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Hayden Christensen Jumps Around

Hayden Christensen Jumps Around

Hayden Christensen stars in Jumper, a Doug Liman-directed movie (The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

This newly released poster however, looks more like The Matrix than The Bourne Identity. If it’s anything like The Matrix, this could be a good one!

The plot involves a genetic anomaly which allows a young man (Christensen) to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those who have sworn to kill them.

Check out the trailer!

Jumper opens across the country on Feb. 14, 2008.

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  • annabel


  • angelina

    yea it reminds me of the matrix but the movie still looks really good to see

  • Kell


    love him!!
    he is so hot!!!

  • tony the tiger

    But Hayden Christensen completely ruined the Star Wars franchise with his lousy acting!!! He is like the worst actor in Hollywood and all of his non-Star Wars movies bomb. How does he keep getting parts?

  • purplehearts

    sooo hot i cant wait to see it!

  • s.

    Actually, if you ever saw Shattered Glass or Life as a House(which garnered him a GG nomination) you would realize that wasn’t Hayden’s acting that was subpar, but George Lucas’ less than stellar dialogue. Natalie Portman sucked ass in those too, yet was terrific in Garden State, V for Vendetta and The Professional. I wouldn’t write off Hayden just yet. Watch him in anything other than the Star Wars movies and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • rebelplate

    movie looks promising!

  • troy

    This movie actually looks pretty cool. I am definitely looking forward to it.

  • nikki

    i just want to see the movie because of MAX THIERIOT!!

  • Sheri

    Why oh why do you fanboys insist that Hayden ruined Starwars? Good lord, get over it. He’s young and still learning (as you should all your life) but the rest of his body of works speaks for itself. Jumper will be a really good, really fun movie.

  • Ashley

    hayden is hot and also max !

  • tony the tiger

    sorry ladies but Hayden’s acting totally sucked in shattered glass and every other movie since….and his movies always bomb. Just look at the latest one…Awake.

    A movie reviewer for the New York Times even said Hayden was the worst big movie actor of all time…quite a superlative!!!

  • http:////////// betty

    He is a good handsome actor…and yes more the same kind of acting roles “Life as a house” and “Shattered glass”.And if you don’t like that type you won’t like most of his roles till now. It is probebly G.Lucas stellar dialogue, cause Nathalie is also a good actress.

  • hee iss sooooo HOT………………………(l)

  • bee

    is it set in Australia or something, cause i see the opera house in the bottom of the picture.

  • tony the tiger

    hayden is a big homo…not that there is anything wrong with that…just a fact…

  • gefa03

    @ tony the tiger

    Check your sources man!!

    First, the NYT never said that, it was in the NY Daily News. Quite a difference! And besides the NYT would hardly write in such an offensive language.

    Second, the NY Daily News considered it as “possibly the worst movie of 2007″. BUT NEVER MENTIONED that Hayden is “the worst big movie actor of all time”!!

    Third, he got praise from critics for his performances in Shattered Glass, including the NYT. For his performance in LAAH he received a GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATION!

    Fourth, Roger Ebert gave Awake 3 stars out of 4, which is quite an important reference………

    to be continued

    So your arguments can’t be hold up, sorry man!

  • clara

    just forget star wars ! noone could have pulled anakin as per george lucas’s direction. hayden is amazing in all his other movies, especially SG & LAAH. and to be honest, he did good in FG. as for Awake, he held the whole thing together, and was awesome in that. all the fanboys should just let hayden get on with his career, which will be to churn out an amazing body of work, and in 10 years time people will be saying, “seriously, that’s the guy from SW ?”……. give him time, a good driector, and a good script……. and just let the magic flow !

  • magnus

    Wow Tony.

    You just got made out to look like a total b*tch!

  • magnus


    Tony, the guy isn’t gay.

    In fact his shoes have probably seen more p*ssy than you have. lol

  • leah

    @ tony

    Ohhhhh, Burn LOL

  • Jazzyjazz

    Saw the trailer and it looks interesting. I might check it out.

  • Dianne

    He’s such a horrible actor I have no idea how he landed the role. The casting director must have been drunk.

  • tony the tiger

    sorry all but Hayden puts the “H” in HOMO….all of his “relationships” have, conveniently, been with female movie stars, but he has been seen all over west hollywood with some guy who he swaps spit with at the corner of the main avenue all the time.

  • tony the tiger

    maybe hayden should hang out with zac gayfron more often….next to zac hayden looks like a real man

  • tony the tiger


    i am glad someone finally agrees with me….when will the madness end? all of hayden’s movies lose money…he has no star power….and can’t act….it really is a vicious cycle…hollywood is going to implode

  • cold knees


  • selena

    love the poster! and the trailer is amazing.. cant wait for this to come out!

    @Tony.. Hayden lives Canada not West Hollywood so little problem with your “swapping spit on the main avenue with all the time” story… if you are gonna try and start stuff at least make sure you know what you are talking about lol

  • gefa03

    @ Selena

    good point, glad you mentioned :-))

    @Tony the tiger

    …..and again, check your facts man!!

  • John

    I hate Hayden for ruining Star Wars!

  • gefa03

    I love the trailer. This will be soooo awesome. Hey did you know they filmed a scene in the Colosseum in Rome? Only very few directors were allowed in there so far!!

    @ John
    Maybe he ruined it for you, well I’m sorry but that’s life!

  • Liz

    Amen to that, #6.

  • scarlett

    wow this movie looks amazing and guys hayden can really act i mean i’m not his fan or anything like that but i just saw awake and he was awesome he’s so talented if he keeps his acting that way next year he’ll be winning an oscar, he’s a really good actor

  • selma

    damn i’ll be drooling all over when i see this!!!!

  • vanessa

    Oh wow you morons who keep bringing up Hayden ruining Star Wars needs to go get a life.George Lucas is to blame not Hayden

  • marzgurl

    for whoever thinks hayden cant act well ur wrong, he wasnt that good in star wars 2 but in 3 he was and now hes a great actor i saw awake n he was awesome who ever hates him r jst jelous

  • An Image To Puke To

    This film, Jumper, is a sequel to the 9/11 trailer/film Fight Club.

  • rpclvm

    great movie poster

  • rpclvm

    that is a nice looking movie poster