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Nikki Blonsky Picks Up Golden Globe Nomination

Nikki Blonsky Picks Up Golden Globe Nomination

Nikki Blonsky nabbed a 2007 Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Hairspray. The film itself also was nominated for “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy”.

Other nominees include: Across the Universe, Charlie Wilson’s War, Juno and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Congrats to Nikki, John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes and Zac Efron on the nominations. Good luck on January 13th!

For a list of all nominations, click IMDB.

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  • kkc0606

    congrats nikki and i hope hairspray gets the golden glob that would be awsome!!!! :)

  • irish


    *hugs JJ*

    *does a little dance, makes a little love..pretty much gets down tonight*

    I knew she was gonna get nommed long ago as did Ben Lo..Lyons (lmao) but still major yay for her. So proud of her.

    Well done Mr JT and major kudos to Messrs.Meron and Zadan for making this all happen and Hella yeah for the entire cast for the picture nom. Very well deserved.

  • beckles


    we did it Irish!!!

    congrats Nikki you rock my socks….my shoes…my entire foot related universe and everything else besides

  • lauren

    how cute…. awww

  • Tess

    Zac is So cute.!

  • beckles

    wow…it took the morons a whole four posts to show up

    please continue to type out of your arse and get Nikki’s post count up

    and one more thing…how many GG nominations did YOU get this year…oh none? Yeah that’s what I thought.

  • Jennifer W.

    congrats and i hope the movie wins.

  • irish

    Hi Beckles,

    My little brother is in his Nikki loving element lol.

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Mikaela



  • missy


  • Jennifer W.

    wonder if zac will be there on the 13th?

  • Magie


    first off Jared how awesome off you to give Nikki and Hairspray their own post!! I love you for that! *hugs*

    And now another WHOOOOOP for Nikki and Hairspray in general!! She totally deserves it and I knew she would get it, when is Ben Lyons ever that far off! Boy better get is tux ready because he has a future GG winner to escort! *knocks on wood* Don’t want to be too cocky just yet….

    –I am ingoring hates from here on out, so post what you want because you can’t take away my excitement for Nikki and you sure as hell can’t take away her nomination which is a testament to her amazing talent!

  • beckles

    baby why don’t you let him take over the keyboard and tell the world (well JJ and FF) that he is a (miniture) man who loves Nikki (showing very good judgement for one so young) or his he stil squeeing his pants?

  • pinkrose

    Nikki, Congratulations on your Golden Globe Nomination!!!!! You deserve it girl !!!!! You are sooo talented !!! All the best to you !!!

  • beckles


  • carolina

    cuuute lol

  • shimmershimmerx

    Good for her :D

  • Miss deny

    Zac Sweet Smile :-)

  • irish

    Ok Beckles you asked for it lol…


    i love nikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! she is so hot and so small.

    she deserves this!


    Yes that was him..punctuation slightly random bro..being home for the holdays pays off yay..I can watch all the awards shows on SKY hehe.

  • beckles

    god i’m dancing for joy right now…..

    she must be so thrilled and calling everybody she’s ever known…

    if this doesn’t say “take that” to all the Ambers in her life then i don’t know what does…besides Zac actually saying “take that” on her behalf in Australia

  • Magie

    I must add that I love the picture you used as well, she looks so adoreable in that dress and she is surrounded by her boys! All she needs is Adam to complete the trifecta!

    –my only sadness comes from the fact that they weren’t nominated for Best Orginal Song, but I guess you can’t win them all, and we came pretty damn close with Nikki’s nom alone!

  • Tracy

    WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Thankyou so much JJ for posting this!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it girl!!!!!!!!

    I hope to get some post of her soon!!!!!!!!

  • beckles

    you can tell your little bro that he’s amazing and i agree completely with every word…and that when he’s old enough i’ll share Nikki with him if he asks nicely

  • missy

    thanks Jared for the post!!!

  • Jessica

    Thanks for posting the news JJ!!! Sooooooooooooooo excited for Nikki & the cast of HS!! Well deserved…..Nikki did an AMAZING job as Tracy. Also so great that the movie as a whole is getting recognized!! Nikki & Zac’s chemistry really makes me love the movie as well as all the singing and dancing numbers! And also that John Travolta is nominated as well for Supporting Actor too is so exciting:) Mamma & daughter being nominated hehe

  • Tracy

    I agree Beckles! I loved it when Zac told all those that made fun of Nikki all her life to TAKE THAT!!

