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Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt Wears Different Hats

Brad Pitt has been wearing a lot of hats recently and now you can too!

As part of the New Orleans Make it Right project that Brad is supporting, the organization will sell items “selected by Brad and the MIR team to reflect the MIR mission. Our goal is to offer forward-thinking, green products. All proceeds will be allocated exclusively to building Make It Right homes.”

Hats are a big part of the selection Brad has chosen and certainly reflect his fashion sense. The merchandise includes various “newsboy” caps that he frequently wears similar to the one pictured in the photo. (Taken during the Beowulf Premiere.) Other caps, shirts and bags complete the clothing line. Click HERE to see Brad model the clothing and support the cause!

In case you missed it, Brad & Angelina popped into the high-profile Mayweather-Hatton boxing match last weekend. What a fight! (And yup, he wore a newsboy cap to the fight as well!)

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • the real tita

    #279: Some women are so delusional they’ll believe anything (even if the guy hasn’t even remotely hinted at it). Do you think that if Brad still loved the ex he’d be able to leave her azz? He could still jetset if he chose to with or whithout either woman so why sacrifice one when he could do both?

    Stop clutching at straws. Desperation is not something to be proud of. Why degrade yourself for someone who doesn’t want you? What more does that man have to do to make you see where he wants to be…take out an ad?

  • Janice

    LOL. I want a piece of this ‘I know a celebrity’ action too.
    Well you know what…I happen to know Jessica Alba and she told me awhile ago that she was pregnant but she asked me to keep quiet and not say a word to anyone about it.

  • brad lover

    LoL @ 12/12/2007 at 1:08 pm
    Brad doesn’t need Angie. OK. He will be much much better without her. Now he looks so tired and miserable. Free Brad. I want that hot and happy Brad Pitt back.

  • my take

    I think Brad will always have love in his heart for Jennifer, but getting back together with her will NEVER happen.
    He has feelings of deep friendship, but that’s all.

  • julia

    I see trolls are trying the Brad against Angie once again.. Have Fun with that, cuz We know You are fans of niether Brad or Angie..

  • he sure did

    305 honey he left the states and went clear to africa,england to get away from your stinky crack.

  • Janice

    Some pictures of Angelina with her Wanted co-stars Common and James McAvoy. (I like James and I want to see Atonement).

  • the real tita

    #280: And the papz chose to have a blind eye while this little tete-a-tete was going on? Have they all of a sudden forsaken money for the sake of decency?

    Where are the pics? Nowadays, you have to have everything documented…this is the day of camera phones. Nobody took one stinking shot of this momentous meeting? Yeah, right!

  • Brad Pitt

    “Jen and I still maintain a deep friendship and have a lot of life together that isn’t erased in any way.”

  • Brad FAn

    Don’t forget the GG nominations tomorrow.

    Congrats to Brad and his lovely Angelina on getting criticial raves for their work.

  • the real tita

    #311: That’s true, he said that. So how many bridges have you purchased so far?

  • Janice
  • lora

    fr US Mag blog today

    Oh those poor fanistons. I guess some of them have finally realized they cant deny Brad’s love for Angie, so now they are trying to soothe themselves by believing Brad loves Angie AND Jennifer the same. (if ONLY Jen liked to travel, they could have a wonderful manage et toi.)


  • honey i’m sorry.

    brad lover——–your ass.

  • lol


    Aniston’s Rep Denies Jennifer Met Shiloh
    Tuesday August 21, 2007

    Jennifer Aniston’s rep is denying reports that she gave an interview to Britain’s Look magazine in which she dishes on her former fling, Paul Sculfor, and a recent meeting with Brad Pitt and daughter Shiloh.

    An article in the new issue of Look magazine (excerpted by The Sun claims that Aniston recently ran into Pitt and his daughter in a restaurant, and that she has plans to fly to London to see Sculfor on a regular basis.

    “I was very sad last month when he went back to live in London,” the magazine “quotes” Aniston, 38. “But I’m going to be buying a lot of return tickets to Europe in the next few months so we can see each other.”

    However, Aniston’s rep, Stephen Huvane, says that the article is a work of fiction.

