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Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Reena Hammer: Together Now and Forever

Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Reena Hammer: Together Now and Forever

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and girlfriend Reena Hammer grab dinner at Benares Indian restaurant in London on Monday. The couple held hands as the left the restaurant, despite recent rumors that they broke up.

The 30-year old Irish actor was seen having drinks at the bar before heading outside for a cigarette and picking up money from the ATM.

Last week, charges against Jonathan Rhys were dropped after he apologized through his lawyer for being drunk and abusive at Dublin Airport.

10+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Reena Hammer out and about Monday night…

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jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 01
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 02
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 03
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 04
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 05
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 06
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 07
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 08
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 09
jonathan rhys meyers reena hammer 10

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  • Shango_Hispanico

    Ummm… she is pretty and weird looking at the same time..

    He needs to leave her and the drugs, he is getting FUG!!

  • Aga

    Yey! I’m first!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy’s

    i’d say not the prettiest girfriend.

  • Regular poster

    Goodness, what did he find about her?

  • random

    um i hope that fur isnt real.

  • Macarena!!!!



  • alex p

    i guess it’s not all about her looks.. besides she’s not an ugly woman

  • Amber

    She’s prettier than any of you.

  • jenny

    yeaaah…since when do YOU have to like her????
    he’s in love with her….that’s everything that matters and not how beautiful she is!!!

    and besides..if you call her ugly than do you think perez is pretty????

    oh..and i also hope that this fur is fake!!!

  • fanvanessa1

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  • zoe

    go away fanvanessa1! who cares about vanessa hudgens.



    WE WANT ZAC!!!

  • Regular Poster

    Shall I upload my photo to show you the beautiful face he’s destined not to see because of the distance? He-He.

    By the way, I believe in their “now” but not in their “forever”. With so much more prettier fish in the sea out there, who would use such strong words?

  • Kerri

    These are not very good pictures of Reena. She’s looked much prettier before. I’m glad they’re still together…he needs all the support he can get since his mom died.

    And I hope the “drinks” were non-alcoholic. ;)

  • WilliamT

    He looks so much like a young Elvis in these pics it’s amazing.

  • Sissela

    She is so ugly. She must have a great personality.

  • alyson rheinbach

    just travelled back from argentina sun night and they were in first class on this flight.He chatted very politely to us,didnt drink alcohol even tho we offered him loads, he spoke very proudly of his girlfriend who is beautiful even at 5am with no make up.We were very rowdy having a birthday party all around him and he never complained.He changed into the unflattering ex large ba pyjamas the same as the rest of us with no diva behaviour,he is a lovely young man and he made our flight extra special x

  • Kerri

    Alyson, no offense but why would you offer “loads” of alcohol to a recovering alcoholic?? And what was he doing in Argentina?? But thanks for the report.

  • karl

    I always thought that he has a great resemblance with James Haven.

  • alyson rheinbach

    we didnt realise he was an alcohol,we just wanted him to join our party!He had been to argentina on a model shoot for hugo boss for just 48hrs!

  • jwiatr

    so what if he or she is ugly, you people are stupid for judging others based on looks

  • Kerri

    Oh, ok, Alyson. I didn’t mean to sound snippy. Once again, thanks for the report.

  • magnus

    Nice fur.

    Real classy…. :|

  • Regular Poster

    He looks better than James Haven. At least he has regular features. Haven is the best example that good ingredients do not always work together. His lips and eyes may have a wonderful life on their own but the parts add up to a very unsatisfactory whole for me.

  • from the block

    Ugly? wow. you guys must be high maintenance. She’s far gorgeous than any of you that’s dissing her. LOVE to see your faces. Please do upload to imageshack and share. (If it’s the REAL you anyway)

  • Le Seraphin

    I think they look good together, and I hope it is real fur. It’s about time people don’t let ignorant behavior dictate what they wear.

  • Yada

    She is loaded, he likes rich girls

  • Yada

    She is loaded. He mentioned he likes rich girls

  • scarlett

    well i always look the human being that is inside cuz is the most important thing but he’s exagerating she’s disgusting i mean it’s ok she’s a nice person but he deserves more than that fulgy women

  • heulwen

    gah. doesn’t henry cavill ever get out?! let’s have some more photos of him please! (x!)

  • Brittany

    ^ Heny Cavill is a tottally hottie!!!

  • Brittany

    ^ Heny Cavill is a tottally hottie!!!

  • tony the tiger

    What a fur whore!! She looks awful in that jacket.

    Everyone in London and West Hollywood knows that Rhys-Meyer is a crystal meth addict…as evidenced by the fact is always sweating bullets. Hopefully he can break off of it.


    Reena looks ugly cause fur! Ugly inside!

    Se fosse ela usava aquela pele irlandesa maravilhosa para me esquentar e largava aquele bicho morto horroroso!

  • WilliamT

    Henry Cavill avoids the paps because he doesn’t want to be caught out with his boyfriend. That’s a fact.

  • bataglio

    that’s no fake fur there. peta, wherefore art thou?

  • Sirio

    I truly hope this couple will last. They are nice together.

  • Mila

    She ‘s so lucky! JRM seems to love her!

  • Fran_dreschers_hairy_nutz

    Good gravy, he couldn’t have found a better lookin’ beard? From the laughable payless pumps to the craptastic jacket, she stepped off the no-clue express.

  • Fran_dreschers_hairy_nutz

    And I can’t believe some of you idiots really believe that JRM likes the ladies? “JRM seems to love her!” LOLZ! Clueless broads, you are.

    Come on, come on, come on. I’m kinda pissed that he hasn’t owned up to his identity yet.



  • chick_87

    this women is the ugliest thing ever!

  • mel

    wow. i dont think she is ugly but sheis not goregous either she just is. her skin is flawless though! wow he isnt the most handsomest guy either. i think they just look like a couple holding hands nothing really eye-catching about either of them but they or rather she is not ugly

  • Susan Maria Gavaghan Taylor

    Regarding the comment that people should not be dictated to as to what they wear by ignorant people. I would say that wearing fur and ignoring the suffering which lies behind it shows a shallow, unfeeling person. I am afraid that it does look like real fur. For Animal Liberation

  • Natalie

    I think Henry Cavill doesn’t live in London or LA. i think he still resides in Jersey, where he grew up. plus, he doesn’t come across as a hollywood guy like johnny does.

  • WilliamT

    Henry Cavill doesn’t go out because he’s in the closet. Deal with it.

  • Melanie

    Henry is not gay! Three reasons I know: He said so in his own words, His good friend who is openly gay said he is not, and lastly I know one of his ex-girlfriends.

  • caramel

    booooo Reena!he too hot 4 u

  • caramel

    Boooo Reen,he’s tooo hot 4 u

  • Daphne Moss

    Ignorant people dictate what to wear, eh?
    Yeah, those ignorant people who know just what goes into tearing the skin off living animals so an ugly rich biatch can walk around acting like she’s something.