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Adam Sandler is Big Daddy

Adam Sandler is Big Daddy

Adam Sandler takes his daughter Sadie, 1 1/2, out for a walk to the supermarket for an afternoon.

Buddy Rob Schneider, 44, even helps out Adam, 41, by carrying the diaper bag! Now that’s a true friend!

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  • ME!!!

    she is not a cute baby.

  • cabbage patch kid Sadie

    Luv Adam Sandler.
    But Poe Sadie.
    It’s Unfortunate..maybe she will grow out of it..let’s hope.

  • sarah

    third =]

  • Natalia

    She looks really cute on these pictures), chubby and sweet)))

  • CELEBREXviagara

    Poor Sadie is a hot mess! She looks like a grandmother! Nothing soft about her!

  • katelyn

    Guys she is a baby! how can you be judging a baby on the way she looks! She cute :)

  • Jazzyjazz

    Wow, she is a very chubby baby! Compared to the other celeb children.

  • ok

    not looking good 4 lil’ sadie.

  • The Maven

    She is so cute and he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

  • kat

    she’d be cuter

    if she were a boy..but she’s cute regardless

  • jessy

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, she is going to follow Shiloh, the Moder kids, Bruce and Demis’s kids and Ryder. Such ungly celeb kids.

  • to jessy whose all ugly # 11

    Awwwwwww,,,oh ummm,jessy not uglier than what you and your mama’s other 8 bebe kids look liked and still do.. do you still have those chameleon eyes and buck teeth baby ewwy ? bet it’s your baby ugliness is even worse on your adult mug…your’e carrot top fugly can we say..

  • a realist

    Awwww….She’s a cute little fat baby.

  • Katie N

    She is a cutie pie. Chubby with cute squeezable cheeks.

  • genevieve

    ahh i love those 2! such jokesters, even when they were starting out in the SNL days :] and his daughter is so cute.

  • yolanda

    Fact: Shiloh is beautiful
    Fact: Sadie Sandler (dare I say it) is ugly
    Fact: Bruce and Demi’s kids are also ugly

  • liz

    awww she is so chubby!!

  • Anthony to the S.

    who wants to bet that she shows up in one of his movies?

  • yeah uh

    ITA Shiloh ia a doll baby, and Suri and most celeb babies. Sadie well, she is chubby, luv chubby babies. Jessy go bathe.

  • Jack’s Smirking Revenge

    To all the negative comments that were posted about THIS BABY, no wonder our society is going down the toilet…
    Also, you people that say she’s “not a good looking baby”…what do you suggest she do? Hmm?

    I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let’s evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

  • ashley

    shiloh is SOOO GORGOUSEEE
    violet is a cute kidd
    but this one is chunky and ugly she has like nooo neck
    hoepfully she grows out of it.. if not she can look for a future of looking like rumer willis

  • Moimeme

    Seriously it is inappropriate to call an 18 month old ugly. I am sure you were all “charmers” and being a cute baby is no indication of anything. Just wait til the crop of celebribebes hit puberty! Then they will grow out of that too…and then *gasp* they will get OLD. it’s life, and we all live it.

    That said, she is a bit of a chunk…and, as a mom, I can say it is important that kids get proper nutrition at this age. Not everyone is going to be thin, but everyone has a point at which they are overweight for their own body.

    Word to all of you future parents who seem to be such skinny-worshippers: breastfeed, give your kids natural, unprocessed foods, avoid jarred baby foods and formula and your kid will be less prone to obesity and more likely to have a healthy body (whatever their shape or size may be).

  • ohiogurl

    how did i know to look at these comments? cuz i know how sad society is, to talk about kids!? the celebs do look here… and think;”how sad people are, so petty and shallow”

  • johnnycodswallop

    those who judge babies SUCK!

  • Fleasha

    There is nothing wrong with Sadie except for the bad haircut her dad gave her. Seriously, fathers should quit trying to trim their childrens’ hair just to save a couple of bucks.

  • The DQ

    That is one ugly kid. Hopefully, she’ll outgrown it.

  • annabel

    SURI IS THE BEST….hehe

  • Didi

    i like adam sandler so leave his kid alone.

    now seal and heidis ugly bastard kids are monstrosities. start on them cos they deserve it.

  • DUDE

    jared, these photos are OLD! They’re from JULY!!! It even says that on Celebrity Babylon…..

  • jillian

    A classic example of a kid having a face that only a mother/father would love!

  • rose

    that baby looks like my P.E. teacher, creepy.

  • http://none m

    She so cute and beautiful!

  • Anna

    Hes fat but cute…

  • Rachael

    Sorry, but there is nothing cute about this baby. It is not her weight it is she is not cute. Her father is not good looking she turns out to look like her father. Poor girl.

  • Mrs Miller

    I like Adam Sandler because he doesn’t make headlines for acting like a dickhead, unlike other celebrities (most of whom I could mention)

  • MirandaB

    that baby is HUGE!

  • ElenaBelle

    she should be on one of those obese baby talk shows!

  • http://deleted daisy

    He looks so much like ben affleck, in that picture.

  • Hannah

    Why does Adam look a tad bit like Ben Affleck in the J-Lo days?

  • Greg berman

    Reading a load of people talking about how ugly a baby is… wow… how depressing. Maybe the baby needs liposuction or correction surgery… or maybe just a new stylist.

  • heidi

    guys shut up she is cute she is a baby and use are judging her already use are pathetic !! get a life use are all probly ugly yourself give the kid a break she is beautiful..

  • http://yahoo aya

    no body know how i love adam every part from my heart say “i love adam sandler.