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Britney's New "Piece of Me" Video

Britney's New

Britney Spears has released her next video through “Piece of Me“.

This is the second video off of Blackout, Britney‘s recently released album.

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Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty
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  • annabel


  • Helena

    Video is not accessible for me. Why?

  • Eli

    i have alreaady seen it, but thanks
    i think it’s her best video yet. i loove it!

  • stupid helena

    Helena @ 12/15/2007 at 11:40 am

    becoz u su ck

  • lala

    love it.

  • Andrea

    I really like this video!!!!

  • zanessa fan

    zanessa are like well best

  • TheLostGirl

    I like it

  • rachel

    Love it. So much better than gimme more.

  • katie


  • stupid helena

    zanessa fan @ 12/15/2007 at 11:52 am
    fck u! don put their name is britney thread!

  • SaRaH

    Gawwwwwd ! i love it

  • tzy

    please tell me why it says not accessible?? i really want 2 see it!

  • mee
  • Jessica

    it doesn’t really sound like her at parts and you can tell that a lot of machinery go into making her voice. it’s a cool song though otherwise…

  • paula

    i like this videoxD

  • Charity

    I think its great…good for you Brit!

  • mio

    I think it is out on her page at youtube.

  • tzy

    thankyou for postingt heyoutube link! the videos great!!

  • grr

    zanessa fan…STFU!!! seriously, f*ck off. this isn’t about the queer and the stripper.

  • hii

    britney luks fab!! the video is mch better than gimme so happy for her, this is gonna b a hit!!:D:D

  • laur

    she looks skinner.

  • i agree

    i agree zanessa fanss this website is called JUSTJARED its not a fansite for vanessa and zac efron..its about ALL celebrities!!!

  • Nuff

    Seriously good for her. She deserves a break, the tune is tight and the video is not all that bad :)

  • menna

    i like it…she looks good…

  • mee

    Guys..she knows all we think about her, she understands the fact she is a celebrity that owe us her glory. BUT by singing this song she wants us know – it is a fucking hard hard hard job to be a famous, young and happy person at the same time.

  • Lucy

    She looks pathetic in this vedio, the song is good, but the vedio sucks bigtime

  • O

    LOVE IT!

  • zanessa fan

    zanessa fan will allways be here zanessa have the best looks i will one day marry zac efron

  • I really like it, good for her!!

  • annoying zanessa fans grrr

    Ever since Jared starting posting these zanessa posts, we regulars are bombarded with the idiotic ‘I’m FIRST” or ‘I’m 2nd”…shows the poster age. Most Every thread they compare Zanessa to other celebs.

    We regulars who have been here 2 years or more know JJ has made this Jolie- Pitt central and that is fine. The JPs stick to their threads mostly.

    But these tweens,teens are annoying as oh he11!!

  • Bre

    love the video.
    thanks justjared.

  • jenny


    why cant i watch the video??
    it always says “not accessible” :(((

  • belly needs to be covered

    And her clothes are to short and tight for her weight. She really needs to tone her stomach muscles be4 exposing her belly. She should wear a outfit that covers her tummy. Brit Brit video doesn’t make up for her bad parenting ect…the song is similar to others she has done be4.. her voice ic computer enhanced and nasally……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • anonymous

    WAY TO GO BRITNEY! I really like her video!

  • WTF

    This sucks hard.

  • Brad Addict

    love it , god she’s hot

    thanks jared

  • anonymous

    MEOW! #34 LOL, LOL, LOL! jealous….?

  • Hugo

    Jared Jared… Why r u promoting that @#$%&!

  • lala

    NO! I don’t want piece of you! I don’t need more junk.

  • anonymous

    lala? if you didn’t want a piece of her???? why did you go to her blog? LOL, LOL, LOL! bet you watched the video too, LOL, LOL, LOL!

  • lmao

    This is the lowest load of crap I’ve seen on TV from a loooong time! She is pa.the.tic!!! LMAO :D

  • linda

    really cool vid

  • Sam

    YES! Britney Spears finally; took control of her life, looks like shes lost weight, got good extensions, a hair colour and some slightly better dancing skills.

    Congrats, GREAT VIDEO!

    ps: she finally doesn’t look like a fat hooker anymore. ;D


    ITA with 34 comments totally agree.

    # 38 anonymous @ 12/15/2007 at 12:52 pm MEOW! #34 LOL, LOL, LOL! jealous….?

    Honey no one is JEALOUS of the TRAINWRECK. Go to X17 and TMZ she is Pathetic. I feel bad for her boys. ITA with 38, her gut is flabby, but she thinks she has the SAME BODY she had years ago. Delusional UNFITNEY. The horrid MOMMY WHO CANT SING. Those SAME TIRED @SS dance moves hahahaha , NEW PLEASE ..NEXT..BTW, UNFITNEY TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABIES!!!B_TCH!!

  • Sam

    she also looks like her younger 19 year old self again!

  • lala

    @anonymous… uhhhh… umhm… duuuh?! Does my liver or head hurts and which one of those two I use for thinking… hmmm…

    No wonder you like her – you are as dumb as she it.



    #38-41-ANON SERIAL POSTER!!!!!!!

  • melly

    I think she was photoshopped in this video, but no matter it is a step up from the Gimme More video…

    I kinda of like this song, though.

    But i agree she looks good either way, especially her hair! Maybe there’s still hope for her?

    ICA # 31!

  • moviemadness

    damn she looks good. she really need to stay a blonde… don’t think black is her color