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Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt has been wearing a lot of hats recently and now you can too!

As part of the New Orleans Make it Right project that Brad is supporting, the organization will sell items “selected by Brad and the MIR team to reflect the MIR mission. Our goal is to offer forward-thinking, green products. All proceeds will be allocated exclusively to building Make It Right homes.”

Hats are a big part of the selection Brad has chosen and certainly reflect his fashion sense. The merchandise includes various “newsboy” caps that he frequently wears similar to the one pictured in the photo. (Taken during the Beowulf Premiere.) Other caps, shirts and bags complete the clothing line. Click HERE to see Brad model the clothing and support the cause!

In case you missed it, Brad & Angelina popped into the high-profile Mayweather-Hatton boxing match last weekend. What a fight! (And yup, he wore a newsboy cap to the fight as well!)

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Okay?

    WOW @ 12/12/2007 at 12:38 am

    I hope you mean Linda Evangelista from back in the supermodel days and not today. These days she has a carbface. No definition at all. She gained a ton of weight.

  • juju

    Alexia @ 12/12/2007 at 12:46 am

    Blah, blah… she is anorexic, blah, blah… she needs to eat… blah, blah…
    Don’t you get tired?

    Every thread the same crap, over and over again.
    So boring…

    How much time do you people need to get use to it? She was and will always be skinny.

  • ntt

    CLINIQUA @ 12/12/2007 at 1:00 am

    Newbie is right about Kelly.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Brad is always picture on themakeitright site wearing a long sleeved tee shirt. Yet they only have short sleeved shirts pictured. I wonder why they don’t have any long sleeved ones. I would like to order a couple of long sleeved tees. Does anyone who has ordered know if they have long sleeved tees? Peace

  • ntt

    Hi CHQT, good to ‘see’ you again.

  • thanks :)

    Normally around the holidays Regis and Kelly have either guest hosts and tape segments. Most likely Regis or Kelly interviewed Brad via satellite.

  • kelly

    Before Angie and Brad got together, Kelly always said nice things about Angie. But Kelly changed her attitude after Brad and Angie became an item.

  • coalharbourqt

    Hello ariel!! Sending you a big cyberHUG! I’m doing okay… how are you? Never got an email from you, via the mother of the Great Pink Flamingo ;-)

    Looking forward to the Golden Globe announcements in a couple of days! :D

    Okay, off to watch Cane and then get some zzz’s :-)

  • ntt

    dianad1968 @ 12/12/2007 at 12:54 am

    Diana, I love to read your posts. They are always well written, and well thought out. I had to laugh at the troll who criticized your post for spelling. I had to reread the post and the only thing I found was the one typo. I think the troll just wants to discourage a good poster from contributing to the conversation on B&A’s threads. Talking about desperation.

  • coalharbourqt

    Hugs to you, ntt!

  • Grace

    I love and respect Brad and Angie. Many people in my office love them.

    Brad does put in HIS TIME in addition to his 5 million for this project. And time is money.

  • ntt

    OK, ladies, I will see you again the day after the Golden Globes Awards. I am leaving for Italy early tomorrow. I just hope I could catch the show in Italy. Gabriella, if you are lurking, Hello to you. Will tell you about my trip when I get back.

  • Jill

    # 55 Cindy @ 12/12/2007 at 1:10 am
    i guess because of the circumstances under which they got together.

    Cindy, this couple got together the same way a billion other couples got together. One partner was unhappy in a marriage which he or she should never have gotten into in the first place and found his soulmate in someone else. He unloaded his spouse and found happiness with his soul mate. It happens somewhere every day.

    People fall in and out of love all the time. If Brad was ever in love with Aniston — and that is a big if — I would bet he fell out of love with her by the second year of their marriage, and for the rest of the time they were together he was just going through the motions. They had absolutely nothing in common besides being pretty to look at, and that’s not nearly enough to hold a marriage intact.

