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Jennifer Garner in a Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Garner in a Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Garner braves a snowstorm with daughter Violet on Thursday as they head to a local coffee shop for breakfast in New York City.

Jen, 35, and husband Ben Affleck, 35, have apparently angered shock-jock Howard Stern due to their temporary residence on his Upper West Side block.

Jen and Ben‘s publicity have “put a plague” on his block and wants them gone. The couple is temporary living in New York due to Jen starring in the Broadway production of Cyrano De Bergerac.

FYI: Jen is using her Baby Jogger stroller!

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Photos: Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • h


  • LOL

    not FIRST but SECOND

  • LOL

    I love little Violet

  • cute

    I bet Jennifer is missing sunny LA.

  • Madonna

    Such a bore.

  • to many kids on JJ’s

    we don’t care who is first or 2nd here on JJ’s- u dumbazzes sound as if youre’ just that- dumbazz..we regulars are so tired of the ignorance that has come here since JJ started posted tween news.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    ugh, uhh… she might wanna get an assistant. going outside everyday looking like a ragamuffin while pushing around that little fuglet isn’t helping.

  • d.

    Howard Stern wishes anybody gave a shit enough to want to take his pic.

  • just saying

    jen looks rough, again

  • mimi05

    Does she really have to take her baby along for a coffee? It’s freakin cold and raining in NYC. She’ll do anything for the paparazi.

  • marah

    #7, fuglet? If you must insult someone, why can’t you stick to Jen since she is the celebrity and therefore ‘asks for it’. Little Violet is an innocent bystander, who I think is adorable. Go crawl back under your rock!

  • Anon

    Howard Stern is a tool.

  • a realist

    Why did Jen Jen got out in the rain for breakfast. She could have ate at home. All that trouble just for breakfast.

  • Katie N

    Her face is ugly because the cheeks are so sunken. and pale, pale, pale… her face look like death. No wonder Afleck stay as far away from her as possible in day light.

  • EJ me

    Yup, why is she taking the baby out in rain and cold. These B list actresses would do anything for some pap attention.


    I have that umbrella. It kept me dry today too!

  • thats_right

    She looks unhappy I sense divorce in near future

  • KIRt

    You sense a divorce in the near future because she looks unhappy #16? She is in the rain and freezing cold! Who would possible look happy trying to keep herself and her baby dry in those conditions? Unbelievable.

  • mary

    Why would you take your child out in such bad weather when you don’t have to she should have left her home with the nanny and gone on the coffee run by herself.

  • anna

    Let’s see if she gets bad reviews as a mom from people who like to make judgements on others actors and actresses.

  • shazam!

    Wow, there are some very judgemental people on these threads! You don’t know what the situation was! Maybe for whatever reason, she had to take Violet along. Before you pass judgement on others, make sure your own ‘house’ is in order.

  • jade

    #17-mary-I agree with you.Why doesn’t Jennifer just have breakfast at home. Instead of taking sweet little
    Violet out in freezing weather.I don’t understand this at all.

  • mina

    I guess the paparazzi shots are more important than letting her child stay in. It was treacherous out there…there was ice, rain and it was so cold. She’s an idiot.

  • me

    I agree-what a moron-stay home and have some oatmeal!

  • Thegamingamine

    Personally, I think she seems like a wonderful, and doting parent…

  • Natalie

    oh come guys.. the kid is bundled up very well… geez

  • Jan

    Howard Stern is a jerk. He should have breakfast with Howard K. Stern and maybe get some spiked coffee and he’ll sleep forever like Daniel and Anna Nicole. That would give Howard Stern the peace he so desires.

  • ivermom

    What is the big deal?? Maybe she wanted to go out for coffee. I don’t think it was so cold that she was endangering Violet’s life.

