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George Clooney for Mayor of Rome?

George Clooney for Mayor of Rome?

George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson hang out with Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni on Thursday after the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony at the capital building in Rome, Italy.

Don Cheadle (most recently in Hotel Rwanda and Crash) was also seen rubbing elbows with the Roman big-whig.

10+ pictures of Georgie and Donnie in Italy…

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george clooney don cheadle rome 01
george clooney don cheadle rome 02
george clooney don cheadle rome 03
george clooney don cheadle rome 04
george clooney don cheadle rome 05
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george clooney don cheadle rome 07
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george clooney don cheadle rome 11

Photos: Olycom/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Sarah Larson

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  • franu


  • Gossipaddicted

    george for ‘king of rome’!!
    kisses from Italy

  • http://? NUMMY NUM NUM

    Don you’re awesome……why must you hang out with such a loser like George and his highend HO…Why?


    I second that Nummy Num Num!!!

  • pippa

    Huh which Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is in Italy? I thought it was in Norway?

  • Milena_From_Italy

    Yeah!!!!! xD George Clooney for President!!! I will vote for him!!!! :P

  • what?

    george is a clown and his girlfriend is a dirty ho vote for george

  • suzi


    I totally get that you don’t think much of George and his current girlfriend but calling a girl you’ve probably never met a “highend ho” is definitley insulting.

  • whatsername

    Freshly shaved George is so not sexy!!Keep the scruff!Love you

  • whatsername

    And congrats on both the golden globe and the nobel peace laureate.

  • jane

    I totally get that you don’t think much of George and his current girlfriend but calling a girl you’ve probably never met a “highend ho” is definitley insulting.


    It is well known that she used go out on “off duty calls” with clients when she worked for that party company. If anything, calling her highend is being really complimentary. Lol. You gotta somewhat admire George’s moxie. Bringing her around world leaders and people like Dalai Lama.

  • mms

    hey look at me i’m clooney….i’m cool…i went to darfur…twice!!! i’m so smart but i only date dumb ass chicks!!!

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    Yes, please make him mayor of Rome. Then we will never have to see him and his skanky girlfriend in the USA again.

  • Maria

    Looking at George’s gf (and knowing her reputation of “lady of the night”) it comes to proof that men most often use to think with the wrong head.

  • blabla

    I think he should be president of the united states he would probably do a better job than Bush

  • TiredofthisCrap

    You mislead me again you George and Don, that’s George and Miss Bite My Ass. Don Cheadle is actually a celebrity, she is not. More photos of Don please.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I wouldn’t call that moxie, more like petulant child. I am pretty sure EVERYONE around him had advised him not to take the prostitute with him, but he just wanted to be an ass. His parents were noticably absent and they attend most of his events. His dad helped with his work in Darfur. George Clooney doesn’t realize his main fan base are people 50+ and conservative. As liberal as he is most of his fans are older conservative people and don’t like their stars involved in nonsense. He should be allowed to date the prostitute if he wants, but there are somethings she can’t do. You’d think she would have declined to go and protect his reputation, but she’s just as dippy as he is.

  • Oh Please

    Remember how Michael Jackson dangled his baby off the balconey? Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing George do that with Sara whatever her name is.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Damn … that girl was born into a pot of gold. That’s LUCK!!!


  • STH

    Stop the hate. George can do anything he wants and can. You’re not the one who’s sleeping with Sarah so what do you all care? George is too old to care about the petty minions opinions. Please.

  • Tiredofthiscrap

    Damn, George has them moderating are comments now. If he doesn’t want people commenting on his private life, he should keep it PRIVATE!!!!!!

  • alexia mackenzie

    i dont know what the rave with george franky from my viewpoint he cant act

  • Lost all respect for Georgio..

    I have to agree with Nummy on this one, and yes high end HO is being polite….. why do you think Angie and Brad haven’t been seen hanging with them try explaining to children under the age of 5 what a high class prostitue is..Ya I don’t think so…

  • Brie310

    Angelina doesn’t allow Brad to hang with any of his friends any more. George’s girlfriend has nothing to do with it.

  • Lost all respect for Georgio..

    George is a bad influence, whos wants their children hanging around 2bit prostitutes, F U C K not even his own parents want to be seen in public with this woman, we are suppose to be progessing as females but women like her put us a step backwords…shame on her for selling herself and shame on him for being such a F U C K N sad old man who won’t be remembered for much but his sad affairs with high class S L U T s and I’m just being nice……

  • wtf

    George and Don both are two very classy gentlemen. And if George wants to take his unmarried girlfriend with him that’s his business. Brad and AJ don’t hang out with GC because GC and Don can’t stand Trailtrash AJ. Congrats GC on your nom.

