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Jessica Alba Will Be a Fantastic Mom

Jessica Alba Will Be a Fantastic Mom

Jessica Alba is pregnant with boyfriend Cash Warren‘s child according to People Magazine.

The report was confirmed by rep Brad Cafarelli – “I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early summer.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • pauline

    !!congratulation Jess!!!

  • shiloh nouvel

    Marriage does not equal stability.I mean if a piece of paper will make you feel secure than right on!

  • Gossip Girl

    Yippee, another celebrity baby! I think their child will be gorgeous.
    I think it’s great news, Congratulations Jessica and Cash

  • fred

    no one asked you, jolie lover

  • San Juan’s B**ch

    OMG!!! That’s a shock! Congratulations Jessica! Love her! She is such a doll!

  • Danielle


    I doubt it. They have a strong faith and their families aren’t chaotic and they’re all supportive.

    Think what you want but I’m not going to waste a conversation on you.

  • O

    Congrats! Good for her – the baby will be adorable.

  • Cynthia

    I can’t believe it! Jessica is pregnant. Congrats to Jess and Cash. She will make a great mom!

  • Ha!

    Danielle – Good for you and the choices you’ve made in your life so far.

    As far as her metabolism, that’s a load of crap. She’s talked quite a bit about how she used to be heavy and she is very concious of what she eats because of her history. Girl is too skinny. Believe what you want.

  • helen

    i agree with milli about alba
    this must have been a total accident

    this surprised even more than nicole richie

  • Jazzyjazz

    Wow, I’m like some of you. Shocked! Didn’t see Jessica Alba being one of those to get pregnant. But congrats. And to say the truth…her bf is not that cute. That guy she dated from Dark Angel was better looking.

  • saad khan

    its shocking and she is so young…i just cant believe tat mom in such age…she sud hav enjoyed life and concentrate on movies….its sad..

  • http://deleted Tim

    and just like that, so many guys hearts just broke.

  • oh well

    LOL she looks thrilled….too bad she got pregnant with this hanger on. She’s connected to him for life now. She could have done do much better.

  • LOL


  • what?

    She & Cash have cultural identity issues and will pass that on to their child. Too bad. Congrats anyway.

  • jdouce

    congrats to them, i guess lol

  • Carly

    Aww, Jessica will be a cute mom. :)

    And Cash is set for life. lol

  • Erin

    She seems to be really sweet…I wish them the best. It will be a verrrry cute baby!


    Iam shocked Lil Miss perfect is having a kid out of wedlock..but congrats

  • Buckeyegurl

    Wow. This news surprised me as well. I wish them the best. #60 I agree with you. The guy she dated from Dark Angel plays Agent Dinozzo on NCIS (I think his name is Michael Weatherly). He is hot!

  • joneblaze

    Good congrats !!she needs to get some of her thickness back

  • SwedishGirl

    Wow, I am shocked at some of you and the puritanical ideas you’ve got. Marriage is, historically, about money, politics and familial power it didn’t become about “love” or “commitment” until a few hundred years ago and I’m sure how well you can see that works in our modern society.

    I think it’s disgusting that some of you feel the need the shove your beliefs down others throats and judge them for not having the same beliefs as you. Get over yourselves.

    Congrats to Jessica and Cash. I’m sure that baby will be loved!

  • josefina

    Just because you can’t find a man to love you and marry you doesn’t mean the rest of the women in the world should settle just to make you feel better. Get over YOURSELF (your lonely self).

  • Ha!

    So now the idea of getting married is puritanical? Even though, by your own statement, it’s been about love and commitment for the past few hundred years? I’m confused. I don’t see anyone shoving ideas down anyone’s throats here – just having a discussion.

  • SwedishGirl

    Josefina you really shouldn’t make hugely false assumptions about people, so maybe you should take your own advice and get over yourself. All I’m saying is this is 2007 and being married does not equal a happy family, just look at divorce rates in the US!

  • josefina

    Obviously,SwedishGirl is carrying some sort of chip on her shoulder. Sad for her, huh? LOL

  • SwedishGirl

    The idea of getting married over love or commitment is puritanical, yes. And it doesn’t work. Have none of you ever taken a freaking sociology class?

  • SwedishGirl

    Josefina, you really are pathetic if you think I have a chip on my shoulder as you know nothing about me. All I’m pointing out if that its sad that people like you are judging Alba because she isn’t married and is having a child.

  • josefina

    And yet, you feel free to judge those who hold on to more traditional beliefs…..interesting and HYPOCRITICAL!

  • SwedishGirl

    I never judged you. I just said it was SAD that you people were judging her. How is that judging?

    I think marriage is great, but being unmarried makes you no less fit to be a great parent.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    whats so appealing about her, to me she looks like 14 year old boy with long hair!

  • Karen

    She is one actress I wont miss if she leaves Hollywood!

  • Here’s The Deal

    Woah, that came outta nowhere!

  • gumba

    I really hope it’s true! They look so in love & Jessica Alba always rock. I think that she would be a great mother, she always wanted a child and hopefully she is pregnant! Yeah ;)

  • Kelly

    “Having a child is a bigger commitment then getting married.”
    Yeah definitely,so why bother getting married??Huh?

  • gOssipBitch

    OOOOh my GOD im sooo happy for its like you would never think she would have a child so soon ..

  • b*tch slap

    Boring as always. And she hasn’t killed her acting career because she never had one to begin with. Bye, Bye.

  • the_original_nika

    wow thats unexpected. Congrats.
    some of ya are stupid, there I said it. What the fuck.. do you people in the middle ages!? open your minds. god…

  • CELEBREXviagara

    I wonder if the baby will get the HERP through birth!!

    Considering she had to be on the pill, I’d say she carefully planned this!

    I hope she is a better mom than she is an actress!

  • Me

    ^ Ha, I couldn’t agree more. It’s so annoying.

  • shoes4life

    As the old saying goes “Why buy the cow when the milk is free”.

  • nat

    ummmm… to number 8… jennifer lopez, christina aguillera, and even britney spears all got married before getting pregnant.

  • charlene

    i won’t beleve it until i see a baby bump
    (by the way did anyone here about what an ass cash was being to some teen on monday)

  • Jennie

    go enjoy your pregnancy and get the F– out of hollywood. i’m so happy the world will be spared of her horrible acting for a while.

  • annaa

    justt when she is the hottest aritst of the year she decides to ruin her body with a child-.- tooo baaad!

  • Tash

    To Post #8 – it is not law to get married and then have a child and if you dont beleieve in God why on earth should you get married first? Fair enough, everyone has their beliefs but shoving them on everyone else and saying they are wrong is not right. What makes you so right?
    This doesnt make anyone an idiot as you claim? Isnt it amazing how people rave about marriage and God and all that stuff then judge everyone else who doesnt share the same opinion. If God doesnt judge, who do you think you are then?

  • that b*otch!

    okay, so reportedly chicka and cashless broke up earlier this year because she wanted to marry and he didn’t. now, low and behold, she’s knocked up. can we say entrapment.



  • bataglio

    this surprised me as much as richie