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Hayden Panettiere is My Older Sister

Hayden Panettiere is My Older Sister

Who’s YOUR older sister? She’s certainly not Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden, 18, picks up her brother Jansen, 13, on Wednesday from school in Los Angeles, Calif. Jansen appears quite pleased to have Hayden as his older sister.

HOW DO THE Panettiere siblings each other?

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  • alex p


  • no no no

    er yeh they look nothing a like!!!

  • alex p

    i still don’t know what’s the deal with this girl… she’s so ordinary

  • SkankyHO

    Poor boy…that is one fugtastic uniform. I would drop out of school if I had to wear that mess.

  • Marine

    Wow her brother doesn’t look like her

  • Hudgensgirl530

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  • Ryan

    He looks Arabic. I don’t think she’s that great, either.

  • mandy

    does he like shave his legs?

  • Helena

    What a fug uniform. I mean, I know it’s quite rare for you American’s to have schools that have compulsory uniform-wearing, but dear lord you make our school uniform’s in the UK look amazingly beautiful.
    As someone said, I’d drop out! LOL.

  • JodieFosterFan

    Is that Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite?

  • no no no

    helena i totally disagree with you, my uniform in the u.k was a million times uglier that this uniform!!

  • Rihanna58

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  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    Ugh, is her little brother a little girl? lol Jane’sen reminds me of Pat.

  • Helena

    helena i totally disagree with you, my uniform in the u.k was a million times uglier that this uniform!!

    Well, I did exaggerate a bit. :) But still…my uniform wasn’t that bad. What is yours like?!

  • Ha!

    Jesus, it’s a pair of khaki shorts and a golf shirt. What’s so horrible about that? I think they simply don’t fit him properly.

  • d holiday

    that uniform? ugh. who did his hair? i dont like the swoop over one eye. ugh. anyways….TEAM PANETTIERE ALL DAY SON!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Great genes in this family. Handsome young man.

  • http://justjared Bonjour

    lv her! shes great in heroes n i wud be mega proud if my sis was hayden. mega guuud

  • moviemadness

    actually they look JUST alike except that he is darker…could be a tan

  • jenny

    They have similar facial features – it’s just because he’s dark and she’s fair that you wouldn’t guess that they were related

  • barbie

    Such a cute little kid. He looks just like his sister, look at the nose and the eyes, just a much younger version. I like that he is dressed really smart too.

  • pinkelstein

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  • sexrex.

    hahaha, he’s so cute. i love hayden


    The boy is loving the cameras.

  • Katie N

    The girl is putting on weight around her face. It is getting rounder and rounder making her look very common. Boy is o.k. for his age.

  • no no no

    Well, I did exaggerate a bit. But still…my uniform wasn’t that bad. What is yours like?!


    Long dark green skirt with a dark green jumper then to top it off was a cream shirt and green tie, and we always had to pull our socks up!! very nice, it’s safe to say i never got asked out by any boys at school. hehe

  • mmm

    2 baby daddies I’m ummm guessing..hayhoe again doing nothing,,excitement galore..zzzzzzzzz.

  • d holiday

    theyre italian…so that is why he is so dark. i was wondering about hayden when she was younger because she had such thick wavy hair…cause her natural isn’t as straight as his. he’s a nice lookin kid though.

  • http://none leanne

    they are both ugly

  • Alfred

    Maybe he or she was adopted! WHo knows?!?!

  • jockey

    same nose…

  • Tom c

    Both their faces are really wide and round. It’s very unattractive. I don’t think she’s pretty or talented as an actress at all. Her chest looks like a male swimmer’s upper body.

  • Madonna


  • Janie

    he looks exotic mixed to me for some reason. i’m no pedo but if gets a growth spurt he might have some hotness potential. but looking at his short sister he might not.

  • Anthony to the S.

    the brother looks kinda goofy.

  • jen

    they both have giant head disease

  • anya

    looks like hayden had a blood test or something…. look at her left arm

  • Kate

    their noses are kinda the same…..

  • kate

    her bro is not cute and a bad actor…if anyone’s seen “the last day of summer”, then they know what I’m talking about.

  • Shana

    He is Kinda weird looking.

  • Rylee

    What 13 year old boy holds his sister’s hand? In public? Poor guy looks about 8.

  • Kev

    She is like a midget at 4 11 tall…and her brother is a full head shorter!! He must be the shortest 13 year old in the school.

  • MirandaB

    They don’t really resemble eachother except for maybe same eyebrow shape, face shape, and eye shape.

  • Meeee

    I think they look alike. They have the exact same nose and a similiar face shape.

    LOL her brothers uniform is ugly, it looks so gay!

  • cant-stand-the-whiners

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  • Rylee

    Gee, someone’s got some time on their hands

  • cant-stand-the-whiners

    Thanks Rylee always got time ridicule them Obnoxious Bullies

    By the way
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  • Alexia (alex)

    you ugly thing
    how could you be her sister