  • juju

    Cindy @ 12/12/2007 at 1:10 am

    As a couple not so much, i guess because of the circumstances under which they got together. Maybe if the scenerio had been different they would seem more like a legit couple to me. But who am I to say much, just a thought

    They meet. Became friends. Become attracted to each other. One of them was married. He got divorced. They got together and fall in love. Became a familly.

    What’s it’s so different in this “circumstances”? Nothing more normal. Millions and millions of couples all over the world become together under the same “circumstances”.

  • Next

    15 – 20lbs heavier and she would be perfection. I don’t like Brad Pitt!

  • Jill

    # 65 Next @ 12/12/2007 at 1:37 am
    15 – 20lbs heavier and she would be perfection. I don’t like Brad Pitt!
    I’m sure Brad will cry himself to sleep tonight knowing that. :roll:

  • ahila

    Brad (and I think Angie) is wearing a poppy!!!!! He is absolutely amazing and so thoughtful.

  • sharon
  • dianad1968

    “litter, you are trash”, and “the real tita”, thanks for having my back on the B&A boxing thread, and replying to litter. i was on my way home from work, and did not see her stupid comments until really late. such idiots we encounter every day.

  • Hudgensgirl

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • the real tita

    #69: It’s nothing, dianad. The trolls love to nitpick cause they have nothing worthwhile to do or add to the converstation. It’s their usual routine…they snark, we kick their teeth in. No biggie.

  • marianna

    Gavin was on EXTRA and said that he likes to cook but Gwen is not allowed in the kitchen. Gwen is not a good cook.

    You know Gwen and Angelina are some smart women. LOL Because once you are known to cook everyone expects you to cook for them.

    Also the interviewer asked Gavin who wears the pants in the house. Gavin said he would not want to be with a woman he could control. Then he said let’s just say we each have a leg in the pants.

    I can see why these couples get along.

  • sorry

    ^^^^ No offense, but this is not a Vanessa thread. Or Zac Efron for that matter. If you are a fan of them good for you, but please leave Zanessa out of this thread. Thanks

  • Robbed Writer

    Tell your f’n greedy thieving business associate to MAKE IT RIGHT and pay for the script he stole and gave to Conrad and Smith. Stealing from white women, stealing the resources of a white woman to enrich a black man and a white wannabe hack is unethical and criminal. Tell the morons you associate with to MAKE IT RIGHT. Your maggot buddies stole my resources, my intellectual property and two solid years of my life. MAKE IT RIGHT or STFU.

  • bbb

    Why does Brad look like He’s being sucked dry by the Vamp i r e woman.

  • the real tita

    #74: whoo, who are you talking about? Very intriguing but very vague too. A thief is a thief no matter what color, didn’t you know? What would you gain by interjecting this race card in your beef? Will it bring a heavier punishment for the malefactors?

    Elaborate, if you please.

  • dianad1968

    ntt @1:21 am, i thank you for your kind words. most of the time i am posting form work, so you know it’s one eye on the keyboard, and one eye on the look out for the boss. lol. the funny thing about my post in this thread is that i do not swear – at least i never used to – but i got so incensed tonight i just lost it. fellow posters,please forgive the obcenity.

    on another topic for a minute. i bought myself a new laptop, (early xmas gift) and it is taking getting used to. and i am very computer challenged, so it is doubly hard for me. for instance, i dont know how to highlight to copy and paste. i will appreciate any help you wonderful ladies ( and gents) can give me. i will say goodnight for now, until tomorrow, God’s willing. Ciao.

  • aaa

    Why does Brad look like He’s being loved to death by dear Angie.

  • aaa

    Oh Brad spent & become dried up for 7 years living & being used up by the Dog woman ANUSton. Gosh that Aniston is one fugly son of a beeyoth. She can go to hell!!

  • xenia

    Love them. Thanks JJ for the new thread.

