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Mischa Barton - Maxim Magazine January 2008

Mischa Barton - Maxim Magazine January 2008

Mischa Barton of The O.C. fame poses for Maxim Magazine in its January 2008 issue.

Mischa has a number of upcoming projects including Walled In, a movie adaptation of the novel Less Emmures by French writer Serge Brussolo.

Visit Maxim Online for more updates and pictures of Mischa.

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Photos: Sante D\'Orazio
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  • mia

    Wow I’m not shy about saying that other women are sexy or not, but that have to be the unsexiest picture I have seen in a long time. And it’s a shame, because Mischa is a beautiful girl. She just looks whored down

  • shi_baby

    this is what it has to come down to..have to agree w/you..she’s very pretty..NOT sexy however..

  • TEE

    I think she looks tired and worn out much too thin

  • j

    Wow how sexy a flat chested bag of bones-gross.

  • Cloe

    She’s always been whored-down.

    She’s just as bad as Keria Knightly

  • two buck chuck

    Some girls start their careers on the pages of Maxim. Some end them. Guess what Mischa’s doing? Her fifteen minutes are SO up.

  • the_original_nika

    3 big movies coming out? really? I wouldn´t have guess it. I don’t know what to think about the pictures.

  • t

    Wow, beautiful

  • atheer&jay

    she is uglt hate her look at her body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sockes does she /1????

  • You/Me

    She is sooo not sexy. I don’t understand why HW seems to think flat-chested is sexy. Breasts are what makes a female sexy, people like Mischa and Kiera look like transvestites …..boys trying to be girls. lmao…
    Actually I’ve seen better-figured trannies than Kiera and Mishca,lol.
    Her face is beautiful though, sort of Lauren Becall-ish,no?

  • jken

    not attractive.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    i would just like to say ‘rest in peace’ to mischa’s career, and send my condolences to her friends and family – whoever was eating off her plate.

  • Rihanna58

    RIHANNA RIHANNA pictures sexy hot hot click here:

  • je

    she has small boobs…sooo???? a lot of people does too!!! its so nice when u see people that are natural…not a fake bimbo

  • poodle puddle

    what is she still doing around?

  • emsie-moo-moo

    She is in a movie which is called closing the ring its premiering today where i live (Bfast)

  • Ben

    I’m so over her DEAD Eyes in every photoshoot. learn how to model mischa and get back to us.

  • Gemma

    Mischa looks gorgeous :) I can’t believe how fucking hypocritical some people who comment here are. One minute she’s too fat and needs to lose some weight, and the next minute she’s far too thin and probably anorexic. You guys need to get a life!

  • sexrex.

    i definately didn’t need to see that picture. i cant stand her. uch.

  • Cosmetic Surgery Wife

    Looking nice and slutty.

  • Anthony to the S.
  • ME

    She looks beautiful, not sexy, but I don’t think it has nothing to do with the small boobs

  • Ashley

    Wow, how do you go from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Mischa Barton? That’s such a downgrade. Mischa Barton must be deperate to be relevant, she used to tell everyone she would never do these kinds of magazines and now look at her. Do we really need to see any more AWFUl pictures of her? Seriously???

  • *

    everyone has a different natural shape. some people are naturally heavier than others and some are naturally smaller. some people no matter what they do they cant gain weight and are assumed to be “druggies” , some people cannot lose weight no matter what and are considered “lazy gluttons”. others are born with bodies that everyone wishes they had. i believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • An Image To Puke To

    She can’t act and she’s not very attractive. She’s gangly and keeps a conceited look on her face. So what does she do, turns to prostitution. That’s what the photo says.

  • Cindy

    Its not the shape we are disgusted with, its the personality thats in it. Not pleasant.

    The kinds of photos ur willing to do also speaks volumes of the kind of person you are….the picture spoke its thousand words and the verdict is in…

    Unpleasant in every sense of the word.

    wonk wonk wonk……LOL

  • meeshhead

    I guess she’s been on the cover of 194 magazines because she’s “not sexy, looks tired and worn out, flat chested, etc.” You people have no taste and no class! And her career is going up, not down! You’ll all be in line to see her 9 movies coming out soon! Losers! lol

  • Carlie

    That cover is really sad.

  • love

    need to sell my coochie on nasty men’s rag mag

  • °o.O[ Maddie]O.o°

    sorry…how ugly

  • Jylmaree


  • Lather30

    Mischa is a totally gorgeous, talented and very hard-working person. If there’s anything at all sad or disturbing about this photoshoot, it’s all of your comments bashing her for doing it… All of you bashers need to turn your attention to really important things – like getting a life!! Mischa totally rocks, and is sure to go really far in her career, which btw is a LONG way from being over.

  • mischa_obsessed

    I dont understand, can you people not see her beauty! i think she looks absolutley amazing! I dont think she would be shown on so many covers if she wasnt beautiful. Yeah its okay, just remember jelousy is a curse.

  • molly

    fuck you- to about 90% of those who have just bashed Mischa. People have absolutley no idea what true beauty really is. Being natural. Mischa is gorgeous just being herself. ARE U GUYS FUCKING, GOD DAMN MORONS. LOOK AT HER FACE!!!!!! she has the most stunning looks in hollywood. She brings back the looks of old hollywood with her high cheekbones, perfectly pouty lips, and piercing green eyes. she is so classy and elegant always. wat is wrong with u people? u guys should be in love with her for not getting wasted all the time, or dancing on tables. All she has done since leaving the oc is work on her nine films. Those who say she has no talent r FUCKING WRONG! Do u really think that oscar winning director, richard attenborough, would have given her a lead role in his film opposite shirley maclaine if she was not talented?! MORONS! I’d say her and keira knightley are the most beautiful young actresses in hollywood. Plus, that is just one picture taken at a weird angle. There are more pictures, and if i were u i would look them up. u will probably change ur mind about saying that she is flat chested. Man, many famous actresses have done maxim. It’s not like she does these sexy shoots a lot. She was recently in Tatler magazine-OMG, SHE IS STUNNING! Tatler also crowned her britains most ebautiful hollywood star. see all u losers in line for her films bitches!

  • kiki

    omg molly u r sooooooooo right. people have no taste anymore. they just go for big breasted bimbos like jessica alba- WHO CANNOT ACT or jessica simpson. don’t get me wrong, those two ladies are very pretty, but mischa and the likes of scarlett johannsen and keira knightley blow them away with their natural beauty. It’s insanity, how gorgeous mischa is. Wanna see wat real beauty is, look at mischa.

  • andrea

    First of all Mischa u look rly good in this magazine and the people who say she doesnt its there opininon and there aloud to think that but to say her chest is 2 small is wrong at least its natural and she didnt get a boob job likk alll theese fake BITTTCHES!!!…geez mischa keep up the good work.DO u guys only like people with big boobs?? like thats not the only thing that counts u idiots go get a FKN life unsted of saying all this bullshit about her.

  • kirsten

    mischa is the best i cant beilive you stupid people she is beautiful and there is no one like her she is gonna go down in history shes a graet actor and who diddnt love her in the o.c. who know what shes going to do next im like obssessed with hershe is AMAZING live an MISCHA BARTON

  • sarah

    is it me…or is everyone just jelous?..

  • whocares

    She’s beautiful. Thin and small chested does not mean she is not feminine. She is so high fashion, i love it. If she had stuck to modeling and not become an actress, no one would say she’s too skinny.

  • piero genova

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