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Zac Efron Cranks That Soulja Boy

Zac Efron Cranks That Soulja Boy

Watch Zac Crank It
Watch Zac Roll
Watch Zac Crank Dat Soulja Boy,
That Super Man Dat (OH!)
Now Watch Zac Do

Thanks, Vanessa!

Zac Efron Cranks That Soulja Boy
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  • ellie

    That’s so funny, Thanks JJ!

  • Gabi Frones


  • Babysis

    first! funny!

  • love him


  • obsessed


  • dianne

    What is this supposed to be??? Sometimes no news is good news – and no news would definitely be better than this as a new Zac thread.

  • Gabi Frones

    well , not the 1st ):

    wherever, so funny ! thanks JJ !

  • Sophie

    I dont get why you sended up that…

  • audrey

    OMG !!! this is so funny !! ^^

  • mp

    THANK YOU. Just,thank you. Law school exam have been kicking my ass. This video made my month!

  • Paula


  • ashley

    the jonas brothers one is better!!!

  • ellie

    New thread, new limerick!

    Zac can dance, don’t be coy
    There’s no-one quite like his Troy
    Watch him crank
    On that sand bank
    Watch Zac crank that Soulja Boy!

  • levi

    yaya ellie you got first! i fell out of my chair laughing! my mom came and asked what the thump was haha. i love it its soooo funny!

  • levi

    ellie i love the limerick!

  • http://MSN.COM pat rector

    pat/tealeaf 12:05am 12-13-07

    call me stupid, but I don’t get it.

  • ellie

    Thanks Levi, I love this vid too! I guess with the lack of sightings JJ had to post something and this vid most definitely brings a smile to my face!

  • levi

    yah it sure brings a smile!

  • love him

    why thanks vanesssa?

  • suzy

    i would like the videos of V in Washington

  • canadagirl

    well, my kids will enjoy this.

  • audrey

    do you have the video of Vanessa in Washingotn ^^?
    Her birthday is coming…

  • too old to like Zac

    Thanks JJ!! I was so happy to get on and see a Zac thread…finally. I just can’t get enough of this guy.

    Thanks for the limerick ellie. I’ve been reading them for awhile, but just never posted. They’re always fun!

  • Erin


  • haha thats awesome

  • ellie

    Hi Too Old!

    Thanks and welcome to the wonderful world of posting on JJ! Oh and trust me, you’re never too old to like Zac! :)

  • ashley

    ahahaha nice.

    though I hate that song so much. lol.


    Thanks ellie for this news! yay! no.1 Bravo..or Brava!
    nub u girl!

    I miss zac….

  • Anthony to the S.
  • audrey

    I was going to comment and then saw that there is another Audrey on here now? How did the rest of you go about differentiating your names from someone else? (I’m not saying that person is impersonating or anything of the sort-I’m sure her name is Audrey too, I just rarely ever meet others with my name!)

    I was going to ask why JJ sometimes posts this sort of thing to merely have something, anything about Zac on the site? It reminds me of when he posted about Zac needing a belt, and that Fiercification thing… it seems like JJ just places these random Zac findings when there’s no new news in order to garner hits. I don’t mean for that to come off as negative, I briefly watched the clip and wondered about this.

    It’s kind of funny I guess, but I figured it’s here to just get a couple more hits since Zac news has been slow.


    Thanks JJ.. we’ve been missing this guy!

  • ellie

    Nub you too V-L!

    And I’ll join you in the ‘missing Zac’ club!

    Though, if it means that he’s been able to get to and from the Seventeen set without being hounded by paparazzi, then I guess it’s a good thing. :)

  • audrey

    And hi Ellie :)

  • ellie

    Hi audrey! I think JJ posted it not only because of a lack of sightings but he knows that there are a group of us who post regularly and well, the last Vanessa thread was getting a little too long!

  • katie


  • kat-kat

    pls post vids of vanessa hudgens performance in washington

  • audrey

    I know! I think last time I passed it, it was at like 900 or something?! You Wildcats are crazy! :)

  • ellie

    This is from the last V thread. A vid of the opening number of the Christmas in Washington performance.

    zvkg @ 12/13/2007 at 12:29 am
    Kat, Van, and Neyo:

  • loren_la

    what the hell was that?

    well, it doesn´t matter as long zac is on it.
    that man is so hoooot.

  • Kourtney

    This was somewhat funny.

    It’s still not an actual Zac or Zanessa sighting though! :(

    congrats on being first Ellie!

  • ellie

    It’s at 1253 posts now Audrey! Well, I’m off to work, hope that the thread doesn’t get overrun by negative comments before the rest of the ZA’s get on here tomorrow morning.

    Have a nice night everyone!

  • levi

    ellie do you know of any good ff? ive read southern stars(well most of them)

  • audrey

    Nite Ellie!

  • levi

    night ellie! see you tomorrow!


    ellie @ 12/13/2007 at 1:35 am Hi audrey! I think JJ posted it not only because of a lack of sightings but he knows that there are a group of us who post regularly and well, the last Vanessa thread was getting a little too long!
    think so too girl, and this is not about getting hits, at least he’s giving us some news on him. Vanessa’s birthday is coming so if we may not be able to a get a sighting well and good.

  • Dee

    Maybe JJ posted this because there haven’t been any Zac sightings and he’s giving us a little gift.

    He may have thanked Vanessa, because we have run her comments into the 1200′s. That may have been his largest thread yet.

    It’s all speculation on my part. :-)

  • love v

    when is v bdae? 14?

  • lin

    Please post her other performances on youtube.

    I liked Katharine’s voice. Also, I think that Vanessa needs more practice but her performance was okay. She just needs to master dynamics and vibrato. I hope that she improves.

    Just to make it clear, I am not a HATER. Even if I am a fan, it does not mean that I get captivated by her performances every time. It would be unfair to Vanessa and myself


    Hi levi! Bye ellie!

  • levi

    hi v-loyalist!