  • irina

    you are a bunch of brainless f***s, I havent seen anyone (at least stars) take care of their kids like she does. If anyone of you have kids and you really love them you know that you want to spend every second with that child, you want to share every brakefast, lunch, dinner and every second before and after you go to work. You want your child to be outside and experience everything. She is a wonderful mom and she takes her child everywhere just like many moms do. Just because she is famous you are acusing her that she uses her baby to get attention. What a bunch of loosers. Whatever….just pisses me off. And yeea half of you will send me to my own country since that is all that can come up to your brainless head.

  • Buckeyegurl

    Yes, wtf? Some of you are very judgemental! I suppose all of you are perfect in every facet of your lives then huh? I don’t think so.

    And plenty of mothers take their children out in bad weather and the world doesn’t end and the children aren’t hurt or scarred for life. We don’t know the circumstances of the outing, maybe it was necessary that Jen take Violet with her. Even if it wasn’t, so what?

  • nw

    Idiots! Why in the world would she think paps be out there anyway? They are stupid *ucks. Everytime she goes out you are accusing her of trying to get paps attention? tHAT CHILD IS ONE OF THE FEW IN HOLLYWIERD THAT HAS A NORMAL LIFE! They are not going to melt because of snow! are all of you from the south or L.A. or something? Life goes on when you live in an area with snow and sleet. it doesn’t stop and you dont stay indoors until it goes away unless you are a wierdo who is afraid of life. Which some of you sound like you are.

  • Adoring fan

    Newsflash: Jennifer does not need or want the papparazzi attention. If you followed her career, you would know that. She has made plenty of talk show rounds and movie premiers this month alone promoting the movie Juno; flu shot public service messages and her Broadway play Cyrano. Please use some degree of rational in your comments and don’t allow your jealously of her to stand in the way of your good judgment. This comment is addressed to the intelligent people on this site. All the juvenile delinquents need not respond. If she choses to bring her baby out in those conditions that’s her business. That’s her baby and she knows what is best for her own child. All you negative people try to put Jen down at every chance. Get your own kid and STFU.

  • love

    she is sooo good in cyrano!
    I love this family :)

  • irina

    Sorry to comeback and rant again, and all of you who wrote negative comments, look at the first pic and see how that child reaches with her little hand for a feel of snow…))) I apologize for using bad words earlier and have been judgmental myself but I think it’s so hard when everyone judging you not knowing the real deal. That child is dressed well and I urge you when you see young mom on the street wearing coat and her baby is in a t-shirt go ahead and tell that mom that is a bull sheet that babies have higher body temperature to that extent (they do but when you are wearing sweater and a jacket – babies need t-shirt and a jacket)…did any of you confronted anyone like that if you really care? Were you sympathetic to those babies in real situations? Or you let welfare mama just go and pass you by? My cousin is a Russian celebrity here and back there as well, and she is the nicest person I know but when all those papz in her face and it takes only once to snap – you automatically become portrait as a bitch (at least for a while) just because one paparazzo (really weird and stinky) has been popping up from everywhere when she was dealing with important private issues. Look at celebs, love them, admire them because it take a lot to smile and be nice all the time, and just imagine someone taking pic of you in your own dark times. I think paparazzo played a big negative role in Britney Spears live, who like to be called weirdo, stupid, ugly, fat and not a good a good mom on daily basis?…There is a lot of bad mothers out there whose children not eat at all and have nothing compare to what those kids have. Anyway back to Jen and Violet, they are so adorable together; little Violet will grow up so healthy child. And in celebrity world no matter what you do you are going to be wrong, take your child or leave it with the nanny…you will be judged anyway. What happened to love and humanity?…Love that song…. Hope not bore you again. )))

  • cat

    Give her a break. Everyone in NYC walks out in all kinds of weather with their kids in strollers. People aren’t house and car-bound. I like seeing her live as a normal person.

  • devilgirl

    Tired of her and her kid. Violet is fine but damn, do we have to see her on the playground, shopping, getting coffee and breakfast? God damn, enough.
    It’s just a child, for godssakes.

