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America's Next Top Model - Cycle 9 Winner!

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 9 Winner!

Congratulations to Saleisha Cooper, Cycle 9 Winner for America’s Next Top Model!

Visit the America’s Next Top Model official website for past episodes and information on the past cycle.

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  • maria

    first as if anyone cares lol

  • dubble

    omg.. i got spoiled!

  • Ana


  • Just me…

    Shes cute!!

  • LOVE V


  • MySpace Text

    Congratulations to her! she’s beautiful but i think she’s too skinny!!

  • LOVE V


  • jose

    yuck, she’s the worse possible winner out of all the girls. tsk tsk tyra, t-zone got you much

  • Benito Delicias


    you’ve never even said a word about the new season and how it’s been developing and suddenly you announce the winner….i thought you weren’t a fan, it’s the reason why i’ve been comming to the site these past few weeks….I thought this was a place where I wouldn’t find out before I could get a chance to watch…

  • nextt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is OK! I would have loved for the UnderDOG to win!
    I know that Chantal..was OK on the Runway, but I think that S. Have had runway experience.

    I really wanted heather to win!

    everybody that I want to win..never wins!
    I wanted Natasha to win last year
    WELL Cari DEE won/ YAY
    I wanted Joni to win..over Danielle!

  • Daisy

    None of the final 3 should have been there. It should have been Heather, Bianca and Ebony. This season was TERRIBLE, I was so disappointed.

  • kat

    i wanted chantal (or whatever her name is), the pretty blond :(
    that sucks

  • SERA

    Congratulations She was always my favorite.

  • mia

    nooo shit, here in norway it hasn’t even started yet. You could have warned us, jesus…

  • mia

    nooo shit, here in norway it hasn’t even started yet. You could have warned us, jesus…

  • Heidur

    oh man why didnt you put this into a spoiler? The show isnt finished here :(

  • Disappointed


    Now I don’t even feel like watching the last episode.
    You should warn people before you post spoilers.

  • daniel

    tyra’s black protege won

  • cam

    Thanks Jared for spoiling it for me!! I recorded it last night and haven’t seen it. Couldn’t you have announced the winner in the actual link instead of on the main page? That way people who haven’t watched don’t have to click on the article…

  • sam

    Chantal should have win.

  • jayjay

    This season was awful, Tyra is obviously Biased! It shouldof been Jenah for the win with Lisa and Heather with her in the bottom 3! Tyra really showed how predictable she is!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I wanted her from the very beginning. Glad she won. I would have loved to have seen Heather go further, but she didn’t. I think Jenah would have gone to the final two if she didn’t show such insecurities. I couldn’t stand that Jaslene won last year. I so wanted the Russian girl to win. Can’t stand Jaslene. My all time favourite is Daniel. Now THAT’S a gorgeous girl and can walk the runway. Congrats to Saleisha!!

  • emily

    FUCK!!! I got spoiled!!! Unbelievable, god jared!

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Emily

    Kinda fun that a girl named Emily wrote what i was going to write, or almost anyway.

    Some people dont live in America, we’re still waiting to see Amerias Next Top Model, but how fun will that me now that I know the winner? ….

  • Michelle

    Are you people kidding me? To anyone who is happy that Saleisha won, well here’s a big shocker for you guys. Tyra Banks rigged the competition for Saleisha to win. Tyra and Mushroom Head had a long history together for year. First T-Zone, then Saleisha appearing in cycle 6 in a fashion show, then she was on the Tyra show before cycle 9 started. Also Saleisha appeared on Ugly Betty and a Wendy’s commerical of last year. One of the huge rules for ANTM is to not do any national campaigns within the past five years while applying for the show. So its not right for Saleisha to win at all. Its all unfair at all.

  • COngrats

    some of you people are really full of yourselves how can anyone say trya is baised and let her win because she was black are you serious how many times have a white girl won top model. There are more white winners on the show than black ones. Top model is not based on wheather you are black or white if you work hard on that show you will make it and Saleisha won because she was good and work her butt of and she deserve it thats why she won

  • m

    Thanks for spoiling it for those of us who haven’t watched yet. Seriously – ever heard of ‘behind the cut’?

  • FiFi

    YAY!!!!! iv wanted her 2 win from the start!!!!! YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qp;woejn

    I wanted Heather to win, but then she got kicked out. So I wanted Jenah to win because you know, she takes 100 times better pictures than Saleisha. And plus she’s changing, trying not to be so sarcastic anym. Saleisha doesn’t deserve it even though she did better than Chantal in the runway walk because she’s so smug and irritating.

    I think Tyra needs to speak up and clarify about the ANTM rules and Saleisha breaking one of them, because if its true, it IS not fair to the other contestants.

    But i have to agree, ANTM models never become real supermodels. So… “Good Luck” to Saleisha on becoming ANTM.


  • Maria

    she’s the UGLIEST winner. she can’t take pictures well. ARGH!

  • sandie

    I was very happy that she won! At first I thought that the other girl was going to win because…
    But Tyra and her crew was fair, I mean Saleisha really wanted to be ANTM, she is beautiful, fun and convincing!

  • Maria (Shorty)


    I wanted Heather to win as well. So sad that some of the pressure was getting to her. She took AMAZING pictures.

  • kj

    in reply to the wendy’s commercial and the shows rules, that WENDY’S commerial is not a national campaign. it’s a commercial and she was booked as an actress NOT a model. big difference.

  • http://JustJared Milla

    Noooooooo! It so should have been Jennah…not fair!!! Saleshia was giving me diabetes with her “bubbly” personality! Can u say FAKE???!!!! And can I just say…the only reason I’m even watching this, is Ms. Jay, she is awsome and rocks completely! As far as Tyra…that annoying bitch should bang her head against the wall a couple of times, why she feels the need to break down young girls to actual tears and then dump them, is beyond me!!! Go Jennah and go Ms. Jay!!!!

  • Stephanie

    HEATHER should have won!!!!!

  • sasha

    i’m glad she won.
    i couldn’t stand chantal.
    i did want heather, but
    you know, what can you do?

  • j

    Heather should have won,she was by far the prettiest and most high fashion in the bunch. Worst season EVER!

  • hannah

    i was so mad… i wanted chantal to win. when the tv showed saliesha’s picture and then tyra said her name name i was furious. she didnt deserve it because she is to commercial.

  • itzzzkimmm

    I looove Saleisha. She was my favorite all along. Jenah and the other girl is way too generic looking.

  • miss lisa lips

    im glad saleisha won, she deserved it, Chantal was too fake and jenah was too bratty and a cry baby, damn if you have to cry so much stay home. Jenah was not into it at all. glad saleisha won, i clapped for 5 minutes.

  • Maria

    Tyra is as racist just like Oprah.

  • John

    It should have been heather, lisa and jenah as top 3.

  • John

    it should have been heather.

  • ms. bigbreast was about time a Black chick won!

  • criss

    Lame..Suckleisha! Another boring winner. Tyra, pick some real talent next time.

  • Candles

    I thought she was great on the runway (at least SHE didn’t trip the guy on stilts) but I still cannot get used to her hair.

  • Cynthia

    She looks like a football player, ugh! Chantal was robbed!!

  • moviemadness

    wow I wanted Chantal to win to, but in the back of my head I knew Saliesha was going to win toward to end. All of you saying she is ugly, takes bad pictures, etc. are just JEALOUS

  • Kelly

    I am so happy saleisha won!! I do not like chantal she looks like a little piglet and she’s to happy and giggly all the time. She also had a very stiff walk. I am very pleased with the winner even though I have been rooting for heather since the beginning!