  • Robbed Writer

    Your amoral business associates are living off the fruits of my labor. How very philanthopic. There’s so much charity coming from these people toward those who provide the very blusprint for their work, which they could not work without, that a writer could justly imagine that no money reaches the “victims” that these “charity-minded” people are watching over like gods. From a victim of their criminal business conduct, it all appears to be extremely self-serving and self-promoting, this charity side business of theirs. I’m almost surprised that Smith doesn’t dress his children up to immitate Katrina victims to raise “charity” money, but, no he had my script to enrich himself with so he didn’t need to go to that extreme for money, he used my art to make money. It was easy, all he had to do was take my script from another actor who passed on it. Lucky for the Smiths Conrad has a teeny tiny mind so casting a black man in a role designed for a white man (to BREAK stereotypes) was second nature to him, as it is to all hack writers. It was a gift to him, all he had to be was black and nothing more. They all took their cut including the man behind the curtain who takes scripts lured in by his well-known actors who he uses as bait to hook a hack who then puts a hat on it and makes it look just a little different, just different enough to steal it “legally” as they say in that crowd of criminal minded Hollywood types. Hollywood types, I say, because they aren’t artists, they are merely thieves. Common criminals.

    My new industry motto is now: They’re all thieves unless they’ve proven otherwise beyond a shadow of a doubt. Really, as a warning to the general public, do not trust a charity if it resorts to using celebrities to endorse it. Charity requires truth, not glamour. When you see these so-called charity organizations using very expensive celebrity enorsements you can be fairly certain that they are all in it for personal gain and profit only.

    Make it right with this writer.

  • i love angie

    love them!! =)

  • dianad1968

    before i sign off, i just saw the post from marianna about EXTRA asking this archaic question of who “wears the pants” in the relationship. it never fails to amaze me that in this day and age, it is not just assumed that two people can love, respect and nurture a loving relationship, and still be independent and strong in their own right. why does one have to have the upper hand, and wear the pants? you would think society would have banished that phrase the way of the rotary phone.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad’s response on Larry King about State of Play was so gracious. No wonder he is so well liked in the industry. I just think he’s the type that doesn’t harbor ill will. That’s why he’s not afraid to stick up for what he believes in – despite what may seem like big disagreements to the public, these people stay friends and colleagues and come together years later and make another movie.

  • Robbed Writer

    My screenplay alone provided tens of millions that could have gone to MIR. Smith benefited, Conrad benefited, they don’t need to beg for money, they stole enough from me and gave it to blacks. MIR if offensive because these hypocrites pretend to be charitable toward blacks but are racists against the whites that they rob as a way of life. It’s as though I and others robbed by these bigoted business associates behind top talent are targets of theft by these wannabe Robin Hoods. They are just criminals. I believe they only pretend to want to help blacks in NO and those they associate with on camera to fool the masses while they rob white writers like me and live lavishly off of the fruits of my labor. The charity is a decoy, a red herring. Robbing me of my work is telling me that I’m the bad guy for being born white and therefore my work and the profits from it has to be given to blacks with a big chunk going to support the expensive lifestyles of the already rich Hollywood types. It’s that simple, they justify stealing from me by claiming to be savoirs of the black victims of a natural disaster. They are playing both sides. They play to the blacks and play to the writers they rob by saying we are great, we did it all ourselves and here’s our gift to you because we are great and can save you. Meanwhile they’ve stolen two years of my life, stolen my property, stolen my resources. They think they are gods but they are just devils, they are evil and deceive themselves. All they really have is the undue worship of the many who overvalue fame and wealth and, of course, small-minded wives who value money more than integrity. The little man behind the curtain overreached and tried to make himself known as a tycoon with phenomenal creative talent but only revealed how devious he is and how he hides his name from the credits until he sees and opportunity to thrust himself out there displaying himself as a creative genius. It’s vile. You might not know what this all means, but THEY do.

  • the real tita

    #81: Are you saying MIR was your idea and that somebody stole it? You’re talking about a script so that can’t be it. But then you are talking about a charity so it could be related to this thread. What in the heck are you talking about and why don’t you sue the b a s t a r d s who did this to you? Raving and ranting on a blog for fans of a celeb is not gonna net you the big fish. Shouldn’t you go after the real culprits?

    Hey, if they can sue over a music composition that had just somehow been duplicated by a few notes, you can sue over a whole script. Didn’t you copyright the thing before you sent it out for bidding or approval?

