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Jennifer Love Hewitt is Boxed In

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Boxed In

Jennifer Love Hewitt returns home to Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday with a big box and a smile.

Before meeting her fiance Ross McCall inside her home, J. Love kisses and chats with a neighbor.

Jen, 28, has recently been in the headlines for the unflattering pictures taken of her in a bikini and her vocal outrage over the media’s portrayal of a perfect women’s body image.

15+ pictures of J. Love loving life and neighbors…

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jennifer love hewitt box 01
jennifer love hewitt box 02
jennifer love hewitt box 03
jennifer love hewitt box 04
jennifer love hewitt box 05
jennifer love hewitt box 06
jennifer love hewitt box 07
jennifer love hewitt box 08
jennifer love hewitt box 09
jennifer love hewitt box 10
jennifer love hewitt box 11
jennifer love hewitt box 12
jennifer love hewitt box 13
jennifer love hewitt box 14
jennifer love hewitt box 15
jennifer love hewitt box 16
jennifer love hewitt box 17

Photos: ISBP/Scott/Bauer-Griffin
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  • annabel


  • katie


  • http://none m

    I love Jenni Love, she is so down to earth! you go Jenni!!!!!!!

  • oh come on

    Let’s be honest.
    She may not be fat but she isn’t
    a size 2. Why did she make it worse
    by saying she was a 2?
    She is fine for an average woman.

  • Ally

    Yay! I love Jennifer! woohoo!

  • Vanessah19

    New new pictures birthday for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • why lie?

    no way is she a size two

  • sebastian

    Uhh is that woman kissing her on the mouth?

  • lala

    no way is she a 2. she actually looks preggers here

  • love

    possibly pregnant looking.

  • Totally agree

    Post #4, you took the words right out of my mouth! I couldn’t agree more.

  • no no no

    she could be a size 2, remember the camera adds 10 pounds :o)

  • Astrid

    I bet she wishes that she didn’t say anything back to those folks who were calling her fat because now those pictures of her in that unflattering swimsuit are EVERYWHERE. She’s got to be more than embarrassed now.

  • upanina

    she’s pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    Good for her fighting against the absurd idea that all women should look like a coke addict anorexic.

  • Ha!

    She was on vacation in Hawaii two weeks ago in a bikini and you think she’s now visibly pregnant? What’s up with thinking all celebrities in baggy shirts are pregnant? This is an annoying trend.

  • Helena

    She looks fine, nothing wrong with her. Though her career is down the pooper, for sure. It was a crime that she played Audrey Hepburn!

  • anon

    hey look a SIZE TWO!!!!!!! LOL.

  • West

    She looks healthy and happy.
    How many Hollywood stars can say the same ?

  • Sara

    the woman & jen are kissing on the lips!!??

  • dita

    she do not need to be skinny to be cute

  • mia

    I think she looks healthy and happy, but no way is she a size 2.

  • Lauren

    I’m a size 2 and I’m nowhere near that big, so she either lied or somebody is cutting the real sizes out of her clothing and replacing them with a size 2 label.

  • hel-loh

    Maybe a Size 2 top (very narrow shoulders), Size 10 bottom (at least). All the fat is on her hips/midsection. I support her viewpoint but her claiming she’s a size 2 even if she clearly isn’t implies she’s not quite as secure about her self-image as she claims to be.

  • patricia night

    Love her

  • WTF

    She is a heifer. No way a 2 more like a 12.

  • patricia night

    She looks great

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    I think she looks fabulous. She’s not of the skinniest actress in Hollwood, but that makes her special!/b>

  • ElenaBelle

    she looks really frumpy here,I didn’t think she looked that bad in the bathing suit
    pics,but here I could kinda see why they were commenting on her weight,she looks like a bloated middle aged mom.

  • http://none m

    WHO CARESSSSSS! 1234567809877656 size! she is still hot!

  • um

    Not digging her outfit and she is a mess.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Size 2, my azz!

    Losing a couple of pounds wouldn’t kill her.

  • San Juan’s B**ch

    Size 2 my @ss! Mabye a size 2 on top. She is short and has the narrow shoulders and smaller waist. The bottom a size 10 defiantly!

  • sarah

    Although horizontal stripes and cutting off your neck with a scarf make you look bigger, she’s not a size 2.

  • Lucia


  • http://no jd jd

    She and the TV show have been hiding this cellulite for a long time she is 40 pounds over weight. Borderline obese by todays standards. Her lower body does not match he upper body -HUGE , Huge saddlebags, a major turn off.

  • http://no jd jd

    She and the TV show have been hiding this cellulite for a long time she is 40 pounds over weight. Borderline obese by todays standards. Her lower body does not match he upper body -HUGE , Huge saddlebags, a major turn off.

  • Anna

    I saw a picture of her in the bikini and thought she looked luscious and NOT fat. She looked very happy and very healthy. Much better than when she was much skinnier. Even she is hung up on being a size 2, though. I don’t know how we got to this idea of beauty where you have to have your ribs and collar bones sticking out to be acceptable. What is wrong with a size ten??? All the skinny celebs look so much more beautiful in their faces when they get pregnant. It softens them. They look strained so skinny. It’s such a shame and the girls are getting younger and younger who worry about “being fat.” I know 12 year old who are gorgeous and that’s all they think about; looking fat. It’s so heartbreaking and so unnecessary. Who decides what is acceptable now?

  • diet

    Those are some ugly @ss clothes she’s wearing, just yuck. Jen is looking like she’s wearing her grandma’s clothes. Her @ss is huge and so is her thighs & hips. But her @ss aint as big as Jlo’s. I’d say she is a 16-18.

  • anna

    Read her answer well, she didn’t actually said”i’ma a size 2″. She was saying that a size two is considered fat nowadays or something like that. And that is true, anorexic looking standards

  • blueangel

    The average woman today is 5’4 and grossly overweight at 150 lbs. Her body is normal for someone who overeats and never exercises. Most women, including her, fit that description. However, if she “loves” the way her body looks, who are we to judge?

  • rainbow

    she is not pregnant or fat she is healthy and very happy so everybody just leave her alone.

  • Musicisourhigh

    you know she is at home and she is happy. I’m fine with her not being dressed up.

  • Audrey

    Jen is gorgeous but she does look in the family way that is the only thing that I could think of, Congrats to her and Ross on their engagement.:)

  • iKnow


  • OINK


  • purple gem

    LOL @ size 2. Yeah, maybe during the party of 5 years, not anymore. Jennifer is not fat, but she definately has gained some weight.

  • bataglio

    size 2 what? shoes? ring? wait, that’s impossible. but she did say size 2, and it is impossible for her to wear that, so wtf was she talking about? ;-)

  • http://yahoo mimi

    if she was pregnat then why is she holing these heavy boxes

    btw love u jenni

  • Lena

    She looks quite fine to me. Anyway, she had this kind of strange figure with big boobs, a very narrow waist and in wide hips. Now she seems much more relaxed and healthy.