  • Giulia

    LoL! He really loves our country..I’m glad to know that George!! :)

  • Shelly

    This a fact Sarah has a BS degree from Evergreen College in Washington State USA.
    So just STFU!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Never say bad about anyone, do not comment if you dont like them.

  • http://? NUMMY NUM NUM

    Hmmmmmm so #28 so your friend Sarah has a Bull S h It degree….thats hillarious, so the girl went to postoff big deal, then she ended up in Vegas w a degree that gave her a great job as a HOSTESS with the mostess, well she sure ain’t dumb…..LOOK we or most of on here are not Stupidddddd if you have a hard time accepting she has a paying job with this man, than thats fine, it’s common amongst high paid Hollywood Thespians to fall for women that aren’t FREE (45years and above), lets just leave it at that and you can go on with your day and George can continue making himself look like a sad FK, because noone else in Hollywood would tollerate his needs…..THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE, the man has nothing to offer this world, so he prances around like he’s doing something good, when we all know he’s a fraud and should choose what worldly issues he represents because it will all backfire, and big deal to what he has done, if he faught a little harder and not given up sooo easily, let just say the blood of other(Darfur) has put him back in the limelight and has given him rewards FOR WHAT?…….Just don’t get me started…….and #26 Don, yes classy man and amazing actor, George not soo.. just my opinion that’s all.

  • liza

    Given George’s reputation with women I dont think he’s going to marry her or anyone else. NUMMY NUM NUM I agree with you she sure isnt free. Hollywood is full of prostitutes who are on the make for some over 45 year old actor. I think this girl definitley knew a good think when she saw George coming. No one can stop him from having this girl with him but does he have to take her everywhere?
    And number “28″ the fact that Sarah has a degree from Evergreen doesnt mean anything. I’m sure there are a lot of educated prostitutes out there and Sarah just happens to be one of them.

  • Shelly

    Well in Seattle the local news did a wonderful piece on Sarah!I know the press in the Puget Sound and they are very throrough in their reporting.The media spoke with an exboyfriend whom she went with for 5 yrs.and an Aunt and they had nothing but positive things to say about her!

  • BRIE310

    Shelly, no one has any proof she’s a paid escort now or in the past. But go to this website and you’ll see what she has been doing in Vegas…w/o panties and with other women: Sarah Larson Archives

  • Shelly

    My God that was tame compared to what Adrianne Curry did in the Jan08 Playboy issue!Do you know that Adrianne is married to Christopher Knight…the Brady Bunch’s Peter?She still openly states she’s bi…not that there is anything wrong with that!
    Plus has anyone ever heard of photoshopping before or digitally enhanced products?My boyfriend is an award winning photographer,plus there is this lesbian in Washington who had the hots for Sarah and she has been trying to smear her because Sarah told her to leave her alone!This chick is a nutcase Sarah did not even have time for her exboyfriend she had to work at a new age store to put herself through college and her ex was in a band traveling cross country.

  • bella

    It`s a nice and beautifull couple.

    God bless them !

  • Tiredofthiscrap

    Well, Shelly I used to defend Miss Larson, because I thought everyone was harsh on her, until I saw those pictures. I don’t believe they are photoshopped The fact that she has a degree and took those pictures just made her look more s*****. As far as the umm selling her cookies rumors, if she tried to deny it, I bet there will be guys lining up to prove her wrong.

    But lets not make this about Sarah it is all about George Clooney. He chose to flaunt this girl with a questionable background. He has been using her since day one. If he had really cared for her, he would have kept their relationship undercover, to protect her from media scrutiny. She’s getting attack while he remains untouched. Eventually he’ll dump her and she’ll have reputation for being a cookie seller and s****. Two years from now someone will ask Sarah Larson, was it worth it.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    Number 32- this:
    is not probing investigative journalism, this is a puff piece. Notice the way the reporter avoids answering the cops question,”Is she an actress or a model”, twice.

  • Michelle

    So George is still witht hat buck toothed floozy? Hey 28, degree? Who cares. Her job is to lay on her back. What do we call that? Does she have a job in her field? No. She ate a scorpain and drank blood though. Classy. And that trashy outfit? Lord in front of good and decent winers. Sicxkening. I want to put a plant in it. The seventies are over. She has no taste. Neither does George. They match.

  • shiloh jolie pitt

    gc is prepping for the reprisal of “my fair lady”

  • kiki

    search on sarah larson escortpost. She comes up for Vegas escorts but clicking on the site doesn’t show her profile.