    “The interview never happened,” says Huvane. “The events like Jennifer running into Brad with Shiloh at a restaurant is completely false as well, as are all the events and quotes they attribute to Jennifer.”

    Look also falsely quotes the actress admitting that she was “turning into Bridget Jones” after she and Pitt, 43, divorced, spending days “lying on the floor surrounded by ice cream.”

  • Janice
  • juju

    fr US Mag blog today @ 12/12/2007 at 12:41 pm



  • swooon

    Did anyone see the larry king interview with Brad yesterday?

    He said that the best gift he has given his children is Angelina as their mother.

  • Angelina Jolie

    “Johnny is the love of my life and hopefully one day we will get married again.”

  • honey i’m sorry.

    If the x loves brad thats tuff because forever she will have to look at brads lovely wife and children.

  • Angelina Jolie

    On Brad

    He’s much more ‘man’ than any other man I’ve ever met.”

  • spread this around

    OT FYI

    This is the real story and the read triangle.

    David Arquette has reportedly told his wife , Courtney Coxsuccka, that he’s over Jennifer Aniston always being around and gave her an ultimatum.

    Jen has spent almost every holiday with the Arquettes and calls Courtney at all hours. David feels he’s had to share his wife with Aniston and has set some ground rules.

    A source close to the couple said, “Somewhat understandably, David’s now saying it’s him or Jennifer. He’s had enough and is drawing a line in the sand. He’s asking that Jennifer’s visits become less frequent and that there are no phone calls between midnight and 8am. David is now telling friends that it feels like he is married to two women.”

    Ahh…the third wheel. Aniston needs a man! She seems like the needy type. The type that’s always complaining about how there aren’t any good men out there, blah…blah…blah.. David should introduce Jen to his sister, Alexis Arquette. Now that’s a couple.

  • Peaches

    QQQQ @ 12/12/2007 at 11:56 am # 262 Renee Zellweger’s take @ 12/12/2007 at 11:44 am – Good for her; she gives to charity… she is NOT a humanitarian or a philathropist… U do know there is a difference!
    Exactly, she gives money to charities and hopes the money goes to good use. It appears she has no interest whatsoever of taking the lead in the money going to good use or helping to get others to donate to the various causes or informing others of the good work the organizations that she donates money to does. There is nothing wrong with that, it is great that she donates but like you said she is not a humanitarian or a philathropist, there is a difference.

  • honey i’m sorry.

    320 ;yes and Brad said it with pure love.that is why Larry King says Brad and Angie love each other.

  • correction

    Angelina is not Brad’s wife…yet.

  • they dated right before Brad

    # 321 Angelina Jolie @ 12/12/2007 at 1:23 pm “Johnny is the love of my life and hopefully one day we will get married again.”

    why didn’t she?

  • correction

    Angie will always love Jonny, but he is not the love of her life.

  • beautiful

    He admits when he first set eyes on Gwyneth he knew instantly they’d be together. “She almost stopped my heart at ten paces.’ he nods dreamily. “She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. The first time I saw her I fell for her in an instant.”— Brad Pitt 1997 interview in Company magazine.

  • julia

    Oy Vey..

    Can We as Fans Please focus in the Present and the wonderful things going on in Their life now?
    The past is the past..

  • raye

    Angie placed Second! I think she won the poll, but the winner is I suppose most deverving!

    Each year for six years Beliefnet editors have asked themselves whether the nominees for Most Inspiring Person can get any more exceptional. And in the seventh year of the feature, we’re amazed to find out that, yes, they can. The heroic actions of our nominees range from putting their lives on the line to protect others to selflessly dedicating themselves to helping those in need, to serving as a role model for youth.

    This year our list included two coaches: Tony Dungy, coach of the Super Bowl-wining Indianapolis Colts and a prominent Christian, who encourages faith and family ahead of winning; and Luma Mufleh, founder of the soccer team the Fugees, comprised of refugee kids from war-torn countries.

