong – his Brooklyn tattoo was hist first tattoo and then he got the Guardian angel on his back. ;)

  • Lilflowa

    They do so much for charity and raise money. David is even an ambassador for unicef. Because they dont flash all their charity work in peoples faces dont be an ass and assume they dont do any.

    You people obviously take whatever mags you buy, say or print about them at face value!

    Plus even though they are on mags everyweek it doesnt mean the mag covers are paying them! The majority of mag covers are PAPARAZZI photos which they have no control over so get a life and stop acting ignorant.

  • lops723

    28, you MUST be joking. Made me laugh also. Hard workers??? Maybe starving yourself in Victoria’s case & getting tattoo’s in Davids case. There is no limit to what these two will do for cash. They epitomise greed and selfishness. Beckham’s need for exposure is nauseating. The sad thing is that advertising companies actually think we like them. It puts me off the product.

  • Raihana

    i think its in bengali or hindi

  • mar

    David ..


    I’m actually interested in Becks latest tattoo, the one that covered his whole right arm. I can only read ‘pray for me’ and Becks talking about something in there that means ‘new beginnings’.

    Becks diehards: HELP!!!! haha

  • MariaBeckham

    I can’t believe how “Don’t know anything around” you are smooth :) ..
    They do make us learn hebrew , yes , we , arabs , in our village , are obligated in our secnd grade to start learnning there language , whether I’m with it or not , we are obligated , so what I said in my comment is right ..
    We’re not here to talk about You and me , we are here to read about this marvellous man !
    I don’t have much time , to reply everytime , for someone like You !!!

  • KK

    what you can say about tattoo upper then HINDI? It loocks like some line…