    Either you clarify your accusations or you wallow alone in your misery. I’m going to bed.

  • Cindy

    OK sorry if i offended anyone, your right their story does happen to a lot of people.

    I guess I’m too much of an idealist.

    But like i said, i respect their work.

  • newbie

    Thanks Lady G for the TV Guide info, I guess I’ll watch Regis on Monday…thank God exams are over by then! : )

    Also, I mean no offence Cliniqua but I’m not mistaken either. I used to watch Regis and Kelly every day before class. She may adore Angie before Brad, but she’s Team Aniston after the divorce. I remember she keeps saying how everyone loves her…I was so disgusted by the ass kissing I had to turned off the TV and walk away. Unfortunately, I can’t find any videos of the interview. Actually, I found it on a Friends site but I REFUSE to register to get it. LOL They were promoting “Rumor Has It”. I won’t post the link here because that would give them hits. But if you want it, let me know. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. : )

    Oh, and here’s a transcript of Ripa parodying Angie. Again, I don’t think she meant any harm since she made fun of herself too…but it wasn’t that funny.

  • Robbed Writer

    A writer suing an agency, manager or studio doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating these maggots in court. It would take a Crusade to beat them in our court. Judges are bribed with TV shows of their own. It’s called “legal theft” and these morons are pros at it, they live by it.

    MIR was not my intellectual property. They pursued happiness by stealing it from me in the form of a screenplay that was sent with an offer for work. They show what bigots, racists and misogynists they all truly are by protesting too much that they are the exact opposite. They betray themselves. The little man behind the curtain is not any different than a flasher. He hides then runs out at you and says, “Look at how big I am.” You’re left gasping at the irony that he’s really, really small and only imagines himself to be big but is never the less a danger to you because of his self-delusion. It would be laughable were it not for the criminal element of their actions.

    This is my Christmas present to the thieves.

  • ?

    pursuit of happyness
    will smith
    steve conrad

  • Robbed Writer

    The short of it is, don’t give money to faux charities promoted by tools of little deluded men who play both sides while grossly enriching themselves at others expense. It’s not worth the emotional price you pay or the loss of your valuable time.

  • Robbed Writer

    They can call my agent and MIR anytime they decide to go down the right path. The path the are on amounts to reverse racism.

  • Orchid

    11 Jill @ 12/12/2007 at 12:11 am I’ll send a donation to Makeitright and they can keep the hat.

    Is Brad’s hat a permanent part of his anatomy now? I think he’s got that thing nailed to his head!
    :lol: He probably has at least a dozen of the same hat, Jill.

  • newbie

    #92: Call me dense and insensitive, but what does your stolen script has anything to do with rebuilding New Orleans? Are you saying that if they paid you for the script, you would donate all of it to charities? And really, how would us donating (or not donating) to MIR has anything to do with your script? Would it help you get the rights to your script back? I don’t believe so. So really, how does you whining here on a gossip blog accomplish anything?

  • ?

    will smith
    pursuit of happyness
    steve conrad
    chad schmidt
    brad pitt

  • angie fan


  • the real tita

    #88: Well Kelly relates to JA more than to Angie, I thought. They’re both TV, both supposed to be the perky, cheerleader type who had married their ideal mates (until one big bad beautiful movie star came to rearrange the cozy setup).

    Like with the ex, I have never felt Kelly as the genuine article …too gushy, kind of pushy and with just a subtle hint of catty. Both have a lot in common so it was only natural that they should form a bond.

  • newbie

    Orchid, maybe Angie has a hat fetish too. Can you imagine her telling him to “keep the hat on” during playtime? lol

  • Cecilia

    OMG!! Angelina doesnt look good at all…wondering how did such a nice man like Brad Pitt decide to stay with her…WEIRD COUPLE!

  • Robbed Writer is sam

    Robbed Writer @ 12/12/2007 at 3:39 am

    You did it again with your multiple personalities.

    Plain logic

    Sam is a loonie.
    You are a loonie

    Plus the fact that you usually post your lunacy at this time.