    The most high-profile nominees on this year’s list, actors Don Cheadle and Angelina Jolie, both work to aid the world’s poor by giving them a public voice. Cheadle puts his focus on aiding the people of Darfur, while Jolie works on a variety of humanitarian—including Darfur, Doctor’s Without Borders, and the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

    Jolie also has the distinction of being the most controversial nominee this year, with many Beliefnet readers writing in to express their disappointment with her nomination. Many noted that Jolie was “living in sin” with boyfriend Brad Pitt. But others pointed out the fact that she currently gives one-third of her earnings to charity. For someone who usually commands upwards of $15-20 million per film, that adds up to a lot. For this and other reasons, Jolie placed second among the top three finalists.

  • WOW

    324 :yeah! they would make matching golden couple.”ALEXIS AND JENNIFER ARQUETTE”

  • Beauty

    And what about the official meeting?
    Billy Bob: In Toronto, when we made Pushing Tin. The actual first time was in an elevator. [To Angelina] I should let you take over from here.
    Angelina: He said hi, and I walked intot he wall. Then he got in a car to go try on some pants-look, I’m eating my cigarette as I say that-and I went around the corner and caught my breath. I didn’t know what to do.

  • brad lover

    Gwyneth Paltrow is the love of Brad Pitt’s life and his angel not Angelina. period.

  • julia


    thank You Raye.. Wonderful.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Oh boy, the desperation of trolls. Tis a funny sight to witness. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    315- lora:
    (if ONLY Jen liked to travel, they could have a wonderful manage et toi.)
    Menage a trois? With X??? EEEEEEEWWWWW!!! :lol: You just gave an image I didn’t want, lmao. Yeah, X thinks it means three people cleaning together, and do you know her to be one to clean anything anyway? When she could be tanning?

  • brad lover

    Brad Pitt will never marry Angelina even if she gives her 10 bio kids.

  • WOW


  • Beauty

    What happened last night?
    Billy Bob: I was looking at her sleep and I had to restrain myself from literally squeezing her to death. Sex for us is almost too much. It’s so intense that sometimes we can look at each other and think, ” You know what, we can’t get into this right now or something’s going to happen.”

    Billy Bob: People say certain things to each other, “I love you.” “You mean everything to me.” Stuff like that. Everybody says them. Tehn one day you find the person who you are honestly put here to be with and you realize that now when you say those things, you really mean them.
    Angelina: Until I met him, I had no idea how much you can love a someone.

  • brad lover

    I mean “gives him” not “gives her”

  • piper, with a low

    # 279 fr US Mag blog today @ 12/12/2007 at 12:41 pm

    That sounds like rewarmed, 3 year old pantload!

    # 280 lies&strupid @ 12/12/2007 at 12:45 pm

    … as witnessed by that same $h*t who spotted Brad with a blonde, fleeing the Beowulf afterparty that never was!

    All of these stories that are used to call Brad and Angelina’s loyalty to each other into question, and yet, no pictures?

  • to brad lover

    Brad Pitt WILL marry Angelina you idiot!

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    336- Mr and Mrs Smith:
    Oh boy, the desperation of trolls. Tis a funny sight to witness.
    Isn’t it? :lol:

  • WOW

    338 brad lover: why your love never married you??????????

  • julia


    Ummm just an FYI incase you didn’t know this.. Angie and Billy Bob are no longer a couple.. Brad and Angelina are now a Family with THEIR FOUR Children..

  • crazy

    I have to say Angie and BBT’s relationship was really weird and really crazy.

    I will never ever understand what she saw in him.

  • Beauty

    From what I know, the first time anyone knew you were together was when Angie got Billy Bob tattoed on her arm. Is there a story about getting that tattoo?
    Angelina: It’s actually the second time I’ve gotten his name. The other one is a place where nobody’s ever seen.

  • WOW

    is that you poi????brad lover

  • sebastian

    315 lora

    a menage a trois with this thing??

    I hope you were joking; because YUCK!! YUCK!! YUCK!!

  • Lady G

    # 331 raye @ 12/12/2007 at 1:32 pm

    Angie placed Second! I think she won the poll, but the winner is I suppose most deserving!


    Thanks Raye!

    I glad that both Angie and Don get the recognition they deserve.