    So all those haters out there, ” TAKE THAT!” This big girl is gonna rocked your world. I so hope there all out there kicking themselves in the butt!

    I also loved JJ used this picture because all three look good without each other but super hot together :)

  • lisset

    oh my thats so great for nikki!
    her first film and a nomination already!
    i looked at her fellow nominees..
    shes got it in the bag!
    she tops all of them!

    i reallyyyy hope she gets it!
    congrats to her and john for the
    individual nominations. && i hope
    hairspray wins the oscar!!

    cant wait for january 13th!

  • Jessica

    Yes I agree love the pic of Nikki with her boys hehe

    So Ben Lyons from E! was right…so I wonder if Ben & Nikki will go together to the award show hehe…since he asked to be her date if she got nominated lol

  • Liz

    YAY! For our girl, Nikki!!!!! I’m so happy for her! Love Hairspray! Love the cast! LOVE LOVE LOVE the GG noms!!

    Thanks Jared for giving us the awesomeness that is Nikki!!!

  • missy

    Irish- gosh your brother is cute!! and he’s right!

  • Tracy

    I wonder if she is going to bring Ben as her date? Hmm that could turn out very interesting :) Let the angst begin!

    I hope the whole HS family comes together at this event. I also hope that there are some truths revealed with Zac sees Nikki with Ben! Oh man this could be good!

  • lp

    Thanks JJ we really appreciate you putting this on here. Congrats Nikki and Hairspray and John Travolta.


    Congrats to Nikki. Hopefully she’ll win. She deserves it. And congrats to the rest of the cast aswell. Hairspray was amazing so hopefully it will win too.
    Thanks for posting JJ.

  • missy

    Ben Lyons must be so happy right now. You just know it.

  • Tracy

    I would love to have seen Nikki’s reaction as the list was called off and suddenly she hears her name! I bet she is so excited!

    JJ please post more Nikki! The world needs some joy and she is all about joy giving :)

  • Tracy


    I am sure he is but Zac on the hand might not be ;)

  • beckles

    I bet Ben’s trying to ring her right now….and he can’t get through because of all the well wishers calling her hehe

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    congrats oswald. lol

  • Magie

    I really do hope that Nikki takes Ben, it would be super cute and prove that she lives up to promises made!

    –I have a feeling Nikki will be this years Jennifer Hudson, last year Jennifer did Dreamgirls and was a break out star winning awards left and right for her preformance and being hailed for her amazing voice. Well Nikki is a brak out star that seems to be getting nominations and some awards left and right, and she most certianly has an amaizng voice. So I see her going in the direction of Jennifer Hudson (whom I also adore) but much farther if I do say so. She just has the quality to go so far and do so much with all the talents she has been blessed with!

    —-GO NIKKI!!!!

  • the lo down

    OMG!!!!!GO NIKKI!!!!!FINALLY!!!!
    The girl deserves not only the nomination but also to win!!
    She is just racking up the award nominations, finally true talent is be recognized.

  • patti

    YAAAAAAAY jared! thanks for posting this!

    nikki is so full of amazing and talented, there’s no way she won’t win! I’m so glad hairspray got recognized. and i love the picture of her and her boys! i can’t wait to see what she wears.. and whether or not she takes ben!


  • beckles

    in the style of the Great Neck Cold Stone workers…


    as Amanda Bynes, Chris Walken and John Travolta

  • Tracy

    I agree Maggie!

    I think that Nikki has proven to the world she is more than a one hit wonder! I could see the relation between JH and NB. I love how big girls are changing people’s opinions. Finally role models that we can look up to and not shake our heads at!

    I am sure that Ben is chewing his finger nails trying to get ahold of her! That’s because we all know who is calling her ;)

  • missy

    I am so proud of Nikki! She really deserves this!!!

  • SS

    efron = clay aiken

  • Christy

    Congrats, Nikki! She absolutely deserves this nomination AND the win. What a wonderful way to say “screw you!” to all the “Ambers” out there.

    I’m excited to see if she actually does take Ben Lyons as her date, haha.

    Congrats to John for his nom, and to the rest of the cast for the Best Motion Picture nom!

  • Tracy

    The lo down,

    You are so right! Finally Hollywood is getting some real talent that appreciate what they have and work hard for it!

  • irish that point I’d have to tell him to get in line!

    Talent will out and so it has ;)

  • missy

    I think Nikki B will win! She’s definitely a breakout star this year!

    I love it when good things happen to good people!