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Jessica Alba - First Pictures of Pregnancy

Jessica Alba - First Pictures of Pregnancy

Jessica Alba earlier today confirmed she and Cash Warren were expecting a baby in late spring, early summer ’08.

JFX Online
has secured pictures of Jessica Alba walking around her porch today with her pregnant belly. She’s starting to show!

Congrats again to Jess and Cash.

Visit JFX Online for the full set of pictures!

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  • danny

    aww! lol

  • danny

    btw where the f*** is zanessa!!???

  • zanessa110

    aww, its staring to show

  • zanessa110

    danny, i want zanessa pics too!

  • belu

    waw she is so cutee!

  • Nikki


    Jessica Is Really Pretty.
    And Im Happy For Themm

  • Izzy

    wow… didn’t see that coming.

    congrats to alba for hopping on the baby bandwagon!!!

  • danny

    i know ZANESSA110!!

    there hasn’t been ANY pics lately on them

    im actually surprised lol

  • chris

    Wow she doesn’t seem to be a happy mom to be.

  • danny

    ^lol i agree

  • Lily


  • Lo

    Its because DANNY, Jared has heard many complaints that his site has turned into a site for Zac and Vas who do the most routine things and we as the public do not care to know.

    Well I don’t really know why je stopped but I must say its a nice break,

    hey notice this is not the place to complain about its a thread about Jessica, use ur eyes and read

  • Kecha

    Rumour…Rumour…I cn’t said anything.
    But Jess now really BZ..4get the rumour unless she announce herself @ show with the interview.

  • zanessa110

    but danny, vanessa is preformig on channel 37 (TNT), right now

  • ssshhhhh

    The baby isn’t Cash’s

  • Lucy loowhoo

    I still can’t believe she’s gonna have a baby. She strikes me as the type to wait a couple of years, get a role that actually shows shes a mature woman and then settle down but i GUESS she wants to do it the other way around so people believe that if she can have a child she can take a role that warrents her some respect LOL.

    Did that even make sense??? LOL

  • Kecha

    Nope. Rumour. She BZ. Must be the stupid headline.

  • Lucy loowhoo

    That would explain a lot, it just seems so randomish

  • BB

    this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE surprise!!! but congrats to the couple

  • Kelly

    did anyone else notice the ring on her left hand on her finger finger. oh a btw her rep confirmed it there for it is true not just some rumor.

  • Kelly

    *ring finger

  • Tammy

    all of their reps confirmed that she’s pregnant.
    She’s too young no?

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She doesn’t look pregnant at all.

  • wow pregnant? haha thats awesome for her but not for my boyfriend he loves her and will be upset when he finds out shes pregnant, lmao!

  • purple gem

    Congrats to Jess on her non latina baby.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    just like nicole richie all the people who hated and bashed alba is going to pretend to be her biggest fans now just because of this “pregnancy”.

  • Haylie

    It’s going to be so weird seeing Jessica with a growing belly and becoming a mom. She strikes me as a girl who is so dorky and so not ready for motherhood at the moment. Either way, I wish her the best.

  • Natalie

    awww cuteness!!

    i gotta admit i was surprised about the news, but I’m soooo happy for her! she’ll make an amazing mommy :)

  • Here’s The Deal

    Lo @ 12/12/2007 at 10:36 pm
    Well I don’t really know why je stopped but I must say its a nice break,


    I still can’t believe she’s preggers. I don’t know why.

  • Chizaa

    I Did NOT expect this!

    didn’t Cash CHEAT on Her?!!!

  • cindy’s

    so many celebrities are having babies now.
    i think it’s great that Jessica Alba is pregnant, i expect she will be a great mum.
    i don’t think Cash Warren is that attractive, well he doesn’t float my boat anyway.
    congratulations to Jessica Alba & Cash Warren!

  • the_original_nika

    God I hope zac and vanessa break up, so that you people stop invading other threads.
    I guess now she has to focus on being a mom, instead of perfecting her acting skills.
    It sure was a surprise, she´ll be a good mom.

  • the_original_nika

    IF cash indeed cheat on her its sad. Another thing that is curious, she´s usually the type of person on not giving alot of info about anything, if any at all, and hiding from the paps. So.. Shes announces at this early stage of it!? Its fine by me though.

  • Shango_Hispanico

    i LOVE HOW SHE IS ALWAYS WHINING ABOUT NUDEEE SCENES AND HOW RELIGIOUS SHE IS.. Yet she loves one night stands and is pregnant and not married.. I hate this pretentios HerpesH0RE!!

  • Lovely V

    this is such a random pregnancy. I mean, she seems to just be such a kid herself and doesn’t seem to be ready for motherhood. but who am I to say that, I don’t really even know her…

  • macy

    she’s really happy for this!

    Congrats for the new baby!

  • San Juan’s B**ch

    I’m still in shock Jessica is pregnant! Woah??! Very cool for her. Her baby will be gorgeous!

  • superstar billie

    Hottest Milf EVER..i knew it

  • wow

    She anounces it so soon.she should at least wait until the 4th months of her pregnancy.nothing is for sure until then.btw-I’m happy for her.congrate to her and cash.


    Oh, boy. Maybe she should have established herself as a serious actor before having this baby. But it might mature her like it did for Reese Witherspoon.
    I’m just shaking my head. I hope for her sake that she wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan pretty head on a good body. That body shape will go, but the pretty heads are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.
    Good luck, Jessica. Find your niche and maximize it.

  • Nonna


  • zoe

    i can never imagine jessica being a mom…i dunno why. she’ll always be the free spirited american girl to me. anyhow, congrats i guess!

  • Didi

    what happened to her strong catholic morals? she wont take her kit off for a role but sex and babies before marriage is ok I guess. . this proves religion is a fallacy and its believers are hypocritical arseholes

  • Olivia

    I was in shock when I found out she was pregnant, and I’m not even a fan. I still can’t believe she’s having a baby with Cash. Especially with all those rumors about him cheating. What a d-bag. Jessica and her family are devout Catholics. I’m expectinga a wedding pretty soon.

  • Olivia

    I was in shock when I found out she was pregnant, and I’m not even a fan. I still can’t believe she’s having a baby with Cash. Especially with all those rumors about him cheating. What a d-bag. Jessica and her family are devout Catholics. I’m expectinga a wedding pretty soon.

  • Didi

    its a bit soon to bring a child into a relationship thats unstable and on thin ice anyway. they just broke up and got back together so chances are the relationship wont work in the long run, so she’ll end up a single parent in a few years in all likelihood. i hate it when people think having babies can save or strengthen a relationship. its a human being for f*cks sake

    as for her career, i think its over. its a bad time to have a baby cos pretty bikini fillers are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and they are waiting for an opening,. so a year out of ‘work’ will enable another piece of bikini fluff to take her place. shes not a good actress to sustain a lengthy abscence so shes basically finished.

  • Helena

    Hardly a picture of her pregnancy.

  • Hi

    Didi, you are abolutely correct. Btw, Cash did cheat with some 20 year old model named Vera. I assume that’s why Jessica allowed herself to get pregnant. To keep him. This is definitely going to be a single mom. 100%.

  • huh?

    really?I though she and Cash broke up many times can hardly see them together lately.

  • me

    more zanessa please