  • Violets Auntie

    I live in Minneapolis and a little rain, snow or sleet doesn’t stop us from doing the normal things we do everyday, like go get a muffin, go to work, go to school, go to Starbucks. Little Dimples is bundled up just fine. And Jen is working that umbrella for her daughter, not herself.

  • Ha!

    You’re judging her for spending TOO MUCH time with her daughter?? Because she doesn’t keep a nanny on call so she can go get a cup of coffee (and God knows what other errands after this – we don’t know because this is only giving us a glimpse of probably 10 minutes of her day).

    Why don’t you people hold your nasty comments until you decide what could possibly measure up to your impossible standards. I hope you don’t have kids of your own, just so you aren’t able to pass the horribly judgmental attitudes you apparently display so readily and without thought.





  • bh

    She’ll do anything for a picture in the tabloids! Does she NEED to go out for coffee in the crazy weather? And WITH the baby? Desperation!



  • LEslie

    First off – I’m from Texas, and EVEN I know that this is NO snow storm. It’s a bit of snow, what’s the big deal? The little girl is bundled up and shows no signs of being uncomfortable. And just to show that Garner is taking extra precautions (just in case) look at how she’s not using the umbrella for herself….she has it over Violet, who is already looking cozy and protected in a big coat, blankets and stroller.

    I’ve never commented on this site, or any other celebrity-oriented site for that matter, but I felt the need to voice an opinion after reading all of these hateful comments towards (estentially) a New Yorker whose out doing New Yorker “things”.

    I’ve seen picture ater picture of this woman spending quality time with her daughter. And NONE of those pictures, might I add, have been taken at the normal Hollywood, New York hotspots. She’s just out and about with her family, and for some reason that fascinates us (myself guilty included) and makes us think we suddenly have the right to tear her down and diminish her parenting skills, simply because she’s an actress who happened to marry an actor.

    Who are we to judge this woman’s character or home life, after glimpsing a small handful of photos?
    (For all we know, it wasn’t even snowing when she left her house.)

    I have to say, those here who get so much satisfaction from being horribly close-minded and judgemental strike me as being very sad, unhappy individuals. I hope you get right with yourself soon.

  • pare

    her face. her cheekbones. yuk

  • fred

    Howard Stern IS a plague. What a vile and disgusting human being.

    It’s snow people – it isn’t raining fire or acid rain. Big deal.

  • STFu superfans

    This woman gets judged just like everyone else on a CELEB BLOG!!!

    Deal with it.

    And what about Ben Affleck as a father? Is Jennifer Garner a single parent? The way you guys talk it’d seem Garner is raising this baby by herself.

  • alex

    love them, just adore Jen Garner

  • Spy_girl

    why she must go for a coffee in a day like that with Violet? she can go, but maybe with a new kind of stroller (f.e. with plastic to cover Violet)

  • Adoring fan

    Jen is so beautiful and such a good mother. I think her husband is a good father. They are a very cute family.

  • john mcallister

    #17? you since a divorce in the future because she’s unhappy? it’s snowing and in a blizzard anybody would be unhappy. and her and ben are happly married. And stop bashing her being a good mother. Since she’s a celebrity you guys are jelous and everything that’s why you bash her i’m sick of you people. leave them alone. unless you know them in rl. we don’t know what the circumstance was, maybe she just wanted to spend time with her daughter since she’s on broadway allot? is that hard to ask. She can’t help it if it snows. and she bundled up the baby really well. she’s a great mother.

  • john mcallister

    #17? you since a divorce in the future because she’s unhappy? it’s snowing and in a blizzard anybody would be unhappy. and her and ben are happly married. And stop bashing her being a good mother. Since she’s a celebrity you guys are jelous and everything that’s why you bash her i’m sick of you people. leave them alone. unless you know them in rl. we don’t know what the circumstance was, maybe she just wanted to spend time with her daughter since she’s on broadway allot? is that hard to ask. She can’t help it if it snows. and she bundled up the baby really well. she’s a great mother.